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Motley Crue To Participate In A Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' Session

As part of the kick-off to Motley Crue's new Las Vegas residency, the band will participate in a Reddit 'Ask Me Anything' session this Friday, Sept. 20 at 3 p.m. EST.

The residency will take place at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. This residency will feature all new production.

The Crue residency begins tonight and I can't wait for the YouTube clips to start rolling in!

Reader Comments (7)

So... I had the pleasure of attending Rocktember in Hinckley, MN at a casino outdoor ampitheatre. Last Saturday, starting at 2 PM, ending just past midnight ~ 9 bands. Here's my recap:

* Great little outdoor venue just a hike away from the main casino. raised bleachers in the way back, descending wood benches (numbered) in front of that, then a general admission (pit) are under the cover. Rain started at 3ish and didn't stop all day, so that heavens I had PIT tickets :) Beer/refreshments could of been set up better. Every concert that serves beer needs just a BEER line, not cocktails also, sorry just a pet peeve of mine. Although a great fully stocked bar of almost any liquor you wanted, not to mention Goose Island Brews on tap. So you can't be too picky.

* I got to see the lineup when checking into the casino hotel and they actually had the "Minutes" of how long each was going to be on stage. The times ranged from 20 minutes (Trixter) to 90 minutes (Tesla).

1) Trixter - 20 minute set, just rolled through their "hits". To me they always sound good, but their still just Trixter, know what I mean ?

2) LA Guns - 30 minute set, Sex Action, Never Enough, etc, etc. Played a Sabbath tune in there also, I was in the beer line during it, so couldn't quite place it. First time I've seen them with the new guitarist, who I thought was great, very energetic and getting the crowd going. I mean they came on stage at like 2:30 in the afternoon and its still filling in. Disappointed because they shouldn't be #2 on the pecking order of these bands. They deserved more time and ended with Electric Gypsy.

3) Firehouse - 30 minute set. Another band who I think gives it their all every time I see them. As with most bands in this day, just stuck to hits. CJ can still bring the pipes.

4) Winger - I'm in the beer line and there is talk about how one of the bands has canceled. I'm bummed because I want to see all these bands. So I'm chit chatting with fellow metalheads and they are pushing out Warrant's drum set and a guy walks on stage while I'm in the beer line. I just think its a guitar tech checking the sound, but low and behold its Kip Winger with an acoustic guitar. He played a 20-25 minute set of all of his hits by himself. Honestly.. I thought it kicked ass and was great. Not a huge Winger fan, but it impressed me and I was hoping he'd play longer. So I'm not sure if he was the "band" that canceled and so he decided to just play acoustically or not.

5) Warrant - if I wanted to name a band that I really could care either way it was this band going into it. I couldn't name their new lead singer without looking it up, I just know that their original one is no longer with us. I enjoy their music, just didn't know how they would be. The new guy does a fine job. They played a 45 minute set, and even got at least one new tune which I thought was decent. The guy even reminds you of Mr. Lane's look. Machine Gun completely rocked as did of course Uncle Tom's Cabin. Note to Warrant ~ don't close with Cherry Pie. Kip sang during one of their songs as they invited him on stage. Yours truly started the "Kip" chant and I think maybe it got up to 12 of us :) Cool nonetheless...

6) Lita - just saw her 3 weeks ago and it was the same exact show with the Runaways tunes, hits, couple off her new album (which is good btw), then her hits, didn't play Back to the Cave this time. Closed with Kiss Me Deadly, tight band she has though. Energy and just plain out rockin. One question though... what's the big ass tattoo of like an hourglass on her forearm. Sorry just sometimes tattoos can be hideous and this is the case. She also played a 45 minute set.

7) Dokken - never seen them. I've seen just about everybody over the years, but me and Don and company have never crossed paths. Huge fan, wore out my Under Lock and Key cassette back in the day. Its Not Love may possibly be one of the greatest glam songs ever. Musically they were great, loved Mick Brown interjecting during songs. At the end of the show, his stick glanced off of my hand into the bossom of the gal next to me and onto the ground, I felt it only fitting that she get the stick as she took one off the boobs in the process. (such a gentleman I am). Back to Dokken, sorry vocals just aren't there. He tries and you know most of the songs already, so that helps... but honestly 60 minutes of Dokken is too long. I'd take LA GUNS for 60 easily over this. Tooth and Nail was the highlight to round out the show. Side note in the casino hotel coffee shop, Don Dokken was ordering lattes with his guitar strapped on his back. He was very cordial. Great side not was Phil Lewis (LA GUNS) seeing him on the side of the stage during Dokken's whole set rocking out with the band, just like a fan in the stands. He played like 6 hours ago and is still around ? Crazy.

8) Skid Row - 90 minute set. Meh... don't say we've been doing this for 24 years as the new lead singer of Skid Row. :) Too bad Sebastian and these guys can't just get along. They are just there in my opinon, no good or bad either way.

9) Tesla - 90 minute set to close the show and didn't disappoint. Songs from almost every album except Into the Now, even did their 5 man acoustical jam to Cumin' Atcha Live and Truckin' which led into Paradise. One thing, Jeff Keith needs a new concert shrit. I've seen them 15 times in say 2-3 years, same blue long sleeve hippie shirt. :) I know Tesla isn't for every one on this board, but I'm sorry they rock, vocals are spot on and just give off a great vibe of still enjoying what they do. About midnight it all ended and I stumbled my way back to my hotel room in the casino. Rode hard and put up wet.
September 18, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterGNR
GNR! Awesome review. You made me feel like I was there. I agree, it really is screwy how they'll have a band play for 20 minutes. Seriously? And, yeah, I'm one of those people who will make every effort humanly possible to ensure I NEVER see Tesla again. Frickin' BORING and Frank Gannon is a jacka*s Royale, trust me.

I DO like the singer, Jeff What's-His-Name, though, having told him after seeing him totally kill it on "Highway To Hell" with Cinderella & Friends on MORC, he should quit and start a new band that can ROCK up to his level.

GNR -- I believe that tattoo of Lita's covers up Jim Gillette's name since he turned out to be such an a*shole toward her, to put it mildly. She turned it into a cool looking logo on the back of her red leather suit, too. She's probably the most legit ROCKER of any of these characters because she carries REAL Punk Rock roots from the Runaways into her music AND her stage persona.
September 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
As far as asking Crüe anything...

"How come you guys don't mix up the set more and how about the last night go out playing the first album from beginning to end plus 6 hits and call it a night.
September 19, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Wow...what an awesome lineup. Lita & the new Skid Row excluded of course. LA Guns not getting longer was a travesty & Kip Winger is one of the most underrated musicians around!
September 19, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterbkallday
I would ask Motley Crue to:
#1 Start releasing all the unreleased songs and demo's from 1981 to 1998.
#2 Release a live CD & DVD from every tour from 1981 to 1998.
September 21, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJakki Steal
cool review gnr...
id ask motley.......
if they'd do another tour through the usa coming to my town
if they'd play too fast for love and shout at the devil back to front.
and if they have any new music plans.
September 25, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterdj
I would love it if they played the first album from beginning to end. It would make my hair metal day to hear Vince half a$$ his way thru all the hair metal classic songs on that CD. That is so much better than asking them to release a CD of live stuff from 1981/1982.
October 1, 2013 | Unregistered Commenterthedouche

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