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Something New: Major Tom

For today's "Something New" I'd like to introduce you to Major Tom. The band is unsigned but on the cusp of something great. Oh, and there's definite Bowie influences here.

The band recently released A Night on the Lash -- a sort of Poison/Bowie hybrid. When I say the band is retro-glam, I mean it: 70s style. The 80s influences come into play in the arena feel of the tunes.

Major Tom has played a ton of shows in the Midwest (I haven't seen them yet) and plans to hit Europe soon. Singer/guitarist Stephen Kilkenny has written songs for other musicians and is looking to get Major Tom some sort of label deal.

A Night on the Lash tracklisting:

Got a Feelin'
Good For You
Keep It Real
Never Say Goodbye
Not Your Man
Let It Roll

Major Tom Live 2009 "let it roll"

Major Tom - A Night On The Lash - AVAILABLE NOW! | MySpace Music Videos

Reader Comments (3)

they really need to work on their image...
August 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersteve
Great album! Just got it on iTunes!

This is the best new thing I've heard since "Beautiful Bomb" by Reckless Love! I've finally got my Summer Record, even if it arrived a little late on my radar since Im still mining the 80's and 90's so heavily.

But thanks to you, once again, Al, you've unearthed a real treasure for me and anyone else here who may not have heard of them previously and wants to experience something a little more extraordinary! (And it's better late than never, as this album was released in January!).

But I agree with Steve. Yeah, I get the whole "show up as you are" route with their anti-'look', but Steve's right.

These guys should look as Glam as their music. With music this good, why waste the opportunity to totally dandy it up with a little trip to the King's Road in London for some Glam Wear! Where, oh wear did Kweens get his Silver Metal Flake Platforms he wore at M3 as the new bass player for L.A. Guns?!

Major Tom's got the songs, they've got the cool name, they've got the cool band logo, they've got the cool album cover -- now the only thing they really need is the LOOK!

p.s. Though the music's a little different, take a cue from the Glitter Boys! Now that's a Rock and Roll Band with the Look to match! And, sorry, Liam, but I still say, and I have all of their albums and some CD singles, too, Oasis became so UNROCK after that first one!
August 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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