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Slash Announces 'The Hell Within' Crowd Funding

Slash is producing a scary movie of sorts called The Hell Within. It's a Fan Backed project, meaning you can bid money and help get the project off the ground. One of the items up for bid is a lifetime backstage pass for all Slash shows in your city.

This campaign is different because Slash is asking for more than money. He is searching out talent and also looking for critiques of the film and story as each bit is posted online. Click the link in the tweet below to read more.


A little info about the movie:


Europe Lands A Geico Commercial

Maybe Warren Buffett is a Glam fan? You know you hum "The Final Countdown" when nuking a hot pocket. Just admit it. I hope the guys in Europe made good bank from this!


And here's the behind-the-scenes clip, which is very cool.


Black Tide Release Album Teaser

Black Tide will release Chasing Shadows soon. To build excitement for that release, the band put out this trailer. I haven't thought much about Black Tide recently, but when I saw this teaser I was reminded how much I liked them when they hit the scene a few years ago. The band members aren't as young now, so it is time for a more developed sound. I hope this album has legs. We need more "newer" metal bands.


Junkyard Release New Video!

It took 24 years, but Junkyard has a new video! The clip is for the track "Faded." Sounds awesome!


Britny Fox Announce Fall Tour

The headline says it all: Britny Fox has announced a fall tour. Here are the cities and dates:

1-5 - Monsters Of Rock Cruise 2016
7 -    Club Red - Mesa, AZ
8 -    Vamp'd - Las Vegas, NV
9 -    The Whisky A Go-Go - Hollywood, CA

7 -   Farm Rock - Atlanta, GA
13 - Blackthorn 51 - Elmhurst, NY
14 - Theatre Of The Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA

The band is working on a new album. The current lineup of Britny Fox features Billy Childs, Tommy Paris, Johnny Dee and new guitarist Chris Sanders. I'm totally down for a new album! 



Bulletboys, 'Rollover' -- New Video

The Bulletboys just put out a video for "Rollover" from their new effort Elefantè.The song is catchy, I'll give it that... a good way to get going again after a long holiday weekend.


Michael Monroe, 'Old King's Road' -- New Video

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy some great new Glam from Michael Monroe, still one of the best in the business. Here's the video for "Old King's Road" from the upcoming album Blackout States.

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