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Metal Vox Talks

Today's post is from our friend HIM.


I am not a musician. But I almost always make a distinction between vocalists (Roth) and singers (Halford). I dunno. That might not stand muster. That is what I do though.  

Recently, I was thinking about bands with different lead vocalists/singers. And it led me to compile a series of lists with my choices for who were the best singers/vocalists in said bands. In doing so, I merged the two categories. I simply asked myself: who was the best singer in these groups? I excluded singers who didn’t show up on albums, or who served primarily as backing singers, just as a matter of course. I also struck consideration of various versions of a band as well. I did, however, consider how these singers sounded when they were with the bands in question.  

Let’s start off with a fairly easy one:    


1. Bruce Dickinson
2. Blaze Bayley
3. Paul Di'Anno 

Notice that I am not suggesting that one was more powerful or influential than another. For instance, I would rank Di’Anno over Blaze on that account.

Let’s move to a more nuanced one:  


1. Ian Gillan
2. Joe Lynn Turner
3. David Coverdale
4. Rod Evans  

I can see some quibbles with this one. But, again, this isn’t about the merits of the music. I also know it is hard to separate that idea from the idea of who is the best. So I want to move on to a complicated one: 


1. John Corabi
2. Vince Neil  

This is, again, about who was the best singer. It is not about who is the obvious front-runner for a host of reasons. That makes it more difficult, doesn’t it? I mean, this could easily have been about Geoff Tate in 'Ryche. But it isn’t. So let’s go even further:  


1. Ronnie James Dio
2. Ian Gillan
3. Glenn Hughes
4. Tony Martin
5. Ozzy Ozbourne 

I find this one the most difficult. And I can see people going in several different directions. But, given that I have been bloviating a lot recently, I want to turn this over to you. What are your thoughts on these bands? Other bands? Vocalize your opinions while singing the praises of those who lead the bands we love.


Slash Teases New Track

A teaser for the new Slash and Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators track "Driving Rain" is now available. The song is from the upcoming album Living the Dream, due late September. Check out the guitar work in this song! So far, I'm loving what I'm hearing - watch via the Slash tweet below.

Slash - Apocalyptic Love (feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators) [Deluxe]


Jack Russell Takes Up For Terry Ilous

Former Great White singer Jack Russell takes up for former Great White singer Terry Ilous... and Jack's right. Like asking for a divorce over Twitter, you shouldn't fire an employee via the news media.

Ironically that happened to me and about 3,000 of my former coworkers just over a decade ago. I was at M3 Rock Festival and a reporter called me. I used to work in TV news so that reporter was also a friend. Anyway, he was calling to get a quote on why NCR, a Fortune 500 company, was leaving our city. See, I was doing PR for NCR at the time. Of course, none of us knew NCR was pulling up stakes. The news found out first, it was all over Ohio media and when work rolled around Monday, the now former world headquarters had the mood of a funeral or something. And yes, I showed up to work on Monday, after being at M3 in Baltimore and learning the news that my job was over.

So yeah, being blindsided by your employer is crappy. Especially in an intimate situation like a rock band, where you are very close to the other "employees" and you live, work, eat and play with each other for long stretches of time while on the road.

Treat people well and be wary of anyone who is a jerk boss.

Great White - Absolute Hits



Shots Fired Sunday: Scab Edition 

Happy #ShotsFiredSunday everyone!

Here's another sacred cow to dismantle. There are too many scab versions of bands we love these days. Great White (and thus Jack Russell's Great White), RATT and Quiet Riot are pretty big offenders. Whenever I write about one of those bands, I inevitably get some angry comments and more than one person uses the word "joke." So maybe we should call a spade a spade and just call these versions for what they are: scabs. Is it time for us to stop supporting these scab versions of bands we love? If we quit paying to see nuRatt, will Stephen Pearcy and company knock it off and come to their senses? Probably not.

Tell The World: The Very Best Of Ratt

It's impossible to replace dead members so I do have sympathy for that, especially when that person was the lead singer as in Quiet Riot's case. But the ones left behind are professional musicians. Wouldn't it be better to create a new project? Another big issue here is that by putting a stake in the ground and saying "No More!" to scab versions of these bands, it means we're cutting off a part of our history. We're stuck in a time where RATT, for example, was the core five guys playing "Round and Round" live in 1987. There are very few bands that have been around for decades that maintain the core group of members from the beginning. Music is work and you have probably changed jobs a few times, too. So where does that leave us? I'm honestly not sure. I continue to write about the bands I've loved for decades because I don't want to let them go. Maybe I should. 


Avenged Sevenfold Cancels Tour

You hate to see this happen. Avenged Sevenfold was forced to cancel its tour before it even started because singer M. Shadows got a horrible viral infection. I feel sorry for the band and also the fans who had tickets for this tour. I'm a big A7X fan and I've seen them live many times. I love their guitar work!


'Personal Jesus' - The Def Leppard Cover

Def Leppard hung out in the Spotify studios recently and recorded a cover of the Depeche Mode classic "Personal Jesus." It's an interesting little take from Def Leppard and good music to roll us into Friday.

I have my chiropractor appointment today, finally! Hopefully I will get some relief for my back. I was able to bend over yesterday so I think things are progressing the right way!


Guns n' Roses Release Lyric Video For 'Move To The City'

Guns n' Roses just released a lyric video for the acoustic version of "Move To The City." It's from the new Appetite for Destruction Locked and Loaded box set.

This is a great track to add to your collection for sure. An interesting take on a classic song. The track always reminded me of 70s era Aerosmith. It must be that Izzy Stradlin writing!

Appetite For Destruction [Super Deluxe Edition]

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