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This Coke Ad Is Glam

Last night during the Coke Zero 400 (NASCAR), an ad came on celebrating Tony Stewart and his upcoming retirement. The track is 80s inspired for sure. The custom song was created by Music House. Someone at Coke and the ad agency behind this creative loves them some Whitesnake because this bad boy sounds like David Coverdale.


Winger's 'Pull' Is An Incredible Album

Winger doesn't get enough respect outside of our little corner of the world. Their Pull album is basically a masterpiece. I don't know if it's right to say it was ahead of its time, but it was something so necessary during 1993. It isn't straight glam. It certainly isn't grunge. Pull is basically aggressive and it works. "Down Incognito" and "Spell I'm Under" are two really stand out tracks that I never get sick of, even while listening on repeat.

I was reminded of my love for Pull the other day when Winger tweeted out the video for "Down Incognito." That was all the nudge I needed to pull up the album on my phone and give myself a tiny desk concert while I typed away, nothing more than a modern desk slave for the non-profit man. I wish I could go back in time and see Winger live during their hey day. I bet those shows were killer.



The Motley Crue - John Corabi Drama Is Nuts

So it's been all over the music blogs and news sites this week. John Corabi says someone in Motley Crue is ticked that he's been working with Mick Mars. Well, we can easily deduce it isn't Mick himself. It isn't Vince Neil because he doesn't care if it doesn't involve him. Tommy Lee is the same way, so that leaves us with... Nikki Sixx.

Here's an snippet of an interview that was posted on Blabbermouth (the bold is mine):

"The last time I talked with [Mick], the other thing I'm kind of concerned with is… I don't wanna… I'm just guesstimating here, but there's still some things that they have to get situated in the MÖTLEY camp," Corabi said. "And I know that they all signed an agreement, and from what I've been led to believe is that part of that camp is a little bit pissy with me working with Mick. I don't know [why that is]. They had to sign some thing that none of the members would ever work together again. So somehow… I don't know. It's, like, whatever. I don't really care. If Mick needs help, I told him I'd help him. But I just said, 'I think you need to make sure and sort all that out, so that all your stuff is in order."

This is crap because John never signed the agreement. He wasn't part of the band during the contract "end of Crue" stunt so the comment about working with Mick and "someone" being pissy makes no sense. But wait! There's more! John did another interview saying that Nikki hates his guts. That article is below. Personally, I hope John keeps right on working with Mick. This is all ludicrous.



Also This Happened: Metallica Sells Suits

Talk about bizarre. The members of Metallica are now models for the Brioni fashion house. The Italian house has launched a luxury men's line and decided that no one was better to sell suits than Lars Ulrich and co, apparently. It's not exactly ...And Justice For All, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy looking at high fashion photos and ads. I mean, I never met an Hermès boutique I didn't like.


Rocker Wedding Photos

Loudwire has a fun slideshow on rocker wedding photos. Yes, Tommy Lee is featured (twice) and I lost count of how many times Rod Stewart showed up in this. I was looking at these photos with some coworkers. We had fun going through the gallery so I thought I would share here. Sometimes it's fun to look at old goofy photos.


Steven Tyler Comments More On Aerosmith Farewell Tour

A few months ago, Steven Tyler mentioned Aerosmith would do a farewell tour in 2017. Joe Perry rebuffed this claim but now Steven is doubling down. He said as much on the Howard Stern Show and it seems all but certain - at least from his perspective. Sure 2017 is a long time from now, especially if we're talking about a summer run. If a farewell tour happens, it will likely be big with a special opener and lots of dates. Being my favorite band, this is very bittersweet to me. It's like my childhood dying once and for all.


Twisted Sister 'You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll' -- New Video

Twisted Sister just released the video clip of "You Can't Stop Rock n' Roll" (Live) from the upcoming DVD Metal Meltdown, A Concert To Honor A.J. Pero. The DVD will come out July 22 via Loud and Proud. As you can tell by the video clip, the band sounds better than ever. They are on their farewell tour now - be sure to catch them live while you still can!

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