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Bret Michaels Press Conference Highlights

My computer acted up during the Bret Michaels press conference at the Barrow Neurological Institute but here's what his doctor told the media. I hope I got it all!

Bret is out of the hospital and no longer in critical condition. He's now in stable condition at an undisclosed location. The doctor said he will continue to monitor Bret's condition every two weeks - and would advise him against doing any work for at least four to six weeks. As you know, Bret wants to start touring again in three weeks.

Other things:

Bret is very physically fit. He doesn't smoke. The doctors are "pleased they can't find the cause of the illness." He may have residual problems with backache and headache. 95% of patients with this type of brain bleed recover fully. The doctors will do another 3D magnetic angiogram before giving permission to go back on the road. Doctor was very concerned first few days Bret was in hospital and confirmed Bret had slurred speech.

Doctors didn't open his head or occlude a blood vessel. Basically, Bret is very, very lucky and is making a miracle recovery.

The hit in the head at the Tony awards did not cause the brain bleed. Nor did Bret's diabetes nor his recent appendectomy.

According to doctors, Bret isn't at a greater risk for a new bleed than any of us. In fact, Bret's condition was random - and could strike any of us equally.

Wherever Bret is, he's not alone but no one would confirm if he's with a medical team or just family.

For what's it worth, the doctor seemed a little confused on dates. He did stress Bret was admitted with the bleed on April 22, 2010.

Reader Comments (6)

I bought a lottery ticket yesterday, but this is way better news than winning the lottery! I'm so relieved! :D
May 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKiki Chrome
I listened to the Press Conference and then delayed a meeting 10 minutes so I fully listen. I tell you what, Mr. Michaels certainly has had his share of knocks on death's door and I sure hope he thinks twice b/f jetting back out on the road. This isn't recovering and then going back to an office job. Being on the road is hard living (even if you travel around in a plush tour bus). I do hope he reconsiders his plans for this summer and takes it easy and spends it with his family. He needs his time with them and to fully recover from this. I am so utterly grateful to GOD for this miraculous gift of life.
May 4, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkari
I wish Bret all the best. But he needs to NOT TOUR this summer! There is no need! I know that he is really excited about opening for Lynyrd Skynard but his health is much more important than any tour.
May 4, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
The Metal Gods have answered our Prayers!

But I hope Bret heard them, too!

Look, if he wants to continue with the hick approach (before any hix take that personal-like, just realize I'm a hick from Maryland) that first reared it's ugly head with chick song (y'know, like "chick flick"?), okay, I'll try to be less offensive and call it a lullabye -- "Every Rose Has It's Thorn", by all means, knock yourself out, Bret!

Er... um... on second thought, don't do that last part. Hey, y'know, who am I to stop you from playin' second fiddle (almost literally, in this particular case) to "Legacy Act", Lynyrd Skynyrd, consisting of only two original members.

But hey, man, in all seriousness, bro, like Kari and Kenny O say, why not just chill with the fam for the Summer and then, I say, call up the boyz and start writing together (and even bring in the heavies like frickin' Desmond Child, if you have to), and then record and put out "Look What The Cat Dragged In Too!"...

p.s. Hello, Miss Chrome! ;-x (Don't worry, I'm not kissin' up cuz I'm hopin' you win the lotto, tho I do wish you the best of luck.) Maybe you can come back over to your second home in the good ol' US of A and go see Bret, if he insists on continuing with his slow career suicide by touring this way or come when Poison gets back together. I'm so glad it looks like Bret's gonna be back full tilt boogie for himself, his family, his friends, his band, his crew and of course, most importantly, his fans, especially devout fans such as yourself. Speaking of which, did you take your 1989 Poison Necklace off yet, Kari? So cool to be wearin' it during this time. Hey, I must have played "Cry Tough" like 75 times, easy!
May 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
I had my Poison Necklace on at Jazzfest last weekend and while watching some of PearL Jam, the guy standing next to me said, HEY, where did you get that necklace (like it was a fashion statment, freakin' poser). I said, from 1989 and he about fell over! I do feel fairly confident I can take it off but until maybe I should keep it on until I know he's going to hear our prayers for him to STAY OFF THE ROAD! Did anyone catch Rikki last night on Issues with Jan (whatever her last name is)? I had media! Who gives a crap if he makes the celeb apprentice finale. STAY HOME AND REST! you know the Donald is going to write over a nice check to his charity if he's not there anyway.
May 5, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterkari

Yeah, I think you should keep wearin' the necklace 'til we see him recovering. Besides, I bet it looks cool. I've been Googling and what his doctor sez is, "Don't be suprised if you see Bret Michaels in the Celebrity Apprentice finale."

From what I understand the series itself is in the can but the finale is live on May 23rd.

Also, it was also reported approximately 4 hours ago before I entered these comments (12:07 a.m. EST) that Bret plans to make "a positive bucket list" and "continue to rock the world, and I want to continue to love my family and be a good father."

So, I hope that means he's gonna chill after all, but you better keep your necklace on for now. That's so cool you were at The New Orleans Jazz Festival -- Get a load of this... I wound up having dinner with Wynton Marsalis in like '84, at the counter of a diner in the middle of a blizzard in Brooklyn (it was just us and the chef in the whole joint).

Marsalis was just an awesome regular guy and we talked about everything and he signed a donut tissue thingy (hahaha!!!) to my friend Nardy who owns like 3,000 Jazz Records (the only thing that saves Nardy is his love and respect for Jimmy Page!)! Argh! Anyway, it helped that Nardy dragged me just a year earlier to the JVC Greenwich Village Jazz Festival where we saw Marsalis in Washington Square Park and then caught him in a reunion gig with his brother and Art Blakey and His Jazz Messengers later that night.

Too bad listening to all kinds of music isn't a two way street for people like Nardy, let alone Marsalis or his brother, for that matter. These guys generally dismiss any kind of Rock'n'Roll as too simplistic, but is it really? I often wonder what somebody like them would think of, say, "Round and Round" and the lead guitar in that or "It's Not Love" by Dokken. Both of these songs have elements of jazz to them, do they not?

I know a strictly blues guitarist who says he could listen to George Lynch all night long. That's the kind of open mindedness I'm talking about.

Well, of course, except for liking Anthrax, argh! (hahaha!!!...).

I wonder what Snott Noteven from Anthax would say about your neckless, that joik!

p.s. Now we've got to pray for New Orleans and surrounds on the Gulf of Mexico because of the oil spill. Alaska is still reeling from Exxon's 1989 Valdez tragedy, where there is still residual oil weeping from the shoreline of Prince William Sound. If this oil spill hits those delicate areas in and around you, we probably will not see the land and bayou recover in our lifetime. We cannot put a price on our wetlands, mangroves, coral reefs and all land and water areas, folks! This is just plain scary! Hu-uh-lo-oh, people! No more drilling! Not voting to eliminate it is like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders, as someone just mentioned on the news! Sorry for the rants! And sorry to get off subject, y'all but this is out of control! Metalgodz, help us!
May 6, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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