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Axl Rose Declines Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Induction

So Axl Rose refuses to attend or be inducted into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame. I honestly don't have much to say here, except I'm glad I sold my tickets to the Rock Hall induction ceremony a couple weeks ago. When it became apparent the Guns n' Roses reunion wasn't going to happen, I decided to let capitalism take its course. Anyway, Axl penned an open letter to the Rock Hall yesterday. It was originally posted on the L.A. Times music blog. I won't post the whole thing here - you'll need to go to the L.A. Times blog to check out the full letter. Here's the gist though:

For the record, I would not begrudge anyone from Guns their accomplishments or recognition for such. Neither I or anyone in my camp has made any requests or demands of the Hall Of Fame. It's their show not mine.

That said, I won't be attending The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 2012 Ceremony and I respectfully decline my induction as a member of Guns N' Roses to the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

I strongly request that I not be inducted in absentia and please know that no one is authorized nor may anyone be permitted to accept any induction for me or speak on my behalf. Neither former members, label representatives nor the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame should imply whether directly, indirectly or by omission that I am included in any purported induction of "Guns N' Roses".

This decision is personal. This letter is to help clarify things from my and my camp's perspective. Neither is meant to offend, attack or condemn. Though unfortunately I'm sure there will be those who take offense (God knows how long I'll have to contend with the fallout), I certainly don't intend to disappoint anyone, especially the fans, with this decision. Since the announcement of the nomination we've actively sought out a solution to what, with all things considered, appears to be a no win, at least for me, "damned if I do, damned if I don't" scenario all the way around.

In regard to a reunion of any kind of either the Appetite or Illusion lineups, I've publicly made myself more than clear. Nothing's changed.

Axl can do as he wishes, he has free will. While not wanting to attend the induction ceremony is one thing, I do think it is tacky that he is declining his induction award. Besides the Sex Pistols already did the bold "decline a Rock Hall nod via website thing" a few years ago. So whatever. I sort of feel bad for the rest of the Gunners, but I'm sure they expected Axl to have an outburst of some kind. My friend Johnnie wrote about Glam bands and the Rock Hall a few months ago. He wanted your opinion, so here's the article:

Guns N' Roses was recently inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. This comes three years after Metallica, who kicked off their recording career with 'Kill 'Em All' in 1983. G N' R's classic Appetite For Destruction hit in 1987. This is devastatingly bad news for Glam, Hair Metal, Guitar Rock - call it what you will. Just don't call it Hall Of Fame worthy, apparently.

We already know that the Hall Of Shame has ignored nearly all of the original theatrical guitar-slinging bands that came before Metallica - Rush, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Scorpions and Kiss to name a few. At this point, as the likes of Madonna, Abba and The Beastie Boys get in, these truly deserving providers of rock history may never get in.

All that aside, by admitting only Metallica from the early 80's and jumping to the late 80's to give Guns the nod, the Hall has effectively lip-glossed over an entire genre of music. They have completely ignored not only the biggest names in Glam, but some of the top selling artists overall from the decade of decadence. Have they ever heard of a band called Bon Jovi? Does 'Living On A Prayer' ring a bell? Because that is what this joke of an institution is currently doing to itself when it continues to ignore the "Fame" in it's very name. In fact, they give Halls a Bad Name.

Did Def Leppard not sell a bajillion albums world-wide, making fans of everyone along the way? Is Motley Crue not the most infamous band in American history, now in its 4th decade of controversy and great songs? Is Poison really nothing more than a good time, easily forgotten and cast aside? Has Twisted Sister not done enough with their life, creating anthems that hold up to this day? If these huge acts are not worthy, then bands such as Dokken, Ratt, Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Queensryche, Cinderella, Tesla and Skid Row will be nothing more than surgeon general's warnings on the empty Aqua-Net hairspray cans of yore.

So, what do we have to look forward to from this increasingly irrelevant institution? Waiting around a few years until they decide that Nirvana represents an entire generation, while completely ignoring their closest (and superior) neighbors such as Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains? Honestly, I don't know why I even care anymore. The people know what is important, and who is legendary, and isn't that what really matters?

Reader Comments (53)

Allow me to be the first to say it: "Axl, You're a Douchebag".

As usual, if it's not "all about him", it doesn't matter.
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAce Steele
And while we're on the subject of the "R&R Hall Of Shame",
it will remain an irrelevant, incomplete joke without the following inductees:
Deep Purple
Def Leppard
Judas Priest
Hanoi Rocks
Randy Rhoads
The Runaways
The Raspberries
The Sweet

and many more. But these pioneers all are more deserving than a self-serving snot like Axl Rose.

*In my opinion, the remaining original band members, + Gilby Clark, & Matt Sorum should play anyway, & have a special guest vocalist, Miles Kennedy sing. He's been doing Axl better than Axl could, while on tour w/ Slash.
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAce Steele
Agree with Ace, whole heartedly, as not only is he right, he's right with authority, as he is a card carrying veteran member of the L.A. Scene.

I had my hopes up the whole time, thinkin' this jerk could put it all aside just for one night for the sake of Rock'n'Roll. But, No-oh-oh!

Ace knew it was never go nan happen. I just didn't want to believe it.

Axl -- You are a narcissistic jacka*s of the highest order.

Ace, you nailed it -- all the original members plus the Sorum, Clarke and Dizzy should show up to accept the award, have Miles Kennedy do the honors and dance on this f*cker's grave before he's even in it.

And they should send him a dozen black roses on the night of the induction, to boot!

What crap!

p.s. Slash! I guess you thought you had to do it at the time, but why on earth did you sign over your rights to the G'n'R moniker to Axl?!
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
And Ace's list is so dead on, as well. Think about these bands' influence on our favorite genre. I would add one more -- Cheap Trick.

Joe Leste of Bang Tango told me on The Monsters of Rock Cruise that a Runaways reunion was in the works. Let's hope that can pave the way for an induction.

p.s. I would also humbly disagree with Johnnie -- Nirvana should get in and is vastly better than the unrock Pearl Scam. Alice In Chains are the real deal, however, though I doubt they'll ever get in.
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
they did metallica, alice cooper, and now gnr for a change in hope that good artists are in. for now, axl has pissed me right the fuck off. i lost respect and will refuse guns n roses now, if they come to a a town near me i wont waste my money to see that crybaby bitch axl, or if they release a new album (possibly 15-20 years down the road) i definitly wont buy it or listen to it. fuck axl, fuck the "new" "guns n roses" it isnt gnr without the guys. all respect to dj ashaba i love him to death, but its not gnr fuck it, im dont hopin it aint gonna happen. so for now put in these bands
Iron maiden
Judas Priest
Def Leppard
T Rex
The Runaways
Motley Crue
Hanoi Rocks
Randy Rhoades
Alice In Chains
Pearl Jam
The Sweet
New York Dolls, i can go on and on on the list, but all bands should be in before the "new" "axl rose band" gets in (as i now call em) sorry lol im pissed
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDevin
More deserving bands to get in
Rage Against The Machine
Quiet Riot
Bon Jovi (as much as i fucking hate to admit it)
lita ford
joan jett
Deep Purple
Ted Nugent (is he in?)
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterDevin
I agree with all of the above!!! LOL!!!
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRoy
I am in minority I guess... I LOVE Axl's letter. Yeah, it is all about him. Who would expect anything else? At the same time I do believe the hall inducted GnR for the publicity. How could they skip all of the predecessors named above and induct GnR first? I am glad he did it. I want to see KISS, Rush, and DeepPurple all go in together next year. The rock hall can kiss my ass and apparently Axl's too!
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSmknotsmf
Best thing Axl has done in 20 years.

This band is DEAD!!!! Illusion I & II was beginning of the end. Appetite was a one in a BILLION album that can never be replicated.

Full on Appetite reunion can't repair how messed up they would be as a unit.

Although Zeppelin never ever reunited because of Bohnams death. They did it right by leaving a very special period to rest and not rehashing.

GNR should learn that you cant alchemy that perfect chemistry from 1986.

Grieving period should be over peeps.
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKixchix
Metalboy... As much as I would love to see a Runaways reunion, I can not see it ever happening. There has been talk of a reunion for 15 years and it has never happened. Also, without drummer Sandy West, who passed away a few years ago, it wouldn't be a true reunion anyway. Sandy was the one who most wanted a reunion. Joan Jett and Lita Ford just don't see eye to eye... and there isn't huge money in a reunion. I can't see it happening. I do believe that if they ever were inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame that they would put their differences aside for one night though. But I wouldn't call a couple songs a reunion. Joan Jett was nominated on her own on the last ballad so I don't see the Hall seriously ever considering The Runaways anyway.
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRock-It

Zeppelin reformed for one offs, including their performance at their induction into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, several times over the years without Bonham. You can bet, had he been alive, he woulda been there.

I get The Sex Pistols nixing their acceptance as it was a publicity stunt in keeping with their brand.

Pretty much anyone else doing it, especially someone as insignificant as Axl, is purely selfish.

And I DON'T agree with all the performers on everyone's lists. Seriously, you want to induct the following UNROCK comedy acts?!:

Rush, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, Pearl Jam and Rage Against The Machine?!

The ones that remain on your lists are superior to all of those jokers listed directly above combined!

Long Live Rock And Roll! Long Live Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and "Live And Let Die", you "November Rain"ed out as*clown, Paxil Rose!
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
Rock-It! Solo Artist, Joan Jett's induction is not as significant as what The Runaways induction would mean. And I don't care if it's one song, it's a reunion. And if someone's passed on, it's still a reunion to me, as that person has a legitimate excuse not to show up.

That said, I wish they would induct Crüe before Mick Mars passes away. I think whenever possible, a worthy act should be fast-tracked if a performer integral to that act is ill.
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!
I think people should do AXL a favour and stop buying his records and going to his shows.
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterRita
Ok first off mixed reactions for being such a big gnr fan, and yes we know the rnrhof sux and is a joke and all the countless bands who should be in, that aside if its such a big a sham why do you people care so much.. and did anyone read axl's comment, he said fuck you to them bc the press and critics never h=gave em respect so now they wanna kiss his ass bc of ratings and press... so I do commend him on that. But I do agree with everyone I would like one day just a one off performance so sad when talent is wasted like that. But hes happy now and the band sounds good and he still plays 3 hours a night to sold out gigs all over, Just happy I hear the music, and I would love for the band to show up including izzy and jam with whomever. And last but not least wtf is tre cool inducting gnr thats like Nsync inducting Slayer makes no sense, and just proves what a joke the whole thing is!! RNFR!
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered Commentergnfr
I think in life there are times when all differnces should be put aside for the greater good of everyone involved. Weddings, Funerals, Graduations etc.. Milestones in life should be celebrated by all involved. Axl just proved once again what a self absorbed ass he is. Metalboy and Ace you are dead on as usual. The RNRHOF may be a joke but it is still a significant milestone in the career of a musician.
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterShawn
Of can we be surprised by Axl"s's just more of the same..I was lucky enough to see the band live a number of times between 87/88..and those concerts were just amazing..I still think so fondly of those shows..(I was at the famous Ritz show in NYC in Feb 88)..The energy, the excitement the took my breath away. I guess we all just had our fingers crossed..that maybe, just maybe..Axl would put the differences aside..just for a few 50 years old...this guy just does not get it..he was part of one of the greatest bands IMO..but just a part...oh well...
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGene
Everyone here is aware of my feelings on this ballsack. However,I think he needs a slogan.I nominate "Axle Rose,putting the ass in classless since 1987"
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGary
I don't have a problem with Axl not wanting to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. GNR made it in on the first ballot which is ridiculous. First ballot based on one stinking album - 'Appetite'. Further proof that the Hall is a pure joke of an organization. The only reason the Hall voted to induct GNR at this particular time was so that they could try and create a reunion of the original GNR lineup and then have them perform at the ceremony. Axl, to his credit, would not have any of that foolishness, and sure as heck wasn't going to allow a bunch of sorry hacks at the Hall of Fame dictate when (and if) the original GNR lineup would ever get back together. I say kudos to Axl. Love him or hate him, what he did is pure Rock 'n Roll!!!!
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterWard
You cant blame him, really. For one, the rock n roll hall of fame is a joke. Bands like Kiss and Rush arent in. Yeah, joke! Second, I'm sure he is fed up with all of the "reunion" talk. He's doing just fine with his new lineup. They are selling out arenas worldwide, Chinese Democracy was a way better album than anybody will admit, and he has full control over everything financially AND every decision is his and his alone. Axl is a stand-up guy, and this is his decision. Respect it, because you really have no other choice.
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKenny Ozz
joan jett is a true talent who can stand on her own, much like michael monroe and tom keifer; regardless of the purpoted money a "reunion" would generate. It's not about money. It's about integrity. axl is a big cry baby and I love the name "paxil rose". He cannot and does not stand on his own- as evidenced by stealing the GNR name and acting as though his "IS" GNR. GNR "was" a "true band" with many different personalities and opinions. Axl is a pompous asshole.

That being said, I think mr. control, bi-polar, true narccissistic freak would have attended the induction ceremoney and done some songs with his former bandmates if and when (BIG IF and WHEN) he got EVERYTHING he wanted. This asshole is NEVER satisfied, despite his claims about how satisfied he is with his current line up. He truly wants the world to revolve around him, but he is NOT, nor ever will be, david lee roth!
April 12, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterfletch

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