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Johnny Andriani, 'Tripping on Love' - Album Review and More

Johnny Andriani is a singer and songwriter. He was signed back in the day and he's written for famous folks. One of his friends and collaborators, Robert Ferraro (a bona fide rocker) contacted me about a million years ago to feature Johnny. I don't know why it took me so long because the music is great. The thing about Johnny and his most recent album Tripping on Love is that it's mellow. At first I was worried Glam fans might not dig it, but really, I'm reminded of that laid-back feel Enuff Z'Nuff was known for and therefore, I think you would dig this music.

In addition to the Enuff Z'Nuff parallels, the opening tracks of Tripping on Love - especially the title track - reminds me of the Beatles. Johnny has that special rasp to his voice and the songs are so approachable... you know, you get sort of sucked in. Overall, there's a 70s throwback vibe. That could come from the instrumentation or something else, but I definitely don't think Tripping On Love sounds like a rock album recorded in 2010. And I mean that in a complimentary way.

"Supernatural Love" has a different sort of feel in that it is more up-tempo, but the love theme remains. Now there's the drawback to Tripping on Love: if you've just been through a break-up or something, this album might really annoy you, because it's all love, all the time here. And of course that's the point, but still. The lovesick need not apply!

The album features tracks from Johnny's days in The Dwellers, too (remember them?!), specifically I like "Neptune June." Of course, the Dwellers were best known for their song "Rocket Ride" but that's another post for another day.

Tripping on Love is available via iTunes and CD Baby.

Check out The Dwellers, 'Rocket Ride' and see if you can find our friend Robert. Hint: he's on drums.

Ok, Ok. Let's say you got down this far and you're thinking "But I want 80s Glam!" Well, have no fear my lovelies. Johnny Andriani and Robert Ferraro were in a little band called Sassy Lassy back in the 80s. Have a lookie look:

Reader Comments (1)

All three incarnations of Adriano are amazing. It's also cool to see his buddy, Ferarro, at his side on vocals the whole way.

Yet another great post and I like how you've got this guy's whole history represented here.

Thanks for putting them on my radar. I just scored The Dwellers because of this. You have revealed yet another gem for me, Al! Kudos!
October 2, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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