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RUSH, 'Tom Sawyer' Live

Rush will release R40 Live later this month. The concert film basically features the band doing all of their hits.

Rush seems like one of those bands where people are absolutely rabid in their fandom. I was never really that way about them, but I sure like the song "Tom Sawyer."

The track is still played nonstop on WEBN, Cincinnati's best classic rock station.


Two Questions With Michael Lardie

I recently interviewed Michael Lardie of Great White and Mark Slaughter of Slaughter for a piece in the Dayton City Paper. The bands are playing near me in a couple weeks, so I was advancing the show. I never use all my interview questions when writing a story. Usually my outtakes just end up in the trash bin. That said, the quotes below by Michael Lardie are just too good to not use. As context, Michael and I were talking about music today versus the 80s and how it seems like modern musicians just don't need to know how to play an instrument to have a hit single anymore. Pity. Here's what Michael had to say about it:

"The thing about being a musician growing up, part of the joy was learning the instrument, becoming proficient on it, learning songs and be good enough to have success with those songs. There is a pride that those of us share that really do play our instruments. Music is so cyclical. Hopefully it will come back around to that thing but I’m not sure. If I had to place some sort of opinion on it, I think it takes less talent to sample sounds from a computer."

And later, Michael told me how he still loved to learn new instruments, especially if he can fit the new sounds into Great White songs.

"Most often if I do have the chance to learn a new instrument, it’s because I’ve thought it might work in the framework of a song we’re doing. That’s part of the challenge – using our music as a forum for trying new things. It keeps it interesting for us and for the fans as well. We are pretty much a classic blues rock band, but within that framework, a lot of blues and country were mixed together to create rock n’ roll. There’s a great long lineage of so many instruments that have found their way into rock n’ roll. I like to push the envelope and try new things. If it works, great and if not, well, the worst case scenario is that I learned a new instrument!"

I'll be sure to post my full interview when the newspaper comes out later this month. Happy Friday! 



The fifth Kiss Kruise just wrapped up and of course, some performance videos are popping up online. Here's an awesome clip of the band doing "Flaming Youth."


1325 Commonwealth Avenue

I've been on vacation the past few days. I went to Boston and I spent Halloween in Salem, which was a bucket-list item for me. While in Boston I trekked way out of my way to pay homage to Aerosmith and to visit 1325 Commonwealth Avenue. That's the address of the apartment the band members shared before they were famous. The guys in Aerosmith practiced and wrote songs in the apartment. Now, some lucky folks get to live in the legendary building. Of course, they are probably sick of people like me standing around their building, snapping photos. (Click the thumbnail to open a full-size image of the apartment, in case you really want to zoom in!)


Stryper, 'All Over Again' -- New Video

Stryper are back with a new album called Fallen. Just a handful of days ago, the band released the video for "All Over Again," a really strong effort. I have to give Stryper credit: they are exceptionally consistent.


Def Leppard, 'Wings Of An Angel'

Def Leppard's new album came out just a few days ago. As expected, folks have uploaded all the tracks to YouTube. One of the standouts is "Wings Of An Angel." When I was listening to this, my husband said "They sure never stray from their sound, do they?" He was being snarky,but I didn't take it as a dig. The band knows what works for them. I love it. I'll be doing a full review of Def Leppard later this week.


Europe 'Nothin' To Ya' -- New Video

Europe just released a video for “Nothin’ To Ya” from their upcoming DVD of their most recent performance at Wacken Open Air. As usual, Joey Tempest sounds awesome.

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