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The Value of a Reunion

Not long ago, Warrant played a free show at a casino near my house, but it was Warrant without Jani singing. I did not attend, but did talk to someone who went and I was told it was maybe half-full, and the crowd just wasn’t into the show. Same venue a few months later, I went to see the Scrap Metal band (the Nelson Brothers, Mark Slaughter, etc.), and one of the special guests that night was Jani Lane. The place was packed that night, but Jani just didn’t get a big reaction from the crowd. I couldn't help but think of a possible third scenario: put Jani back in Warrant. Had this happened at the same venue, I have no doubt that the place would be packed and the crowd would be going crazy. This got me thinking about the value of reunion tours.

Bottom line is I really believe that reunion tours offer added value for two main reasons: (1) synergy (definition - The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects). Sebastian Bach solo is okay, Skid Row without Baz is passable, but put those two back together and the results are extraordinary. The sum of the individual members, when all working together, are greater than the individual parts; and (2) We want to be reminded of the time when 80s metal ruled the world. When I go see these bands, there definitely is a sense of nostalgia (whether they want to believe they are nostalgia acts or not). I want to hear the bands play the songs I love as I remember them. Reworking the songs and constantly changing band members simply reminds me of the fact that the times have changed, and when I am at these shows, I want to fool myself into thinking that the years have not passed.

My first concert ever was in 1988 and the line-up was Poison, Lita Ford and Britny Fox (during the Open Up and Say...Ahh! tour). But nowadays, if the same line-up was to come to town, the show would be a lot different. Until the recent announcement, Britny Fox would consist of only the original bass player from the band, and then some other replacement musicians, Lita Ford would be doing her new "Nine Inch Nails" type songs with husband Jim Gillette in tow. Then I’d be lucky if it was Poison, and not the Bret Michaels Band, and Bret would be surrounded by his Rock of Love girls and plugging his various reality television appearances and milking sympathy for all of his medical woes. It's just not the same...

I understand that as artists, bands need to continue to evolve and this will naturally include band members leaving and other various changes. In my humble opinion, nothing could possibly be better than seeing the original line-up of a long-standing band performing the songs you love live in 2010.

Reader Comments (4)

The Holy Grail of reunions right now would be Guns n Roses, but that seems unlikely. I'd also love to see Skid Row with Bas back in the lineup, but I also can't see that happening.

Warrant has done shows with Jani Lane, most recently 2 years ago. That tour was a disaster. Jani fell totally off the wagon (that is, if he was ever on it to begin with) and was a drunken mess. I saw them on that tour in Toronto, and Jani was slurring the songs, and I'm sure the other guys in the band were embarrassed.
June 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBryon
Id have to agree the hugest thing in the world would be Guns n' Roses together again. But that will never happen because none of the members need the money, which to be honest is why most reunions happen.
June 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMike
One band I would like to see again.


I know they are a "supergroup" but they sure put out some kick ass music. They are all touring with thier respective bands, but a few shows would be cool.
June 19, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJN
saw Warrany last night and mason does have the chops , prob better than Lane, but there is just something missing there...

As far as bands I'd love to see reunite , Saigon Kick (Skids And Guns are Obvious ) would be my favorite , their 1st 2 cds are simply amazing , I have seen them twice and they are fantastic ....I really belive the GNR thing will happen, you can almost see Slash begging for it . If Metallica and Megadeth can share a stage , never say never...
June 20, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterTommy

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