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This Tweet Sums It All Up

Black Metal Cats (@evilbmcats) is one of my favorite accounts on Twitter. In all, 2016 has been a really crappy year for a lot of people.

After the news broke last night that Debbie Reynolds had died just 24 hours after her daughter Carrie Fisher, I decided that 2016 really did have no chill and I'm girding myself for the next 72 hours or so left of this miserable year. Let's all be really still, really careful and hope we don't lose any more of the musicians and actors we love. I seriously have nothing else to say at this point, except "good grief!"

Be sure to check back tomorrow (glam willing) for my top 5 of 2016 list! 



Thee Rock n' Roll Residency Covers KIX

Thee Rock n' Roll Residency, along with Lzzy Hale, Joe Hottinger and Eric Brittingham cover the KIX classic "Blow My Fuse." It's basically epic.


Bon Jovi, 'Born Again Tomorrow' - New Video

Bon Jovi has just released their video for the track "Born Again Tomorrow" from the album This House Is Not For Sale. The video and song are solid. It's not groundbreaking, but it's new Bon Jovi and that's good enough for me. Even better, this isn't a country album from the New Jersey band.


We Lost George Michael

The news came as a shock on a quiet Christmas night: George Michael, dead at age 53. According to police, there was no foul play and nothing suspicious about the death and that George died "peacefully at his home."

It is very uncommon for a 53 year old to die of natural causes. Perhaps it was a massive heart attack or something else. I'm sure we'll find out more in the days ahead when TMZ and the rest of the paparazzi vultures sniff around.

The news of George Michael's death is very hard for me to process. You see, I loved him. If Aerosmith is my favorite rock band, then George Michael is my favorite pop artist. I saw him live in Philadelphia in 2008 and that remains my favorite concert of all time. The show was part of the 25 Live tour. During that tour, George performed for two million fans and earned something like $200 million bucks. He didn't play all that many American dates on that international tour, and I took whatever seats I could get - but luckily I ended up pretty close to the stage! I had to join the fan club to even have a shot at seats. The Philadelphia show was at the Wells Fargo Center, so it was a pretty big.

George, as part of Wham!, produced the only Christmas song I like, "Last Christmas" and his video for "Freedom! 90" is my favorite music clip period. He was a genius. George knew how to work the new media that was MTV in the early 80s. His voice flawless and his hooks infectious. I've spent hours upon hours on the treadmill, running to all his fast tracks from his greatest hits package. In fact, just hearing the opening to "Outside" puts a smile on my face and make me want to run.

2016 sure has taken a lot of great musicians from us, including Prince and David Bowie... and now George Michael. For me, this one hurts the most. I am in shock. I kept hoping he would do another album or play another couple of shows in America.

I hope his last days were happy and that he found peace, as he did live both a fabulous and very tormented life. I am so thankful for his music.

Here are some of my favorite George Michael songs:

"Freedom! 90"

Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me (with Elton John). The first time I heard this, it was a near religious experience for me.

"Fastlove" - another one of my workout songs.

"Careless Whisper" This is perhaps one of the most perfect pop songs ever recorded.

"Amazing" - a later career dance hit:


Merry Glam Christmas!

Christmas is finally here. If you celebrate, please enjoy the holiday. For many people, this is a wonderful day and for others is can be painful. I'm mindful that the holiday season can be rough for folks for all sorts of reasons and if you're feeling down or lonely, take faith that those of us here in the BBG! community are with you. Leave a comment and someone will be along shortly to chat.

With that, here's the best version of "Santa Claus (Claws) Is Coming To Town" by our beloved Alice Cooper.

And enjoy Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Christmas Time Again."


Christmas Countdown: Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Happy Christmas eve! If you're looking for some rocking holiday music, you can't go wrong with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Here's an awesome video of a full TSO concert from 2014. I've never seen them live, but I'm sure it's an amazing experience.


Christmas Countdown: 'Run Rudolph Run'

It sure doesn't feel like Christmas to me, but the holiday is almost here. Maybe we need Lemmy to brighten our sprits? Here's his version of "Run Rudolph Run." From the album We Wish You A Metal Xmas And A Headbanging New Year.

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