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M3 Groupie Exchange Program

I'm totally loving the HDNet stream of the M3 Rock Festival. I worked on my house all day yesterday (painting everything in sight it felt like), went out to dinner and came home to relax with my concert. I watched Kix live first and then went back through my DVR in reverse. Kix were awesome as always, even if I did have to watch some of the set on my computer because HDNet dumped out of them for awhile. Since HDNet offered the Internet stream, I thought I better mention it here. Previously, I thought you could only watch the show by subscribing to the premium channel (which I did specifically to watch M3). So, if you don't have HDNet, be sure to check online to see if the concert is streaming online. I personally would have marketed the live broadcast differently. I think there is a lot of confusion over who can and cannot watch.

Oh and while we're talking about M3... I cam across this video below. It's a commercial promoting the fest. It's so bad it's humorous. The "M3 Groupie Exchange Program."

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