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Good News for Glam: Bowie's Back!

Editor's note: today's guest post is written by Brynn Alexander.

If we're talking about the kings of old-school, dyed-in-the-wool Glam, you really can't get any bigger than David Bowie. From the early days of Ziggy Stardust, Bowie has always been synonymous with glam, inspiring multiple generations of fans to explore ever-deeper corners of artistic self-expression.

Bowie's been silent on the music front over the past decade, which led many to believe that he had quietly slipped into retirement. Given that he's 66 now, it was doubtful that he'd ever come back with new material, but in a year where both Rod Stewart and Fleetwood Mac are putting out comeback albums, classic rock fans are learning to expect the unexpected.

And sure enough, in one of the biggest surprises likely to happen to music this year, David Bowie does in fact have a new single out! It's called "Where Are We Now?" and although the first impression is that it's kind of depressing, upon repeat listens the melancholy takes on layers of beautiful meaning, in true Bowie style.

There's more to this surprise than just a new single, though. An entire full-length album entitled The Next Day is due to hit retail outlets in March, and even though it was only announced earlier this month, it's a collection of songs that's been two years in the making. Tony Visconti had been working with Bowie in secret as he wrote and recorded the songs, and they used only musicians they knew and trusted so that there would be no chance of the news leaking to the internet. In these days of TMZ and social media, that's no small feat, and it was indeed a very big surprise when Bowie announced the news.

As for the tone of the album, despite the slow, introverted nature of the new single, Visconti insists that it's the only song like that, and the rest of the album is primarily straight-up rock. According to Visconti, there are elements of classic Bowie on the album, as well as more modern and innovative aspects that are likely to appeal to younger fans.

The Next Day will officially be released on March 8, so Bowie fans have less than two months to wait for what is likely to be one of the strongest releases of 2013.

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Reader Comments (11)

ya but...who's going to see the Darkness on this tour swing?...tomorrow night Detroit, the Darkness it's Friday Night!
January 24, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertoddwiggy
Bowie is a Legend!

Wow! Now this ads a whole other dimension to what it means on this site to "Bring Back Glam!"

It only took him 10 years to do it, proof that it's never too late!

Reality check: Toddwiggy -- The Darkness would not exist had it not been for Bowie!
January 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Metalboy...we will never know forsure about different bands musical paths,...yes Bowie is/was one of the greats and a true Rock Pioneer,...Bowie is not playing in my neighbourhood tonight,..the Darkness is, I'm celebrating that...however I think this new song is anything but Glam, hell its downright aweful, I couldnt even play the whole song through, but thats just me, I hope others love it I really do...!
January 25, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertoddwiggy
Man, Bowie is a legend, without him, there would be no glam, well glam wouldn't exactly be the same. I'll be honest, I was never a fan of all his music, but much much respect, i'd go see that show bowie and The Darkness that'd be killer!!
January 25, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterdj
Bowie IS a legend! But this is dreck.

I'll take "Spiders From Mars" any day over this.
January 25, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterAce Steele
the Darkness was killer!...but here's the deal...Detroit Rock City my ass!....I hear people say that and I cringe everytime...I drove in and from 8 mile in, no streetlights, only lights are on at occupied homes and businesses. I've heard people brag about Detroit Rock City for way too long and the city has nuttin to do with's a SHITHOLE that the residents created. When the stars lineup, it dont matter if your in Cleveland Toronto Grand Rapids Tampa LA Vegas...hell it could even be Disney World on the right night...anyway, Darkness was great tonight in Detroit, but a city of that size that can't afford to have streetlights on, during a snowstorm to boot, is pretty damn pathetic!...some guy from cinncinatti was telling me about Detroit Rock City, and I just cringed the whole damn time, ....I dont know, does anybody understand what Im really trying to say...anyway, would the last rocker leaving Detroit forget about turning the lights off, ...cuz they already are and that town is flat broke!
January 26, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertoddwiggy
Toddwiggy! I'm glad you enjoyed The Darkness! And it was indeed a momentous occasion that they played in Detroit but I'm sure that moment wasn't lost on them as much as it was you.

The reason that town was immortalized as "Detroit Rock City" by KISS is because it's spawned so many American legends such as Alice Cooper, MC5, Ted Nugent, Iggy Pop and The White Stripes, to name but a few, plus all the legions of diehard fans who, for decades, have been known to Rock Harder than most. Just ask the bands who have played there.
January 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Metalboy...I couldnt agree more with you...I think I'm rationalizing about the state of the city itself, is now a rusted out city,...I really hope that someday it comes back, but right now there seems to be no tax base or revenue coming in,...but one thing to note is that I think alot of them bands you mentioned came from Ann Arbor...however ...I would like you to watch this video as I think it might be one of my best youtube uploads yet...I thank my wife for recording this stuff for me and being a faithful driver and companion while I get drunk and downright stupid...The Darkness fuckin rock,...I think the show in Vegas last year may have been a touch better, but not by much...
January 26, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertoddwiggy
oh...and Metalboy...from your posts it sounds like you have been around a long time like myself and seen a fuckload of shows, again like myself...I'm surprised that you dont agree with me about the fact that you never know when a really good show may happen, locality very rarely has anything to do with it I believe...anyway, I'm way too hungover to start some keyboard argument with my cat today let alone you and I always enjoy your posts so....have a great day!
January 26, 2013 | Unregistered Commentertoddwiggy
Great clip, Toddwiggy! Damn! I coulda seen these guys in Orlando just two weeks ago but I was too broke at the time! #%+>?£*¥!!! I will try to catch 'em soon!

p.s. Maybe they came from Ann Arbor but wasn't it Detroit that was their proving ground? Forgot another one -- Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels.
January 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
And Bob Segar.
January 27, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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