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So Who Remembers Victory?

It's hard for me to find 80s metal bands I've not mentioned at least once on this site...but today I've got a new one for you: Victory. Remember these guys? The German band formed around 1984 and featured a slew of members that seemed to change a lot. In fact, the former member list could rival my high school graduating class. So anyway the band started to gain a following and played live all around the world.

I bring up Victory because I found myself listening to some of their tunes on YouTube last night. I remember "Don't Tell No Lies" from the hey day of MTV. Hearing it again all these years later just made me think of getting out of school at 3:30 and planting myself in front of the day's top video countdown. Listening to Victory as an adult, I don't quite understand why they never got huge in America. In all fairness, the songs are quite good and certainly commercial by metal standards.

"Don't Tell No Lies"

Here's "Never Satisfied." This song gets played during VH1 Metal Mania on rare occasion.

So back in 2002 or so, Victory reunited and recorded new music - seriously. The band released Instinct in 2003 - and they played at Wacken Open Air! A couple years later, the band played some more fests. I swear in the news section of the band's official website the top posting says a new album is done and will be called Don't Talk Science. That note was posted on October 7, 2009. I can't find any confirmation of this anywhere else - but hey - I believe it could happen. you remember Victory?


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Victory totally Rocks!

I remember buying their fourth album, "Culture Killed The Native", when it came out, not really knowing anything about them at the time except little more than the fact that I liked the way their album cover looked, which is the way I still buy a lot of stuff today, actually.

If you've heard them, you can see that this was a total fluke as this album is absolutely killer from start to finish.

It was only just a short while after I bought the album that the two "hits", one of them being "Don't Tell No Lies", got heavy rotation on MTV Headbanger's Ball as well as periodically randomly showing up at all hours of the day on that channel. And deservedly so.

Such a great album from such great band. Really superior to most of the stuff out there, including some of the biggest acts at the time, who shall remain nameless cuz I don't want people to cry on here, since I imagine most people can't handle the fact that a band they might not have heard of can kick the royal a*s of one of the so-called "big" acts they've been brainwashed into thinking are so fantastic just because they got heavy airplay and MTV play.

Seriously, I have discovered so many bands that are vastly superior than the ones you know I'm talking about. And Victory is one that out rocks most of 'em, that's for dang sure!

As usual, Al, you always pick the Glam Metallest of bands to talk about on your Glammfabulous site!

Ah, the sound of Victory!

p.s. I think that new album and tour will happen. Really, are we so skeptical as to not think otherwise? What would be the point of them posting such info on their official web site, if they weren't going to do it? Can't wait to hear it and if we're lucky, hear them on tour in the States. though most likely, it will be the Euro Metal Fests where we will find 'em this summer, etc...
January 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Of course I remember them. They were great in the 80's and early 90's. I saw them live a couple of times:

1988 on a festival with Sinner,Tokyo Blade,Steeler (with Axel Rudi Pell),Stormwitch...
1989 as support for Gary Moore
1990 as headliner with Irish band No Sweat as support

Allyson, if you name Victory you can't forget the other big V of that time and no, I'm not talking about Van Halen. I'm talking about Dutch hard rock outfit Vengeance.

Despite the fact that their guitarist, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, left the band years ago to follow his path becoming the most amazing songwriter/composer in the metal world, they're still releasing fantastic albums and play very funny and sweaty shows.

You never mentioned them here before so you better check them out:

January 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFrank
I used to have the "Culture Killed The Native" album and it was great. Not sure what happened to it, need to find a copy on CD.
I know a band I cannot find anything on, they were called Creature and they had make-up and costumes similar to KISS. They were an LA Sunset Strip band. I went to LA in '89/'90 (or maybe '91) and wanted to see them but I could not find them playing a gig. I was able to pickup a 4 song demo at the Tower Records on Sunset. They were great! Although I did not get to see them play live, I did see a couple of other good bands....Psycho Squad (Chris Holmes after one of his dismissals from WASP) and a band called Dancer that had a great live show (my first and only metal trip to LA to take in some of the legendary strip).
Sorry to get off the Victory topic...just reminiscing.
January 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJAT
great band. listening to them now
January 27, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterdale
I loved those two songs "back in the day" but never got around to buying the tape/CD for some reason. Finally nabbed it a few years back, after years of hearing one tune or another every now an then and thinking "damn, I really need to finally get that disc!!!".

Power Strikes The Earth is another great tune from the album. Definitely a band that more people should know.
January 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJack
Wow, man!

Glad everyone here is into Victory!

Killer Tips from one and all! I'm checkin' 'em all out.

Frank, I'm gonna totally scope out Vengeance (thanx for the linx), especially if they incorporate humor into their stick (something so many bands are devoid of). And I'm gonna check your other mentions I don't already have, Frank.

Though No Swest is dubious at best if your thinkin' of the same No Sweat I'm thinkin' of, in which case the element of humor is purely unintentional -- which in some ways can be funnier than a band tryin' to be funny -- I will have to research them more, to make sure it's the same AOR Cheeze act I'm thinkin' your No Sweat is.

Also, you mention Steeler with Axl Rudi Pell. I've got those albumz. Totally Killer! I'm so jealous you saw Victory so many times along with those other great bands you mention, especially Steeler! You B*stard!

You might be able to find Creature on Ebay, JAT. I've seen it there, but haven't gotten around to getting it yet becuz it generally goes for big bux. It is ultra rare and you might be only able to get a reissue, but I'm willin' to let you beat me to the punch, if you get it first, as it duz pop up from time to time and my connection can get it for me (Supposedly! Yikes! Hopefully I don't wind up makin' Creature my holy grail becuz of my act of kindness of tippin' you off, instead of nabbin' it myself now, provided it's on there, now, hahaha!!!).

Jack, how are ya, bro? Check out my list for my dream line-up of bands for that Rockfest in Millwaukee to see your influence on me with all your great tips over the last several months.

Hey, man, glad to see you finally cop Victory. Astounding still isn't a powerful enough of a word to describe this stunning band Allyson has chosen to showcase here.

Totally killer band and that one album in particular is totally killer, so I think I'll pick up the others, even if they may not be on the level of "Culture Killed The Native", which is also such a cool title, if you think about it, considering the fact that the average American has none.
January 28, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy! "schtick". Sorry for the typo on such a great word!
January 30, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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