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20 Glorious Minutes of KIX Live

KIX performed live in Washington, D.C. last weekend... and not surprisingly, clips from the show are up on YouTube. It's rare to get a quality clip of a lot of songs in one, but that's what I have for you today: around 20 minutes of KIX live, featuring the songs "Kix are for Kids," "Girl Money," "Red Hot" and "Poison." Yep.

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I like the fact that folks video the shows, get in the middle of the floor and give a real perspective on the show, when you stand right up on the deck on either side all you get is that side of the show (audio wise), KIX uses IEM's so you dont get to hear Steve or any of the backing vocals. just my 2 cents...
October 10, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJRC

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