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New Year, New Glam!

Happy 2019. Crashdiet is back with a new single. The Swedish band just dropped a video for the song "Reptile." The group is going to crowdfund the expenses for the recording and release of their new album. Check it out below.


The Best Albums of 2018

Here's my favorite albums of 2018 - in no particular order. Hopefully you've heard some of these. If not, check them out!

Judas Priest - Firepower

Halestorm - Vicious [Explicit]

Saxon - Thunderbolt

Stryper - God Damn Evil

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper - A Star Is Born Soundtrack [Explicit]

Favorite single of the year:

"High Hopes" from Panic! At The Disco and their album Pray For the Wicked. This is just one hell of a catchy tune. I know it because of college football - it sure got played a lot on TV this season!


So Slash Smoked 60 Cigs A Day

I'll be honest, I didn't realize Slash had stopped smoking. When I saw them on tour, I didn't think much of it but looking back, I guess Slash didn't light up and he didn't have a cigarette sitting on his guitar like normal. Reading this interview, he admits he smoked 60 cigs a day which just blows my mind. I've never smoked so I can't relate to the struggle of quitting, but I have plenty of friends who have smoked and quit. None of them were at 60 cigarettes a day, though!

Hopefully this means we'll have Slash around for a long time.


KISS Forever, Probably

Picture it: Sicily, 2080. KISS blasts onto stage. The four familiar faces rock out and the crowd cheers. At the end of the second encore, the hologram of Gene Simmons takes a bow. Somewhere in Manhattan, Gene's great, great granddaughter smiles wickedly as her latest royalty check clears the bank.

This is absurd. Iconic bands become a part of history. Things never stay the same and like Queen said "Who really wants to live forever?" At some point, we all know the music is going to stop. We can all point to bands who stayed on the road too long and tainted their legacy. Now this: a version of KISS that just runs forever?!

Well, every 80s sitcom is getting reboot. Why not bands too, right?


L.A. Guns Perform New Song “The Devil You Know”

L.A. Guns are working on a new studio album. They've already started playing one of their new songs live. It's called "The Devil You Know."

Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis back together again really equals some great rock. It's too bad all those years were wasted with them not speaking. I'm looking forward to the new album.


Axl Rose (Apparently) Debuts New Song

So apparently Axl Rose has a new song called "Rock the Rock." The song just debuted... on The New Looney Tunes (seriously).

The show aired on Christmas day and featured a cameo of Axl. He asked Bugs Bunny for directions to the Civic Center... because his band, Steel Underpants, has a show that night. (Again, seriously).

If confirmed, this would be Axl's first new music in a decade.


Whitesnake 'Comin' Home' -- New Video

If you're like me, you're headed back to work today. I won't lie: I'm looking forward to eating on a normal schedule again. I've had too much Christmas the last four days!

Whitesnake is back with a new video. This time for the song "Comin' Home" from the The Purple Album. Happy Wednesday!

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