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'Stupid Girl (Only in Hollywood)' Saving Abel -- New Song 

I was poking around the Interwebs last night and looking up some information on Saving Abel. They were pretty good when I saw them live at Rock on the Range last year and I happened to think of their song "Addicted." At any rate, I discovered the band released the track "Stupid Girl (Only in Hollywood)" to rock radio not so long ago, so I thought I'd check it out.

Now, is "Stupid Girl" breakthrough? Absolutely not. It's modern rock, but I like the hook and the beginning bass part and it gives me hope for the band's new album. Saving Abel will release their new album Miss America June 8th. The band heads out on tour today and I'll be seeing them later this month at Rocklahoma.

The single "Stupid Girl (Only in Hollywood)" is available now via iTunes. Check it out first for free:

Reader Comments (2)

that sounds like every other band out there. ex... nickelback, daughtry,, very generic.
May 5, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterbumblefootboy
Hear! Hear!

Bring Back Glam! Keep bringin' us that New! Improved! Glametal Sonicsound!

Try on theez on for size, Glametal Kiddeez! A lot of 'em already recommended by Al on here, they are recent and relatively recent releases (within the last 6 months, give or take)...

1) Vains of Jenna, "Everybody Loves You When Your Dead" 2010 Remix with new singer Jesse Forte!
2) Dirty Penny, "If I Were You I'd Hate Me Too"
3) Crazy Lixx, "Rock And A Hard Place"
4) Ratt, "Scatter" Bonus track from "Infestation" (Deluxe Edition)
5) Wild Side, "Play With Me". Not Wildside... Wild Side... Kidz from Norway (well, Kidz, as far as I'm concerned, hahaha!!!) This just hit the streets, boyz...
6) Scorpions, "Raised on Rock"
7) Reckless Love, "Beautiful Bomb"
8) Hansel, "Murder 101". Still my vote for Best Glam Metal Song of 2010!
9) Lippstixx'n'Bullets, "Lippstixx'n'Bullets"
10) Kissin' Dynamite, "Addicted To Metal"
11) Stone Temple Pilots, "Between The Lines". Whoa, Dean DeLeo finally learned how to play guitar leads! Check him out!
12) Airbourne, "Ain't No Way But The Hard Way"
13) Snew, "We Do What We Want"
14) Broken Teeth, "Blackheart"
15) Fireball Ministry, "End Of Story". Badda*s Chick Lead Guitarist!
16) Jetboy, "Dogs Gotta Roam"
17) Izzy Stradlin, "Too Hot". Remember what "The Real Deal" means?
18) Slash, "Ghost". The lead track off his brand new album (Ian Astbury of The Cult on vocals!).
19) American Six Gun, "Rockstars Never Die"
20) L.A. Guns, "Cry Little Sister (Theme From 'The Lost Boys')"

Okay, it ain't all Glam but theez little ditteez got the 3 things key to all great Rock'n'Roll (IMHO)... HRL!... Hooks, Riffs and Lixx!

C'mon! Yow! Rock'n'Roll People! People Let's Rock And Roll!

p.s. I'm sure I'm forgettin' a lot of killer Glametal stuff that's come out recently... anyone pleez chime in... I need a "Fixx O' Lixx"!
May 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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