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Judas Priest and Lady Gaga Need to Record Together

I don't know what it means to be a rockstar anymore. The phrase "rockstar" has about as much clout these days as "rock writer." Both are completely archaic and worthless. Still, people throw both phrases around like confetti, so I'll play along.

I think Lady Gaga is the world's biggest Glam rocker these days. I mean, she isn't a rock singer to be sure. She's a pop starlet and a damn genius but the woman is more rebellious, inventive and "dangerous" than any rocker I've seen in a long time.

It's true, Lady Gaga probably couldn't have been successful a decade or so ago. The studio tools she uses to bend her voice weren't nearly as prevalent as today. Gaga came at just the right time to save the cynical music biz. She saved us from ourselves.

Gaga loves her some metal, too. She's always making metal references and she "gets" the genre. She's also borrowing some of her danger from our 80s faves and her hooks are big, just like "Wild Side," "Bad Medicine" or "Cherry Pie." She gets it. 

Maybe she 'gets it' so well, she conceived her entire alter ego to become the world's biggest rockstar. I think when Gaga started, she had big dreams of a wildly successful singing career but I doubt she envisioned what has happened to her over the past 16 months or so.

The woman has a 360 degree mind that must work in overdrive. It's clear Gaga's watched a ton of classic MTV. Headbanger's Ball, anyone? Nearly every one of Gaga's videos is a mix of 80s Glam and theater of the absurd. Sort of like Twisted Sister but with more Chanel and even more bad makeup. What we need is for Gaga to do a duet with one of our Glam faves. Something completely insane and over-the-top. I'm thinking Judas Priest with Lady Gaga!

I can see it now: a number one single. Metal and pop finally properly joined by two acts that love their craft. Can you imagine the video? I wonder who would wear more leather: Gaga or Halford?


Reader Comments (36)

i think a lady gaga and marilyn manson might work. she has that way about her. like you said, its an alter ego.manson has the same thing, alter ego. would be strange to see. the paparazzi video has that manson feel to it. thank god for artists like this, or it would be boring.
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterbumblefootboy
allyson, i fucking hate you now, and have lost all respect for you. why do want people to sell out, and suck the corporate dicks?
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterlost fan
Uhhh... you're kinda clueless! Studio tools that "bend voices" are not make a good musician, their natural ability and talent should. And do you honestly think Gaga is her own producer? Producers have more to do with the final result of an album that you think.No one will care about Gaga, or she'll be gone in the next year or two like every other pop star. No one really cares about Britney or Christina anymore, do you honestly think Gaga has that kind of staying power? Actually singing your own songs and playing your own instruments at your concerts might be a good start instead of lip-syncing! Kiss wore make-up and did the pyro thing because, let's face it, they weren't very good musicians. Anyone can play a Kiss song! All these pop stars today have to compensate for their lame songs by having outrageous costumes and monkeys dancing all around them. None of them should even be called musicians anymore, not as long as they lip-sync. Gaga is basically doing what Abba did, and Abba didn't have studio tools to create the lush harmonies. They even sang everything by themselves at their concerts! Get a clue Allison!
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDick
And I agree with Lost Fan, you really are an idiot for even uttering Judas Priest and Gaga in the same sentence! There is no comparison, Priest have been touring the World 30+ years... singing and playing their own instruments! I guess you think interviewing bands for your site somehow makes you knowledgable about what real talent is?! Then again, you think Lyman is a great band... and playing a bass guitar is difficult!
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDick
no way, Lady Gaga is awful , she isn't Glam Rocker , she isn't glam at all.
And who said we are short of rockstars ? Last time I checked Axl Rose was beating up paparazzi on airport , Liam Gallagher throwing an award into crowd and cursing on BBC and Keith Richards is still doing Keith Richards they are real artists and real rockstars who live that way because it is who they are, not because they need something shocking to sell some records and that's what Lady Gaga is doing her whole persona, make up, image, interviews are not real her it is they way she sells herself and rockstars are rockstars because they are true Lady Gaga is not , she is industry product - nothing more, nothing less.
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPeter
Man, I really hope some day we live in a world where people can disagree without insulting the other. Does it really drive your point home when you call someone an idiot? Or does it really have to cause hate when you disagree. Sorry for the rant.
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterokstpat
It seems that most of you here have missed the entire point of the article. The article that I read did not say that Gaga is a "rock" singer. She was comparing the antics of Gaga to that of glam. Gaga has a very true voice she does not need the effects.
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterEric
Some wonderfull constructive comments i see.

i can see the point you make but i would rather she stick to her 'shock pop'
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSkwint
i cannot stand her. if priest worked with her than i really don't know what it means to be a rockstar. shes phoney. all played up by editing machines. id like to see her on a club stage without all the fancy equipment. see how people like her than.

the striplets were in one of her videos. yuck she'll fade away just like all the other pop stars do now a days.
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChey
Sheesh, Take it easy Dick, Peter, and Lost Fan "even though im pretty sure youre the same person". I totally agree with Allyson. Lady Gaga rules. I own more of her albums than I do Judas Priest. And I dig glam as much as anybody. Gaga is NOTHING like all the disposable pop princesses out there. She is the new Madonna. Our Grand-kids will be listening to her. Mark it down.
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
I for one cannot stand Lady Gaga. But what's that... I disagreed with someone without resorting to pointless obscenities and calling people childish names, how did I do that!? Must be magic.
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLucifer
Hahahaha....... Watching that video was my first experience of Lady Haha. That's 9:32 I'll never get back. I must say it was so ridiculous it was intriguing, even arousing at times, haha. Now, in my opinion, it would be an insult to good Metal if Halford ever collaborated with her. I can, however, see Marilyn Manson and her doing some weird shock-pop thing. Hell, I have crazy thoughts running through my mind right now. I can even see Iggy Pop doing it. But not Halford.
I do get the point though that Allyson is making. Lady Gaga appears to have that "kiss my ass" attitude about her. That is Metal. And she is quite Glam. It'd be an experiment that could shake to music industry. I'd rather not see it though.
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGreg
Lets add her to the Rocklahoma lineup with Godsmack so we can have a totally un-glam event. They'll have lots of people attend - just not the Glam Nation. Steve Whiteman and Taime Downe would not be happy with you Ally-sin. My how the mighty have fallen. -"Its so easy to forget, what you give is what you get,"
March 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMEWIZEMGIC
I agree that you will see GaGa do something with someone from the glam scene soon, but it will probably be on the new Extreme album since Nuno has been working with Rihanna or Brett Michaels or it will be with one of the newer "ROCK" bands.
March 16, 2010 | Unregistered Commenteryourmom
I think I agree with Greg - that's probably the first time I've ever sat down and watched a Lady Gaga video all the way through... Interesting, weird, overwrought, and still surprisingly sexy (and it has nearly-naked girls in cages!). I'm definitely seeing some '80s Glam imagery there! :D

It's not Judas Priest's style musically though. Marilyn Manson, maybe. Slash seems to be recording with everyone on earth these days. But not Judas Priest...

Fascinating suggestion though... :)
March 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKiki Chrome
Lady Gaga is an example of how bad taste americans has for music.

Yeah let's put Whitesnake whith Whitney Houston, they can call themself WhiteHouston!
March 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLiam
I'm not a fan of her music, but I certainly give Gaga props for doing some different things and bringing big-time spectacle back to rock. But I don't think for a minute that she has long term staying power because she rose to stardom based mostly on shock value & theatrical sensibilities, not her music.
March 16, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterbryon
i don't know about manson. he's good metal also and she still just sucks. no, i don't think we'll be listening to her decades from now. things are different now a days than they were then thanks to some of the trash in the early 90s. its not cool to be that way anymore. i really hope we don't have to put up with her for decades. i want her to fade away so no one remembers her. she IS just as phony and all the other pop pricks.
March 16, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChey
I always thought Madonna should have come out of the blue with a Hard Rock album since she seemed to be into p*sing people off back in the early to mid-90's.

Plus she's always said she was into Led Zeppelin and had Iggy Pop sing "Like A Virgin" at her induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

So, Lady GaGa should put out a limited edition Glam Metal 12" single with Kiss backing her. Of course, she should co-write it with them a la their awesome collaboration with the legendary Wendy O. Williams (R.I.P.) back in the day on her W.O.W. album.

Check out Wendy O's video, "It's My Life". That's Kiss backing her on all the music and they wrote that song and all the other stuff on the album for her, too!

Of course, I think they could truly collaborate with her as song co-writers since she's a great writer in her own right, as opposed to Wendy O., where they supplied it all.

The GaGa video of her collaboration with Kiss should be her appearing in, not just a straight-up stage-job performance with them, but putting them in one of her elaborate over-the-top visual spectacles.

Imagine what she could do with these characters like Gene Simmons? They could turn it into a huge milestone, too, if they brought back Frehley and Criss for the project, as well.

Or, how 'bout this? "Lady GaGa Goes GaGa For Metal". She could do an album like Slash, etc., where she could do a bunch of different tracks with a different band on each one -- a whole album's worth...

GaGa doing songs with Kiss, Ratt, Aerosmith (Hey, don't they need a new singer?), Vains of Jenna (Hey, they need a new singer! too! Hmmm...), Led Zeppelin (Hey, they need one, too! Whoa!), Crash Diet (Wait a minute, I'm sensing a trend here. No, wait, they just got a singer not too long ago.), Motorhead (Um... you could argue they always needed a new singer. Oops, I know I'm gonna pay for that!), Black Sabbath, Steel Panther, Metallica, Poison, Judas Priest, as Al has suggested and an excellent idea, a duet with King Diamond and a grand finale with GWAR.

Even more over-the-top than that would be a take off on "Stars" with a zillion Metallerz, old and new, together in one of those "We Are The World" set-ups. You might remember the "Stars" video I'm talking about.

Does anybody have any other ideas of which Metal bands Lady GaGa could work with on this project?
March 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
First of All Lady Gaga has a great voice. Yes she uses synths a lot for it but not to the extent of Katy Perry or Kesha. Listen to the three live and then talk to me. Plus, she won't fade as long as she releases good songs. Everyone in the pop industry that has come a out recently has been a one hit wonder accept for her so uif she has made it this far she's safe.

Now i actually like and own both her albums, i'm a sucker for synths what can i say. But she is very glam especially in her vids. Look at her and (ugh) Poison, Motley and tell me you can't see the similarities. Hell, if she keeps up the video getup she'll be the next WASP at any rate.

As for Metal collaborations, Slash is probably drooling at the mouth for this to open up, but imagine a cover of I hate myself for... or I love rock'n'roll with Joan jett that would definitly work in my book. Manson may be a little far but Beautiful people fits her fine. I would love to hear her do Iron Man with that voice changer. Priest's Turbo lover could also fit.

Don't dis the hardware people and she's got sum.
March 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterShadow

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