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Who Says You Can't Go Home?

bon-jovi.jpgThe American Broadcasting Company (ABC) is on board with the movement.

The powers that be over at ABC understand glam and realize that adding a familiar tune here and there will add panache to a particular scene or show.

Last night was the season finale of What About Brian. This is one of my favorite shows on television and I feel it's greatly underrated.

During the opening scene, the male characters are playing a friendly game of basketball. Suddenly, the loveable protagonist (Brian) is reminded that his best friend had intimate relations with his sister. You see, Brian's sister is a big time music hot shot, supposedly even having a romantic relationship with Richie Sambora.

Immediately, "It's My Life" starts blaring in the background, Jon Bon Jovi's voice clear as day. I thought this was an interesting - if appropriate - song choice for the circumstance at hand.

I did a little research on "It's My Life" this morning. I had no idea the song won Video of the Year at the VH1 Awards. It was also nominated for a Grammy.

"It's My Life" is the first single from the 2000 studio release Crush. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, the album went two times platinum on April 24, 2001. New Jersey's favorite sons also released a DVD of the Crush tour. Sales of the longform video were certified platinum in June of 2005.

While I don't watch the new ABC drama October Road, I'm told last week's episode featured Poison's most famous song "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."

Have you noticed your favorite songs used in recent television programs?





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