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Y&T Album News!

Frontiers Records announces the release of Y&T first studio album in 13 years!

Y&T, featuring original members Dave Meniketti (vocals and lead guitars) and Phil Kennemore (bass), along with longtime members John Nymann (guitar) and Mike Vanderhule (drums) have recorded their first studio album in 13 years, aptly titled Facemelter to be released in Europe on May 21st on Frontiers Records.

With a discography of 18 albums and three greatest hits collections, Y&T has sold over four million albums since their 1974 inception. The band has toured with numerous Rock icons including Ozzy Osbourne, AC/DC, Aerosmith,  and Mötley Crüe, receiving constant and extensive airplay with hits such as "Forever," "Rescue Me," "Mean Streak" and "Summertime Girls." Y&T songs have been featured in a multitude of movies and television shows, including Real Genius, Out of Bounds, Baywatch, and Hunter. After five US top 100 albums, songs that tipped into the 40s, two Bammie Awards, and many international television appearances, Y&T's hits are still played nowadays on classic rock radio stations everywhere. Y&T's high-energy music still captivates legions of fans around the globe, proving Y&T's music timeless.

As the title indicates, Facemelter-the anticipated new recording-is a hard rockin', song-oriented album that lives up to its name: it captures the band's raw energy and tightness that they've become known for. Featuring heavy grooves, powerful guitars, and strong melodies, the band shows their versatility, delivering a range of high-energy rockers, mid-tempo head-bangers, modern rock grooves, majestic ballads, and signature Y&T rock anthems. To mark the return, the band engaged John Taylor Dismukes-the same artist who designed covers for Y&T's classic albums "Mean Streak," "Black Tiger" and "In Rock We Trust"-to create the amazing art of the new Facemelter.

"What a great feeling to dive back into making new Y&T music," states Dave Meniketti. "After being away from it for this long, the anticipation of writing a new CD worth of material was, at first, a bit scary, but as soon as we started up I was happy to find how natural it was to get right back in it again. I think we're going to have to keep this up, because  musically and emotionally, we still have a lot to say!"

"It's ridiculous that we waited so long to make a new record," states Phil Kennemore. "In creating new music for Facemelter, I rediscovered the most  important thing for any artist, and that is to continue creating . . . it  feeds my soul. My hope for Facemelter is that people might just find a few new favorite Y&T songs."

"We recorded together to capture as much of a live feel as possible which I feel is the strong point of the band," adds Mike Vanderhule, while according to John Nymann, "The chemistry we have between us makes it so easy to develop ideas. Now that we are ignited with new material, I can't wait to bring it to the stage."

Face-melting is a term that has been with Y&T since the mid-'70s, when a rabid fan ran backstage and told the band, "you melted my face," which inspired the group's first publishing company: "Facemelting Music."

Confirmed Summer Tour Dates in Europe:

June 10 ~ Solvesborg, Sweden - Sweden Rock Festival
June 12 ~ Donington, UK - Download Festival
June 15 ~ Köln, Germany - Underground Cologne
June 16 ~ Zwolle, Netherlands - Hedon Podium
June 17 ~ Dordrecht, Netherlands - Bibelot
June 19 ~ Clisson, France - Hellfest

Reader Comments (6)

Looking forward to this, but the Frontier Record's press release forgot to mention their best song ever, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark".

Also, it mentions the album, "Black Tiger", but it's the title track of that album that is so excellent on two fronts. It's both bad-a*s and the height of Cheeze Metal! Totally killarious!

And though there's absolutely no denying this band put out a fair amount of pretty weird unrock Journeyesque/AOR fodder, if you wittle through the catalog you will find some real gems. It will be interesting to see how this new one plays.
April 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Saw the band recently while visiting San Diego. They are an excellant band and in my opinion don't receive the recognition they deserve. Also Dave Meniketti is a very personable and friendly person. When I saw him he came walking through the front door of the club and walked through the crowd while going to the back room shaking hands with everyone.
April 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkixkixass
I gotta go with Mean Streak as my favorite from them.For a band that started as "Yesterday And Today" (hence the Y&T) about35 years ago, ya gotta admit they have staying power, seeing as they never broke through on a HUGE basis.Meniketti has the abilty to roll with whatever is the flavor of the moment, while never straying too far from his roots.And that is probably the reason while they're still hangin' around and kicking azz on a regular basis.
April 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGary
Hey Kixkixass, are you referring to the show at fourth and B? I was at that gig, and it was absolutely amazing. It was a real shame that probably 80% of the people there got in for free, but Meniketti was a total class act about the whole thing, and they put on one hell of a show. that acoustic version of "Sail on by" nearly brought tears to my eyes. I could have done without the opening act, Viva halen, but that's another story for another time. :)
April 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBob
Yeah Bob that was the show. Agree 100% with everything you said especially the opening joke I mean act.
April 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKixKixass

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