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This 'Sweet Child O' Mine' Cover Rocks 

This is insane! Gabriel Guardian has posted a video of himself doing a cover of the Guns n' Roses classic "Sweet Child O'Mine" while simultaneously playing a guitar... and keyboard. I expected the clip to be hokey, but it's actually downright cool. I definitely tip my hat to Gabriel and give him mad props for his talent. I can't really listen to the original song anymore because of oversaturation, but I really enjoyed this video and watched it three times. What do you think?


The NFL Uses 'Home Sweet Home' In Special Video

More money for Nikki Sixx! Motley Crue's classic "Home Sweet Home" was selected by the NFL for their #BackToFootball campaign. A special video with the song aired Saturday night during the game between the Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys. The ad is part of their bigger marketing campaign, "Football is Family."

I'm a football addict, and my Cincinnati Bengals are sacred to me (this is our year!) - I was a little sad to see that no Bengals made this clip, but the sucky Pittsburgh Steelers are featured prominently. #makemegag


Have We Been RickRolled?

I don't know if this counts as a true RickRoll or not, but Rick Astley just did a concert in L.A. at The Troubadour and he did a cover of AC/DC's "Highway to Hell." The guy is a killer musician and the cover isn't bad. I never thought I'd have a post about Rick Astley here, but hell, why not? We're sure living in interesting times. Enjoy your Sunday.

Now here's the performance of "Never Gonna Give You Up" from that same show, just for fun. And if you listen really close at the beginning of the clip, you can hear someone scream "RickRolled!"


Bon Jovi, 'This House Is Not For Sale' - New Video

Bon Jovi just announced a new album. This House is Not for Sale will come out on October 21. The title track came out yesterday and the video is below.

This is the band's first album without guitarist Richie Sambora. The album sounds like modern Bon Jovi. That is to say, it's a way less 80s glam and way more top 40-country lite. Bon Jovi is a machine, so this album will probably do well sales-wise. I'm hoping a big tour comes with this new album, since I've never seen Bon Jovi live and they are a band still on my "must see" list. What do you think?


Michael Sweet, 'Golden Age' - New Lyric Video

Michael Sweet of Stryper fame is back with a new solo track. The song is called "Golden Age" and there's lyric video to support the track. The song is from the album One Sided War, due August 26. As always, Michael creates a strong effort with this one. He's a killer musician and this track is really enjoyable and definitely solid.


Welp... It's Another Bobby Blotzer Post

Another day, another Bobby Blotzer post. Now Robbie Crane is out of Bobby Blotzer's RATT. The bass player announced his resignation via Facebook and said he wanted to focus on "the positive things" in his life. Yep. Blotzer's RATT is circling the drain, ya'll.


Dokken Announce One US Reunion Show

The classic lineup of Dokken will reunite during October for six shows in Japan. The reunion will feature Don Dokken, George Lynch, Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown. Now, there's news that Dokken will play one U.S. show before heading to Japan. That one date will be September 30 in South Dakota at Ron Keel‘s Badlands, Pawn, Gold & Jewellery in Sioux Falls.

Tickets are $50. Now, it's not an option for me to go to this show - but maybe one of you can make it? I think it would be killer for sure!