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First Ever Carolina Rebellion Announced 

AEG Live and Right Arm Entertainment just own the festival business now. If you're around the Carolinas, you might be interested in this one: the Carolina Rebellion. Check it out - here's the release:

Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack, Three Days Grace and Stone Sour are among the hard hitting rock artists confirmed for the first ever Carolina Rebellion. Set for Saturday, May 7 at Metrolina Expo in Charlotte, NC, Carolina Rebellion will offer fans throughout the Carolinas, and the entire mid-Atlantic region, a full day of non-stop rock on three stages. 

The current lineup for Carolina Rebellion is as follows: Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Stone Sour, Seether, Bullet For My Valentine, Theory of a Deadman, Alter Bridge, Hinder, Skillet, Saving Abel, Halestorm, Black Stone Cherry, My Darkest Days, Cavo, Rev Theory, Pop Evil, Art Of Dying and more.  The festival will feature two main stages for the biggest acts in rock today, both sponsored by Monster Energy. 

“Strap yourself in and hold on tight...Godsmack is coming to Carolina Rebellion to kick y'all a new asshole!!” says Sully Erna of Godsmack.

Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge comments: "We are very much looking forward to performing at the Carolina Rebellion in Charlotte. We are honored to be sharing the stage with many great bands that night and it promises to be a memorable event."

"It seems the Carolinas are in need of a rock festival to call their own and we are honored to unleash the Rebellion to the great rock fans of this area,” says Gary Spivack, co-executive producer of the event for Right Arm Entertainment. “With our partners at AEG we locked into an amazing outdoor venue just minutes from downtown Charlotte.  We are so proud of this lineup.  From Godsmack to Avenged Sevenfold to Three Days Grace to Stone's great band after another."

Joe Litvag, co-executive producer of the event for AEG Live, added, “While we’re excited to be fostering such an incredible lineup of artists, it’s also imperative that we keep the rock fans in mind by delivering a tremendous value with Carolina Rebellion. The credit goes to my partners at Right Arm Entertainment and Allen Corbett, my colleague at AEG Live in the Carolinas, for keeping the vision of an affordable rock experience.  To see this caliber of talent for this low of a price is truly amazing!”

Tickets for the general admission festival go on sale Friday, February 18 at 10am EST at all Ticketmaster outlets and at Tickets are available starting at $49.50 for a limited time.  VIP ticket and hotel packages will also be available for purchase at this time.

The full details of the 2011 Carolina Rebellion VIP hotel and ticket packages are as follows.  Prices are available at  


- 1 Hotel Room - 1 King Bed (Saturday, May 7, 2011)

- 2 Carolina Rebellion General Admission Tickets

- 2 Carolina Rebellion T-Shirts

 GOLD PACKAGE (2 People)

- 1 Hotel Room - 1 King Bed (Friday, May 6-Saturday, May 7, 2011)

- 2 Carolina Rebellion General Admission Tickets

- 2 Carolina Rebellion T-Shirts


- 1 Hotel Room - 2 Double Beds (Friday, May 6-Saturday, May 7, 2011)

- 4 Carolina Rebellion General Admission Tickets

- 4 Carolina Rebellion T-Shirts

 Metrolina Expo is centrally located off of Interstate 77, between Interstates 85 and 485, just north of downtown Charlotte.  For directions to the site, please visit

Carolina Rebellion is proud to be sponsored by Jägermeister and FYE and is produced by Right Arm Entertainment and AEG Live, the same team that produces the highly successful Rock On The Range in Columbus, OH.


Reader Comments (11)

"to kick yall ashole." Stay classy

it appears that there is a shortage of rock bands to go around for festivals in America
February 10, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterwill
There are only 4 or so bands who interest me at all playing this festival:

Black Stone Cherry
My Darkest Days (but only if Zakky Boy joins 'em on stage)

I'd have to see if the "...and many more" might be anything more to "listen" to. Also, if anyone wants me to listen to any of the bands listed that I did not highlight, I'll be happy to refresh my memory and render judgement whether they are capable of "Rocking" or not.

That said...

It really is a sad commentary about the state of Rock'n'Roll in this country that most of these bands generally fail to ROCK!

Yes, they have Marshalls, B.C. Riches and Shure microphones. The problem is they don't know what the h*ll they're doing with them except make a horrible racket.

For some, that qualifies as some kind of Rock'n'Roll. They claim it's Metal. But I gotta tell ya, Black Sabbath, a band that has prided itself through the eons on being an ultra hard Metal band doing their determined best to lack any semblance of melody, swing way more than these clowns ever will.

Look, you can tell me to "swing" is not what the bands of today are intent on, but I think they're taking the easy way out with their "music" and are actually incapable of writing anything that's that's even remotely listenable.
February 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Oh My Metalboy, you have much to learn! There are MANY classes of Metal to include but not limited to:
1 Alternative metal
2 Avant-garde metal
3 Black metal
4 Christian metal
5 Crust punk
6 Death metal
7 Doom metal
8 Drone metal
9 Extreme metal
10 Folk metal
11 Funk metal
12 Glam or Hair metal
13 Gothic metal
14 Grindcore
15 Groove metal
16 Industrial metal
17 Metalcore
18 Melodic Death Metal
19 Neo-classical metal
20 Nu metal
21 Post-metal
22 Power metal
23 Progressive metal
24 Rap metal
25 Sludge metal
26 Southern Metal
27 Speed metal
28 Stoner metal
29 Symphonic metal
30 Technical Death Metal
31 Thrash metal
32 Traditional heavy metal
33 Viking metal

To lump these bands into one category as you have does not do justice to the bands nor the people who listen to them. Your claim that the bands FAIL TO ROCK, is so far off base that I question your music knowledge. I normally check this website everyday for updates and your posts are normally on.
February 11, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterJeff
Sully is gonna "kick y'all new assholes!"!??,,dude,you'll be lucky to kick someones kneecaps you pint sized loser.
February 11, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterjimbo

I'll take my Metal Drone, Folk, Extreme, Black, Alternative, Death, Doom, Gothic, Groove, Industrial, Metalcore, Post, Rap , Sludge, Speed, Stoner, Technical Death, Thrash and my personal fave, Viking!


C'mon, man, this is the kind of category a band hides in when they ain't Rock'n'Roll! Many of 'em choose to be categorized like this as a crutch for not having any comprehension of what Rock'n'Roll is.

Look, dude, this kinda stuff obviously interests you but, hey, it just ain't my thang. And just cuz I said "thang" duzn't mean I like Funk Metal either.

For me, my Metal has to ROCK!

That means I like Pantera before Anselmo.

And, unfortunately for all the Metal Desperados comin' over here to this site when they oughta just live out their daze on Metal Sludge, Metallica's only good song is a cover, Queen's "Stone Cold Crazy".

Why? Cuz they didn't frickin' write it, that's why! Just imagine if Hetfield had split these clowns and started his own band, Hetfield. It would be so much better!

Yeah, so in Viking Metal parlance, "Let bygones be bygones".

You go on your merry "Hookless Daughtry On Steroids with Black B.C. Riches And Better Outfits" way and I will be Rockin' Out with THE REAL ROCK'N'ROLL over here...

ROCK FAIL!, bro!
February 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Oh, yeah, and thanks for the "Metal Education", Jeff.

I love the list, regardless of how real or not it is.

I gotta run out to the store and get me some Folk Metal right now!

SFX: '70 Hemi Cuda peeling out.

February 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

To say that my "posts are normally on" is ridiculous. I know myself, it's hit or miss with me, which is why I'm content to stay parked in the comments section and let Allyson and her pro's handle the heavy lifting with the posts.

To be honest, I'd have nothing to say if it weren't for their brilliant posts to stimulate my brain (and Metal Heart and Soul)!

Kudos, gang!

p.s. And Jeff, if you're checkin' this site daily, why not contribute a comment, too? Judging from your list, all joking aside, you definitely know your sh*t! I, for one, would be interested as h*ll to hear what you have to say about the posts here.
February 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Metalboy,fully agree. To paraphrase the Red Rocker, there may be 50 ways to name something, but there's only 1 way to ROCK, and there probably won't be much of that in Carolina this May. AEG event = no fun (but plenty of HYPE). Be cool of someone packaged some of the newer Swedish bands with some 80's Rockers. How cool would it be to have AC/DC, Rhino Bucket and Airbourne on the same bill. Van Halen,Crue, Hardcore Superstar, Gemini Five and or Crashdiet, Crazy Lixx, Vains of Jenna. Seems like the formula isn't that hard, but looking at some of these packages you have to ask yourself WTF??
February 12, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMEWIZEMGIC
Man I missed this party! While I wil admit it seems like the festivals annouced recently have lackluster lineups, I've noticed its the same like 5 bands!

Oh and Godsmack can say whatever they want for this festival but if they went against an actual "Heavy Metal Band" ala Megadeth, Priest or Black Label, They would get owned. Owned, destroyed and rented out to the new wave retirement home for karaoke night.

Hell, Iron Maiden would make'em look like the figgin Proclaimers! lol

Oh yeah, and the term technical death metal describes that quagmire genre completly. OVERKILL!
February 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterShadow
OTSK! Do they call it Technical Death Metal because they don't technically kill anyone?

Because it comes pretty close to doing so to me if I'm accidentally exposed to that kind of dreck.

There's a reason why "WIZE" is how you spell your name, ME WIZE. You nailed it with the way you describe the kinds of line-ups they should be putting together for festivals in The States.

That's why I'm hopin' to scrape it together to go to Sweden, not only for Sweden Rock Festival, but to hopefully catch Reckless Love and whoever else I can while I'm in Europe.

To be honest, if I can actually pull off getting to Sweden, I'll probably just go Thursday night to see Priest and then hit the road to see if I can catch some other bands elsewhere, that is if they aren't in the audience at Swedish Rock Fest!
February 13, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Bottom line with what was said and what wasn't said... the show was sick.... A7X, godsmack, seether, BFM, and all the rest put on the biggest ass stomping fest in a while... can't wait till next year should prove to be more brutal....
May 9, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTBOX2069

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