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Weezer vs. Toto

A couple of months ago, Weezer did a cover of Toto's classic "Africa." The band recorded the song after a lengthy online campaign by fans. 

I first heard this song a couple weeks ago while at the chiropractor. I was nervous and the song was intriguing enough to me that I was able to relax a little. I even thought, "Gee, this version of 'Africa' might even be better than the original!" What do you think?

Africa - By Weezer


Official Video For 'Aye, Aye, Aye'

Awhile back I posted the lyric video for Joe Perry's new song "Aye, Aye, Aye." Now we have the official video. The song is from Sweetzerland Manifesto. This is a fun, live clip from the Roxy. You can buy the album by clicking the image to the left. 


Interesting Feature On Music Biz From 'Rolling Stone'

I've been meaning to post this for a couple days now. Rolling Stone is doing a series on the modern music industry. This post below is really interesting. Basically you don't need any music cred to get an album deal these days. Just a zillion Instagram followers.


Idaho Rock Fest Announced

Sorry, no #ShotsFiredSunday this week. Instead I bring you the lineup for the Idaho Rock Fest set for August 24 and 25 in Idaho Falls. Two day tickets cost $99 and one day passes are available too. Looks like everything is GA and the event is rain or shine.

I've never been to Idaho. I'm told it's very pretty. If you're in this part of the country, you might want to check this out because it looks fun. And cheap too considering the lineup features Vince Neil, "RATT," Warrant, Dokken and more.


Vixen Release Video For 'You Ought To Know By Now'

Vixen just released the official video for "You Ought To Know By Now” from the live album Live Fire. It's a good track from an underrated band.

Vixen - Debut Album


Basstory Tour Dates Added

Happy Friday - we made it through another week. I took a vacation day to go to the pool and to relax my back.

From my inbox:

Grammy Award Winning Megadeth bassist, author, entrepreneur, and Metal Icon David Ellefson has announced more dates for his BASSTORY tour, a series of limited and exclusive "Storytellers" dates, starting 9/20 in Portland.

Dubbed “Basstory: An Intimate Evening of Riffs and Repartee with David Ellefson”, the show combines solo bass performance with David’s celebrated brand of storytelling, as he recounts intimate details of his struggles and triumphs in the name of Rock N’ Roll.

4 new dates have been added with support from Combat Records artists Green Death, and Chicago classic Thrashers WRATH.

BASSTORY will also include special VIP meet and greets, exclusive merchandise, and more.

Says Ellefson, “I have always done clinics, and a few years ago did an amazing spoken word tour in Australia to support my book My Life With ‘Deth, and have always welcomed the opportunity to be able to meet and connect with fans on a more intimate level. These important parts of my professional life converged to create BASSTORY. Not only will fans get to hear some of their favorite bass riffs, but the stories behind them. It’s not often I get to get into small, intimate Rock clubs, the way this all started, and I’m excited for fans to get to experience this show.”

Tickets and limited VIPS are available for purchase at BASSTORY DATES:


9/20 Portland, OR - Dante's 
9/21 Spokane Valley, WA - The Roadhouse 
9/22 Fife, WA - Louie G's 
9/28 San Antonio, TX - Fitzgerald's 
9/29 Houston, TX - BFE Rock Club 
10/4 Lombard, IL - Brauer House 
105 Sturtevant, WI - Route 20 Outhouse 
10/6 Ringle, WI - Q and Z Expo Center 
10/7 Mankato, MN – What’s Up Lounge

*With Green Death and WRATH



Not Lackadaisical: Meet the Lazys

Today's post is by our friend HIM. Full disclosure: I was introduced to this band via another website. I also shared this with find with another poster on this site when I first heard of the band in April (hint: that poster’s moniker sounds like ‘nettle toy’). And, while I recently bemoaned the loss of Rhino Bucket, I was heartened to find out there is yet another band willing to carry the dingo-scented torch:

Are The Lazys the most amazing band of recent date? No. Are they shamelessly mining the same AC/DC vein that numerous other bands have mined? Sure. Does Leon Harrison seem to like doing buggy-eyes in his videos while jumping up and down and walking a lot? Yup. Thing is, they rip off a glorious template while adding a bit of a modern flourish to the whole affair. And, by all accounts, The Lazys put on a great live show. So who loses here? No one. We need more good time, easily chant-inducing, rock n’ roll. After all, it isn’t noise pollution. And, unlike Greta Van Susteren (I think that is what they are called), they admit their influences! If you are going to joyously celebrate a sound, BRING IT AND OWN IT!!! Let’s hope that these Aussies, now based to the poutine-licking North of our United States, do a bit more touring down our way. With a new release (Tropical Hazards) only a few months old, I certainly think The Lazys could invade our borders in a way that would appeal across partisan boundaries.