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Chat Tonight - Rocklahoma 2010 Is the Topic

Wow! Seems a whole 'lotta people are not happy with the 2010 Rocklahoma lineup. Personally, I think it's pretty good. I mean, we already knew AEG was going to add modern bands and I like Buckcherry and Godsmack, so it's all good to me. Add Cinderella and Tesla and it's pretty cherry. If you're feeling vocal, come into the chat room tonight at 10 pm EST to discuss all things Rocklahoma.

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The point of people being pissed isn't the quality of the bands, but the departure from the theme of 80's rock. (Heck,I'm sure Kenny Chesney would 'draw' numbers too - but'I don't care to spend my money on seeing him or new metal) On the ROK forums, people have posted large lists of bands they could have chosen that fit the criteria people want. M3 seems like the best alternative to what ROK was. We usually had a group of 6 people travel in from PA, OH, TX, and NJ to spend a fun-filled week of music (first) and partying with a bunch of people in for the same thing. Sorry, but the likes of most of these bands doesn't bring thoughts of fun and sun. Most of these new metal bands could have and should have been replaced with Vains of Jenna, Hardcore Superstar, etc - not Cruefest scrubs we've all unfortunately seen and been underwhelmed with the past 2 years as AEG add-ons. Bring Back Glam of all sites should understand this??? It comes down to this, is it worth a week off, plane fare, ticket price, hotel/camping etc to see Cinderella? Shame on ROK - this is year two they've veered from what the festival was billed as . I'll drive to MD and enjoy the M3 festival and say no thanks to ROK this year.
February 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMEWIZEMGIC
Mewizemgic is right.

Maybe AEG will get the picture when they see how successful MP3 is.

But what killz me is both festivals don't get more acts like what Mewizemgic is talkin' 'bout. Y'know, the kinda stuff we luv on here...

Like Al's new discovery, Hansel, or Vains of Jenna, Crash Diet, The Last Vegas, Miss Crazy, Dynazty, Charm City Devils, Big C*ck, Hardcore Superstar, Bullet, 77, Dirty Penny, Lynam, The Poodles, Wig Wam, Million Dollar Reload, etc., etc...

The European Fests are so far ahead of us getting theez bandz.

Part of the problem, too, I think, is most of the "mainstream" web sites just don't get what's going on with Metal today.

And it's Glam! Same with major music publications. I am so amazed at the myopic non coverage of this whole movement by the likes of Rolling Stone, etc. An article is waiting to be written about this whole scene, it's ridiculous they haven't picked up on it.

Same with their new album reviews. Never do you see one of our fave's new albums written up in the back of Rolling Stone. They just reaffirm how out of touch they are and how they cowtow to the Pop Machine.

Meanwhile the stuff we like is so infectious and catchy and yet it ROCKS! Yet most of the crap they consider to be Rock or Metal is more Alternametal or stuff that is so Unrock unplayed by uncool nerdz! I gotta fly, it's makin' my mercury boil!

It really is reflective of the larger problem...

The American Music Scene is generally failing to Rock. We got Glam in Fashion. We got Glam on American Idol. We got Glem in Retro with Guitar Hero and Rock Band. We got Glam on 80's format Sirius stations. We got Glam on this site and a very few others, this being my fave.

Kidz in America, it's time rise up and ROKK!
February 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Totally agree with you, Metalboy! Although you and I ocasionally disagree on some bands (I think Alice In Chains is fantastic, for example), we are united in our love and admiration for all things GLAM!

You make great points regarding the proclivity of glam these days in fashion, video games, and especially Sirius satellite music and Rocklahoma (the last two things are solely responsible for getting me heavily back into glam the past several years). But don't get me started on what a joke Rolling Stone is, or on the lack of glam coverage in almost any mainstream rock mag.

It's ALWAYS time to get up and ROKK!
February 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGator
Rocklahoma is going to SUCK big time! Geez Ally I thought you were all about 80s glam bands. This festival has nothing to do with what it was intended for. Ive gone 3 years in a row and loved every year. Im selling my tix on ebay as soon as I get them. They are even having a PIT in between the front row and stage. Have fun with all the idiots that will be moshing. The whole atmosphere is gonna change from cool people with everything in common to young drunken fools looking for fights and causing trouble. At least you wont have to complain about the heat again this year. Oh yeah traveling Memorial day weekend will be a nightmare too. Have fun Im going to M3!!!
February 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFitz
The biggest beneficiary of the change in formats for ROK is the M3 Festival! Seems like a lot of 80's rock fans will be ditching plans to travel to the middle of nowhere Oklahoma and come to the Baltimore/Washington area for an amazing day of 80's rock and i can't wait! Should be a huge crowd and a great festival once again!
Oh and i will be in chat! lol
February 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKixRules
You mean Bitch session right? haha. I do agree with the fact that I like Godsmack and Buckcherry too and Saliva is a good band as well, but to only have Tesla and Cinderella as the only bands representing the genre in which Rocklahoma was based upon is pure crap! NO Dirty Penny, NO Jackyl, No return of Steelheart...I knew modern bands were coming with AEG's involvement but wow! they may as well call them Rock on the Range part II. It sure isn't Rocklahoma as we knew it anymore. I'll log in tonight!
February 23, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkari
its a good lineup. its a shame the hair metal had to go but when you are unable to book Maiden, Priest, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Def Lep, and Crue there is only so much you can do with the festival. Those bands are the ones that get the crowds in and without them on the bill, you are stuck with having a crowd of about 2500 watching Jackyl and Stryper on your Saturday night of the festival. The change had to happen if the bands aren't going to show or want to play Europe instead. People blame ROK solely for this but the fact is that they did as good as they could and their attendance got smaller each year. Its impossible to compare it to M3. M3 is a 1 day affair at an amphitheatre. The amphitheatre can probably handle a low attended year because they have 20-25 other concerts throughout the summer to help offset the costs. ROK is 3-5 day festival that also includes camping. When they lose money, they have nothing to get them out of the hole
February 23, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterwill
i was planning on going to rocklahoma after RGW blew up, as I have never been. But I heard rumblings of a change to the types of bands that made up the band roster, so I held off on buying tickets. Boy, and I glad I waited. I would be very disappointed if I had tickets to this festival. M3, here I come. I'll be buying my tickets to M3 this Friday, and will be happy to be doing so!
February 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBrian
M3 Seems to be the big winner in the ROK format change! Should be a great crowd...i would bet you may see more people at M3 then for ROK!
February 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKixRules
Ms. Crawford seems ok with the changes as she still wants to get her media credentials. If she is seen canning the show on her blog they could revoke her free passes.
February 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSam

The reason that Allyson is not slamming Rocklahoma is probably because she actually likes the lineup.

ROTR has sold out the last 2 years. 60,000 is the capacity I believe. It is just economics.
February 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterEric
Gator and Metalboy - spot on! Will, so why didn't they sign AC/DC? If they were headlining Sat night they wouldn't sell tickets? Not really sure what your point is. I'm sick of hearing it's a good lineup - for what? It's not the lineup the fans of ROK wanted. If they don't give a RATT's butt, then good for them. However, based on their locale, don't expect ROTR numbers with a few of the bands that played or are playing ROTR. Also, Vince Neil was asked why Crue is on a break. He basically said they toured so much, there's not many places they can keep going back to without a break. Godsmack and Theory opened for them. Done with this foolishness. There are so many options they could have done to keep the 80s theme - they chose to go a different direction and so do I.
February 23, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMEWIZEMGIC
Metaloidz, all, so right, dudez and dudettes (Kari!)...

Rocklahoma's dead (xcept for Cinderella and the otherz I noted up top), long live M3!

I'll see ya in and out of the VIP, cuz I'm springin' if I can land 'em cuz I like studyin' peeple'z dental work when I'm watchin' 'em play 'n you can't beat that VIP spot for that and havin' a chair, too, to do splits off of when your doin' air guitar leaps 'til security comez down to tell me to cool it. Maybe we can all plot to at least meet and maybe even partay, too!

Until then, Long live, Rock and Roll! Long live, Rock and Roll!

And that means Glam Metal, too!
February 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Rock on the Range hasn't sold out since its first year when it was just a 1 day fest. The capacity for each day is 30,000. 98.9 Rockfest in KC is actually the highest attended 1 day festival in America. They pull in 50,000 a year with half of the lineup that ROTR brings.

My point about ROK is that they aren't able to bring in those headlining bands from the 80's that would sell the tickets. And when you are unable to do that, you are basically strangled with what you can do to help the festival grow

I love hair metal but it was obvious from last years attendance that a change had to come. They pulled in a lineup this year that will sell tickets. It is a good lineup and they still have another 15 or so to add. Just wait and see.
February 24, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterwill
They obviously didnt have the big bucks to bring in the big bands like Iron Maiden, Scorps, etc. etc.Ive never even heard of half the bands on the bill Im pissed I renewed my tix last year.I hope I can sell them to someone that likes that shitty line up
(Also well said Sam! I'll miss the retrospect tent)
February 24, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFitz
You could print T-shirts:

ROCKLAHOMA:Bring Back Glam
February 26, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMEWIZEMGIC
What a shitty lineup!! I have attended the last 3 years, but I am not going to listen to this crap!!! I have had front row VIP seats each year, but they are going on E-bay. I'm pretty pissed about the bait and switch routine on the venue. We renewed our tickets on the assumption we would be seeing 80's Metal Bands. I have never heard of half of the bands in this lineup! I hope this event crashes big time. Rocklahoma sold us out!!!!!!!! Maybe they will come to their senses and bring back the metal.....
March 3, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterOperation Mindcrime
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