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Greed's Been Crowned the New King

money.jpgHe's at it again, folks. KISS bassist and general marketing maven Gene Simmons is about to launch another project, set to make the rock star just a little bit richer.

Yesterday, Gene announced his intentions to launch the Moneybag Clothing Line. At least he was humble with the name of his new apparel.

The apparel will feature items like hoodies and leather goods, displaying the Moneybag logo. Remember, in an earlier post I told you that Gene Simmons owns the trademark to the moneybag. He's held that honor for 25 years.

You'll find the logo on his magazines, books, records and other ventures.

But wait! There's more: Gene Simmons - Family Jewels - Season One will follow the shock rocker in his new clothing venture. I bet the kids and Shannon will sport the frocks as well.

Of course, if you want to order some clothes in the KI$$ vain, log on to

It must be en vogue for rock stars to develop clothing lines. Nikki Sixx has one. So does Tommy Lee. Now Gene. Makes me wonder who will be next to jump on the bandwagon.



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