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Melodic Rock Fest 2

If you're keeping score, this week has already been very fruitful for festival announcements - and today, we've got a few more with Melodic Rock 2, Rock on the Range and Bonnaroo. Melodic Rock Fest 2 will take place May 1-2 in Elgin, Illinois at The Roadhouse. The following bands will play:


Tickets go on sale this Friday and a weekend VIP pass is $175 and that includes an exclusive warm-up concert. A regular Saturday/Sunday combo ticket is $100 and single day tickets are available.

Remember, at 10 am ET, I'll post the Rock on the Range lineup! I'll post Bonnaroo bands, too but that announcement will come throughout the day, so check back.


Reader Comments (11)

Festivals on this side of the pond aren't looking too shabby either.

Here's the line-up for Stockholm Rock Out on April 30th and May 1st:

Slaughter (US)
Jani Lane (US)
Keel (US)
Steelheart (US)
Dizzy Reed of Guns n Roses (US)
Pretty Boy Floyd (US)
BulletBoys (US)
Vains of Jenna (SE)
Nasty Idols (SE)
Shameless (US/DE)
Chris Laney (SE)
Badmouth (SE)
Dynazty (SE)
Killer Clan of F.U.N. (SE)
February 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSnoot
@Snoot: I wish I could go to the Stockholm Rock Out. The line-up is absolutely great.
February 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterXandra73
Holy underwear! This one is about 15 minutes from my house. We really thought we'd never see Y & T again (it's been two years). Best news...ever!!
February 9, 2010 | Unregistered Commentermom2ross
We need some festivals like this in Toronto!
Somebody put one together please!!!!
February 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterRita
Wait, M3 couldn't get Danger Danger but they are playing this terrible Melodic Rock festival? OH well, b/w Rock on the Range and Bonnarroo, this is yet ANOTHER festival I don't need to worry about spending $$$$ on. It's actually quite a relief. M3 is it for me this year it seems like!
February 9, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkari
I was at the first MRF in South Bend. While this lineup is certainly stronger, the first one had a great atmosphere. I'm glad to see that Andrew didn't give up after the logistical issues they had the first time around.
February 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJT
Any festival with "Melodic" as the first word in it's name is gonna suck.

Please let me get as far away from that concert as possible.

Like Stockholm!
February 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
I think the lineup is really good. I would love to see it if I'd lived in the US. For me the word 'Melodic' in the title is always a plus. But I'm a big fan of melodic hard rock and metal, so I guess I'm biased. ;)

Those would be my highlights:
February 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterXandra73
Xandra, there you are, dahling!

I guess I like a lot of stuff that gets mischaracterized as "Melodic Rock" cuz it's actually Glam Metal, i.e. Danger Danger, etc...

And Xandra, I must digress momentarily to just say that you are one of my fave Metalchix on the planet (along with Allyson and Kari, natch, but I don't want to get in trubble cuz I think y'all are either married or practically married, xcept Kari.

But she's safe from me cuz Al already warned her about me, hahaha!!! and she can tell, anyway, that I am more than likely and quite possibly, slightly high maintenance [code: insane] when she might be reading my mildly deranged comments (that is, if she even duz).

But what am I talking about! I took a proxy Vulcan Oath on the U.S.S. Enterprise to defend and uphold the cause of Metal (xcept Metal Poseurz and Metaldroidz who are phony and just a little too-too and need to be cut down to size), so I ain't got no time for chix, Metal or not, tho, unfortunately, I have been forced to carry on conversations of a non-Metal nature of late with the opposite sex over Arnold Palmers at the country club.

These conversations usually range from anything like Ping Golf Clubs to Former Governerd of Atlastdud, Sarah Failin', at various cocktail parties that are just so Un-Metal.

Especially the unsolicited proposals of marriage on the part of these would-be paramores, along with the bribes they try and add to their deals, usually automobiles of a foreign and exotic nature (Lamborghini Murcelagoes, etc.), which I promptly and politely refuse.

If it was a signed copy of Pretty Boy Floyd, "Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz", that would be a different story, all together. Still, I have to play along to throw everyone off the path of Metalboy!, after all, since all these people would not normally condone the cause of Metal, per se!

Hey, I could change my name to Melodicboy! but then I'd have to retool and well, personally, I like all my Metal accoutrements, such as my latest outfit, a chrome three piece suit made of liquid Mercury that really makes 'em jealous on the catwalk, let me tell ya!

But I have been disguising myself as an everyday pedestrian by wearing Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren clothing with Gucci shoes and Hermes ties during normal business hours to trick everyone into thinking I'm a former John McCain supporter and die hard polka accordion player and singer.

This is to achieve the desired illusion of my perceived occupation and image, in order to throw these people off my trail and the fact that I am Metalboy!

To really deceive them, I've actually been posing as a Sarah Failin' supporter and always leave my car radio glued to Rush Limpbow-wow. I have infiltrated the Tea Party movement in an effort to complete my disguise. I am also concerned about the fate of Metal should theze bozos ever get into power and I need to monitor their movements.

True, Sarah Failin' may have been dubbed "Sarah Barracuda" and played Heart's song, "Barracuda" at all of her stops on the campaign trail and prior to that, right after her speech at the Repugnican't National 4H Convention.

Heart ultimately filed a cease and desist lawsuit through their record company, Sony BMG and music publishing giant, Universal Music Publishing, against ignoramus, Failin', who had co-opted the song for public performance without written permission in direct violation of U.S. statutes.

She is just so Un-Rock'n'Roll, it's a total crime she did this and also claims Van Halen to be among her favorite bands.

If she has a preference, I'm sure she would select the Van Hagar version over the original as I can tell that is the kind of person that she is.

But, alas, I digress, the last thing you want to hear about, Xandra, is the ruinous state of the U.S. of A. ever since the Un-Rock were voted out and are desperately tryin' to claw their way back in by whatever meanz necessary including lying outright and generating hate and race mongering everywhere.

It's a true step back for us but at least we have these incredible Summer Rock Fests to look forward to, like the simply amazing line-up (not) for this particular Swindleous Show, Melodic Rock Fest 2.

I see you have highlighted some decent bands that are performing there. One such band I saw was Danger Danger at Hammerjack's in Baltimore, once America's Premier Rock Club on the East Coast before it closed in 1995, as well as at the Cat Club in NYC. I so love this band, especially back in the day. Those first 3 rekkids (well, 4 if you count the 3rd as 2, right, Kenny O?!) are just unreal.

And, as you probably know, cuz I alwayz gotta name drop him here, I partied with Poley at a Bar-B-Q in Queens on Labor Day, 1989, where he was kind of a weenus but it is always amusing to think about it. No matter how much of a dingus he is, I still gotta say, he's got a killer voice.

As for Winger, argh! (xcept "Battle Stations")

Y&T, I do love, especially "Black Tiger" and "Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark", but let's face it, theez guyz are cheez like the rest of the bands on the bill here, tho Y&T and Danger Danger smell a lot better in terms of their material than pretty much any of the rest of 'em.

I guess I'd just rather think of the stuff I like represented here as Glam Metal. Melodic Rock conjures up a lot of totally sappy-whappy junk rock like No-No, er... I mean, Toto and Night Deranger, Jerkey, er... I mean, Journey and Damn Skankies, etc. and the absolute top-of-the-heap, A-#1, REO Chuckwagoneer.

I sure as h*ll would rather go to Stockholm than this cr*pfest, and if I strike it rich before Stockholm Rock Out happens, I will! And thanx for posting who's on the bill for that one, by the way, Snoot!

That said, I will check out your highlights, Xandra, as I do respect your opinion as I am still diggin' on your recommendations to us in the past like Dynazty, the Poodles, Andre Matos, Kamelot, etc.

And now for a song...


Are you ready to rock?
Headin' out on a midnight flight
Fists clenched full in the air!
Makin' the metal detector lady freak

In the wheel well, I'm willin' to freeze
To get to Stockholm!
Enuff of the U.S. Summer Rockfest chicken feed
Gotta get to Stockholm!
Stockholm Rock Out Fest, thank God, no Creed!

Hmmm... guess I better not quit my day job as a part time portrait photographer at Wal-mart and news photographer for the local fish wrapper here in town.

p.s. Xandra, did you ever check out Graham Bonnet of Rainbow, Alcatrazz and Impelliterri fame? I'm tellin' ya, just go to YouTube and punch thoze in if you haven't already checked him out. You will love him, I think, cuz you love the big voiced dudes and nobody but nobody has one bigger than this character. And check out the hair and duds, hahaha!!! What a gimmick! But when he opens his mouth, there's no gimmicks going on there, which is, I guess in a way, the gimmick, but in this case, a very humorous and conceptual one.
February 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Metalboy! A true rock n roll poet
February 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSnoot
Thanks, Snoot!

You are my eyes and ears in Europe! Now I have to get over there to see all these fests! I still want to go on that cruise with Treat!

Oh, and I forgot a word in my last commentary...

That's "Hmmmm... Better not quit my day job >'POSING'< as a part time portrait photographer and news photographer for the local fish wrapper here in town."...

Remember, I'm...
February 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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