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London Bridge is Falling Down...

london1.jpgOur final band that didn't make it big: London.

This band was huge on the Sunset Strip, featuring Nikki Sixx on bass, Lizzie Grey on guitars, Dane Rage on drums, and Jon St. John on keyboards. Nigel Benjamin fronted the group, with screeching vocals. If that name seems familiar, it's because Benjamin sang vocals in Mott the Hopple.

Before Nikki Sixx became famous for starting Motley Crue, he and Lizzie Grey performed together in the band Sister, fronted by Blackie Lawless. Yes, that Blackie Lawless. The would-be W.A.S.P. frontman kicked both Sixx and Grey out of his band, forming the foundation that would be London.

(Music journalists say Sixx got the idea to light himself on fire from Blackie Lawless. The early Crue pentagram was also a trademark of the Sister look).

Sixx and Benjamin didn't get along and soon the singer was out of the band. It didn't take long for Sixx to get the itch, and he left soon after to form Motley Crue.

This wasn't the complete end of London, though. Grey reformed the band with vocalist Nadir D'Priest and Brian West on Bass. Drummer Fred Coury and keyboardist Peter Szucs were also in the new lineup. Together, they recorded Non-Stop Rock. The album was a complete commercial failure.

Of course, this wasn't it for Fred Coury. He soon departed the group to join a little band known as Cinderella. 

That was when London bridge literally fell down.




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this is such wrong info... when nikki was in the band the band went no where.. when he left the band did better, izzy and slash before guns and roses was in the band, they were in a movie, good videos, good shows, this period you are talking about was not the highlight of the band at all. the band has also reformed as london when i went to a show last month, amazing band, sounds like a good future for them since metal is coming back and oldies are doing good because they know the way to do it best !
March 1, 2010 | Unregistered Commentertony

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