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'INXS: Mystify' - DVD Review

INXS released concert DVD Mystify in November. The DVD is of the band's performance at the Loreley Festival in 1997 and it was taped for the German show Rockpalast.

The tracks:

1) Elegantly Wasted
2) New Sensation
3) Taste It
4) Just A Man
5) Heaven Sent
6) Searching
7) Disappear
8) Never Tear Us Apart
9) Everything
10) Need You Tonight
11) Bitter Tears
12) Girl On Fire
13) Kick
14) Devil Inside
15) What You Need
16) Don t Lose Your Head
17) Mystify
18) Suicide Blonde

Bonus Tracks:

Six tracks from the first INXS performance on Rockpalast
at the Markethalle, Hamburg on May 8th 1984:
1) Just Keep Walking
2) The One Thing
3) I Send A Message
4) Original Sin
5) Don t Change
6) Stay Young

So, is this DVD worth your hard-earned cash? Yes! The concert is fun, fun, fun and it sent me right back to high school. Remember, dear kids, I graduated high school in 1998 - so INXS was definitely on my radar. Mystify features the band with singer Michael Hutchence in all their glory. The fact that Hutchence died just a few months later makes this concert even more special. The great production is a major plus.

So what is my favorite part of the DVD? Well, "Devil Inside." I love that song and I like the performance treatment. The thing to remember here is that INXS just had some really amazing songs - and the band didn't need giant pyro pots, naked women or huge video screens to put on a fun show. It's just the band - awesome musicians - and some lights. Hutchence's voice just fills the entire open air venue - not an easy feat. Plus, he smiles at the camera a lot and the entire performance is just very natural.

What about the bonus clips? Well, those are a hoot and a half. They are from 1984...and they look like it for sure! The band isn't necessarily tight...certainly not nearly as commercial or polished and the crowd is hilarious. These clips are also from the Rockpalast vaults. Definitely a treat to see. If you are a fan, you'll love going back in time. If you're not a fan, well, you'll still love seeing Michael Hutchence jump around on stage during "Stay Young."

Reader Comments (3)

Me likey!!! Great band, great songs, great voice!! I miss this band!! Wish I could have seem em live!
April 6, 2011 | Unregistered Commenterkari
Must. See. This!
April 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
I actually saw this way back when on VH1 Classic or somethin' a while back. Very captivating.

Always thought one of our fave 80's/90's bands could really Rock up some of these guy's songs.

Great tunes. Great Singer. But imagine the songs cranked up with Glam Metal guitars! They would have been even bigger.

Maybe one of the Nu Metal kid bands will a cover. I think there have already been some, but I'm talkin' about CRANKIN' IT to 11!

p.s. So sad what happened to Hutchence. What huge talent and original sounding voice he possessed! RIP.
April 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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