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newtattoo.jpgIf you've read two entries of this blog, you know I'm a big Motley Crue fan. Last night I was at a record store, not looking for the Crue, but for Hanoi Rocks. Didn't find any Hanoi Rocks, but I did find a painful Crue bargain. Why painful? Here's the story:

I wander to the back of the store where the box sets are located. Cassette tapes are also located in the back of the store. I scan the tapes, not really expecting to find anything good. My husband saw it first, New Tattoo by Motley Crue! I turned over the little plastic case. It was listed for 94 cents. This pained me, so I grabbed it. I don't even have a cassette player in my car. I decided to scan the real Motley Crue section. That's when I saw Motley Crue on CD for $2.99.

When I approached the counter, both treasures in hand, the clerk informed me that New Tattoo was  a quarter!

Oh my.

Even if it's a deal for me, no Motley release should retail for a quarter at a corporate owned music store.

Of course, the guy behind the counter had to argue that Vince Neil isn't on either release. When I explained, twice, that Vince is on New Tattoo, the clerk got annoyed! Tommy Lee isn't on New Tattoo.

After a famous fight with Vince, Tommy quit the band and formed Methods of Mayhem. The remaining members of Motley Crue asked former Ozzy Osbourne drummer Randy Castillo to play on the album.

Castillo became ill before the New Tattoo tour. He died of cancer in March 2002. Tommy Lee rejoined Motley Crue in 2004.

Here's a really old picture of the band during their Sunset Strip heyday. Makes me smile.




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