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Rocklahoma 2010 Day 3

Rocklahoma 2010 is in the books. The final day of the festival brought performances by Chevelle, Lacuna Coil, Theory of  a Deadman, Sevendust and the mighty Tesla.

First, the bad. Theory of a Deadman easily gave the worst performance of any band at Rocklahoma. I've seen them before and they've been good but singer Tyler Connolly was really struggling. It wasn't all his fault, either: the sound for Theory of a Deadman was poorly mixed which just added insult to injury. I think Connolly needs to give his throat a rest: enough professional singers will agree that continuing to sing with a damaged throat isn't exactly good career planning. Also, whispering at a rock show just doesn't work.

Sevendust gave the single best performance of any band at Rocklahoma. Yes, Cinderella was fantastic and so was Tesla but man – Sevendust just ripped the venue to shreds. Sevendust is heavy and I like it that way...but I'm not sure they are used to playing a venue as unique as Rocklahoma. With both a pit and seating and expansive GA, getting a mosh going is kind of tough. Singer Lajon Witherspoon even made mention that the band usually has a circle pit but “didn't know how to make that work” at Rocklahoma. It didn't really matter, though because as soon as Sevendust started playing people came from wherever they were hiding to watch. Great crowd reaction and you can see them soon on the Carnival of Madness tour with Shinedown. My favorite part? When someone held the banner "Sevendust has arrived" and Lajon got the customary chant going.

Oklahoma natives Aranda put on an interesting show. I've never seen them live, so I wasn't quite expecting so much funk – but they groove! Their singles apparently play on the radio a lot in Oklahoma so many of the locals knew the words to their songs. After their performance, they did a meet and greet at the Shiprocked tent and the line blew my mind – people waited all during Sevendust just to hang with Aranda!

The Glitter Boys played the Retrospect stage and their name does them justice: they are modern Glam. Their look is very Steel Panther: wigs, lyrca pants, the whole bit. Right after the first song, the band even released balloons into the crowd just like Kix does and I thought that was a nice touch. Their songs weren't particularly original but they are fun and that's what Glam is all about.

Oh man, Chevelle really impressed me! I've never seen them before but they were fantastic. My husband is a big fan and has their albums. Pete Loeffler can sing! Plus, it's uncanny how much American Idol winner Kris Allen looks like Loeffler and that to me was super interesting. The band played a mix of songs from all their albums, including “The Red” which I really like (it has a guitar solo, people!) At one point, Pete Loeffler (I make the distinction because his brother is also in the band) asked people in GA to come down closer. A lot of bands – especially modern ones – don't like the division between seats/lawn.

I watched Lacuna Coil from afar. They had a ton of energy. I can't say as I'm a big fan of their music because their accents are a little distracting for me but I really appreciated the fact that they dedicated a song to Ronnie James Dio, Paul Gray and Peter Steele. I thought that was classy and everyone in the crowd seemed to love it too.

And then it was time for Tesla. What a great live band. I think you need to see them live to really appreciate their songs. After all, “Love Song” “Forever More” and “Modern Day Cowboy” are rock solid. Of course, a storm was brewing during Tesla so I was helping people pack up while watching their set. It doesn't really matter – you don't have to be 100% fixated on the show to appreciate a band like Tesla. There were people of all generations rocking out to them and that's great. Overall, the attendance on Sunday was less the previous two days as is customary. I'd peg total festival attendance for the three days at somewhere between 30,000 – 40,000. Remember, I'm thinking that's a total figure, not 30,000 per day. Right now, no official figures have been released.

I inquired about festival VIP renewals and was told names could be added to a list and someone would call within 60 days about pricing. My gut tells me this means changes are in store for VIP but again, that's just a hunch.

I missed a lot of my extended Rocklahoma family this year, but I still had a great time. Moving the event to May was smart – and even then it was still it was blazing! Starting bands later in the day was also smart. The merchandise tent was packed with goods when I arrived Friday and by Sunday most everything was either sold out or severely picked over, meaning someone made a good bit of cash on festival shirts.

Overall, I think the event was a success for the Rocklahoma owners and AEG Live and that's great because it means people are willing to spend money on live music and support bands. Isn't that what we all want?

I'll have some more pictures tomorrow.

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Reader Comments (11)

ROK wasn't the same. I had a great time. Hated the later set times, there is NOTHING to do between 11-3pm in Pryor, OK. No lunch or beer on Friday. Bands were, as usual, good. However, Aranda on a mainstage is kind of silly when there are only 5 mainstage bands a day. I liked them, but they are side stage worthy. Frankly, I loved Burn Halo. Still a side stage act. Overall, I had fun. I won't do it again. There are other festivals who will happily accept my money. My four year run ends...
May 31, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSMK not SMF
We had a blast!! I was impressed with the younger crowd. I was a bit nervous about that and it felt the same as in previous years. No more issues than what you would expect at any rock show. All in all I have to admit the changes they made all seemed to work, and I am a fan of some cool newer bands that I probably never would have listened too. We are definetly going back next year.
May 31, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterokstpat
I am sorry I missed seeing SEVENDUST at a big festival! I KNEW they'd tear it up! TESLA never disappoints and I'm so tired of ppl saying Theory of a Deadman is a good band. I've seen them entirely too many times (for some reason they just kept getting booked on those darn Motley dates) and they just won't go away (ok, my personal opinion) but....a festival band they certainly are NOT!

SEVENDUST should have had better billing and I said that as soon as I saw the lineup announced!

SEVENDUST may possibly blow up the SHIP they'll be so strong come November!

CINDER, TESLA and SEVENDUST = YEAH YOU RIGHT!!!! BOOK YOUR CABINS NOW PPL, it's gonna be off the charts and we're all gonna truly get ShipWRECKED!!!!

Ally, it was so weird knowing ROK was going on and knowing I wasn't there for the first time in four years. I had some great shows keeping me pre-occupied though, Bret Michaels Friday and then Country Fest at LSU's Tiger Stadium with Keith Urban on Saturday and Kenny Chesney on Sunday (yes, GLAM readers, I do have a country side to me). Even the Superbowl Championship Trophy made the trek and sat on the drum riser for most of Kenny's show (ha ha).

I am glad it was a success but like I said when AEG announced the initial lineup, it's just not MY Rocklahoma anymore!
June 1, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkari
"I think the event was a success for the Rocklahoma owners and AEG Live and that's great because it means people are willing to spend money on live music and support bands"

And that's why ticket prices were dropping like flies the past few weeks?
June 1, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterme
Thanks for the review, but we dont wear wigs sweetie, ha! We had a blast and hope to see you all very soon. The Glitter Boys 2010!!!!
June 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJody Row
@Jody - I stand corrected! That's some awesome hair then:)

@me - Ticket prices went UP as the festival got closer. Pricing wasn't dropped unless it was some super secret, covert operation.

June 1, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAllyson
Yeah, hey! GLITTER BOYS!

Man, I'm willing to wager that was the sleeper performance of the whole festival based on all of the vids of 'em I just watched on YouTube!

They are absolutely Killer!

The looks! Much cooler than Steel Panther!

And the tunes! The tunes!

Great performance and choreography, too!

Man, I wish theez boyz were playin' M3!

Is it too late to get 'em? That side stage really needs a boost!

The guitarist is my new Guitar Hero God and that hair is the coolest thing I've seen ever! We're talkin' borderline Nitro level here.

Absolutely, this guy wins hands down best hairdo of anyone anywhere in Glam Metal, let alone music anywhere! And it's real! What the heck, Al! Just look at the vidz on YouTube!

And their clothes are way cooler than Steel Panther. Much more style and retro-cool as opposed to retro-corn (Steel Panther).

I mean, I think Nitro has this guy beat literally only by a hair (pun intended) in terms of pure crow's nest stackage to the Nth power!
June 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Cinderella totally rocked - great set and the place was rocking, Checked out the Retrospect Stage to see Glitter Boys, Wild Street, O'Dette, etc - the best place to be. The Glitter Boys all signed a shirt for my 3 yr old daughter - she loved it. We had a decent time.

Things that were dealbreakers for nexy year.

1. No AC in VIP tent, It was not very cool that the folks serving food and beverages were sweating along with all the people trying to cool down. Total cheap out.

2. Start times too late. Nothing else to do but roast in the campground. Went into Pryor - not much to do there. When people come from all over to a music festival - be nice to have bands playing at least by noon.

3. Lack of bands compared to last year. If you didn't really care to see the AEG lineup of bands I could have seen in my hometown of Columbus, OH at Rock on the Range, you were SOL at ROK this year at the headlining stage. Honestly, they kept touting the number of people to see Godsmack. Well, I can tell you from all four years - the numbers in year 1 and 2 had to have blown this year out of the water.

4. Memorial Weekend - brought in plenty of locals and lineup that most could see in their hometown - less folks traveled in.

Comclusion, it was a great three years for a unique festival for glam fans. This year was far from great in that respect, Overall, Retrospect kept the thing from being a total glam bust. Festival was well organized as usual and kudos to the staff at ROK. Still have to ask if Chevelle and Tesla on Sunday as headliners were the best they could do when right down the road we have RATT, Scorpions, and many others playing. And what would have 'filled in' if they managed to sign a Van Halen, GnR, or KISS to headline one night??
June 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMEWIZEMGIC
Thanks for the reviews, Allyson. It makes me feel (almost) like I was there. I did not attend ROK this year or last year, despite having an amazing time in 2007 & 2008. But it had nothing to do with a "lineup change" this year, as much as it had to do with $$. But if I had the funds, I would have been there. Tesla and Cinderella would obviously be the big draws, but for me, Sevendust would've been my favorite band on the bill. I have seen these guys numerous times over the last 12 years, and they bring it every time. High energy, great songs, and truly grateful for their friends and fans. It's great to see them get some love for both the ROK crowd, and from Al as well. I did have 2 friends attend ROK, and even though neither is a big Sevendust fan, they said their set was rocking.

I am a little perplexed at some of the reactions on this site and others to the lineup this year. I know we are all glam fans first and foremost, but don't you negative folks understand that this is a BUSINESS?? Lots of empty seats last year = lineup change this year. ROK 2007 was magical, but how often can that be duplicated? Or to put it another way, I would rather see well-known bands like Sevendust, Godsmack, and even Saliva over 1 or 2-hit wonders like Danger Danger and Hericane Alice. Just sayin'...

Now, if I DID have the $$, I would also be on the first plane to Ok. City for Rock N America. Because that is an amazing lineup; all killer, no filler. But unless ROK goes back to their 2007 lineup (or Rock N America's lineup this year), it will not remain financially viable. Simnple economics.

As for me, I actually flew out to St. Louis to stay with friends and see the Saturday lineup at the annual Rib Fest. Great sets by Jackyl, LA Guns (Phil Lewis version), Dokken (Don was in great spirits, and funny as hell, even though he can't hit the notes much anymore), and Bret Michaels! If I didn't know this guy had appendicitis, a brain hemorrhage, and a mini-stroke all within the past month or so, I would think it was Bret circa 1988. Tons of energy, and a great overall reception from the crowd. Bret was truly thankful and grateful, and it came across as completely sincere. Sure, it was the same BMB set I've seen 3 times now, but still great. 'Something To Believe In' never sounded so poignant. Oh, and for that lineup, I only paid $5 admission. Great value, and great show.
June 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGator
Very good review of all three days!!!!!

I have to add (since I saw no mention of it) that my favorite side stage band (that I hadn't already heard anyway) HAD to be Nigel Dupree Band. I had heard of them but hadn't heard anything that wasn't on MySpace. I LOVE them. He sounds a lot like his daddy (love it), and is VERY easy to look at too. I am going to buy a CD as soon as I can.
June 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterChristy
Gator, the issue is when you renew with the expectation of one type of thing and get another, book flights, rent cars, and place deposits on RV - it may be easier to understand at least why I was less than enthused about the lineup change. Also, I think it's a copout to blame last year's lineup on the format change - the lineup was not that strong either. First two years of ROK delivered on what the old school rock n rollers wanted and they had larger crowds than this year. Good bands equal better crowds - regardless of format. I'm sure Rock N America is going to draw well too based on a strong lineup. Last, if you enjoy the type of stuff at ROK, then good for you and I respect your opinion; however, you also need to understand that some of us would rather see JACKYL than Lacuna Coil, KISS versus Godsmack, Scorpions rather than Chevelle, Great White than Sevendust and finally TRIXTER (who I dislike) over Aranda (and yes I thought they were pretty good, but did I spend $1000 to see Aranda, Fuel, Theory - NO WAY.) I would have liked to had the option to go somewhere else, but with cash for six people locked in - hard to do that.
June 2, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMEWIZEMGIC

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