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Bret Michaels, 'Wasted Time' -- New Song

Bret Michaels just sent his new single "Wasted Time" to iTunes. The song is a cut from his forthcoming new record and yes, it was recorded before his brain hemorrhage.

On my first listen, I didn't care for the song much. I thought it sounded a little too country (and corny). On the second and third listen, I began to change my mind. Of course, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" veers country and I'd say "Wasted Time" is about the same. There's a definite rock upswing to the song after the chorus kicks in and the lyrics are eerie considering Bret's recent medical problems.

"Wasted Time" is the first single from the album Custom Built. There's no release date for the new album just yet. If you don't like iTunes, Amazon also has the single for sale for .99. Check it out before you buy.

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