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The Best Of 1985: #4

So everyone who's been here for a long time knows I love KIX, right? So you shouldn't be surprised that KIX came in at #4 on this illustrious countdown. I just can't believe "Cold Shower" is 30 years old. Geez! I still want one of those damn KIX umbrellas!


The Best Of 1985: #5 

I'm not a big W.A.S.P. or Blackie Lawless fan... but man, "Blind In Texas" is a catchy song and a cool video. That's how it made the cut on my best of list - pretty metal, especially for 1985.


The Best Of 1985: #6

Back to 1985 we go... with my 6th favorite video from that year. It's "She Sells Sanctuary" from The Cult. Surprised? I'm not all Glam, all the time. You know that.


The Best Of 1985: #7

Happy Sunday. Time for my 7th favorite video from 1985... from one of my favorite bands, ever: RATT and the amazing "You're In Love."


The Best Of 1985: #8

A countdown 30 years in the making continues today with my 8th favorite video from 1985: "This Boy Needs to Rock" by Night Ranger.


The Best Of 1985: #9

Congrats! If you were born in 1985, you're now 30. Seems like a great time to look back on my favorite 9 videos that came out in 1985... an amazing 30 years ago. In case you're wondering, I chose a top 9 countdown, because everyone does top 10 lists!

Today, #9: "In and Out of Love" by Bon Jovi.


Twisted Sister With Mike Portnoy

Twisted Sister recently performed with drummer Mike Portnoy for the first time. The band was at The Joint at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel and Casino as part of the Metal Meltdown series. Extreme, Skid Row and Great White are also part of that series. Check out Twisted's AJ Pero tribute below.

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