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Today I Learned The Members Of Def Leppard Have A Pension

I always scan news article about Def Leppard when they pop up but it's basically all information I've always known. Blabbermouth shares a new article from This Is Money where singer Joe Elliott discusses the band's debt and when they started earning "real" money. The biggest revelation here is that Joe explains that when the band signed their first album deal, their lawyer at the time insisted they set up a pension. That was pretty classy and smart of that lawyer. You never know how things will turn out. Obviously the members of Def Leppard don't need that retirement money, but more bands fail than make it big.

I will assume the word pension means something different in the UK than it does the US. I'll assume this "pension" Joe mentions is more akin to the American based IRA system, which is contributions allowed as long as one has earned income during the year. Incidentally the federal maximum contribution for Roth and traditional IRAs this year is $6,000 which is up $500 over 2018. Make sure you contribute and max that amount to get your full tax benefit. (And heck, since it's very early in the new year I might as well plug that the government has increased the federal maximum contribution for the 401k/403b as well to $19,000. Family HSA plans can contribute $7000. Again, contribute the max and enjoy that tax benefit. Set it, forget it and enjoy a lovely retirement).

Oh and if you're wondering, Joe isn't drawing his pension because he doesn't need to, natch!


For The Coffee Fans

We've got beer so we might as well have coffee too, right? David Ellefson has a coffee company in addition to his work as a bass man with Megadeth. He's just debuted a new coffee from Eddie Ojeda. You know, the guy from Twisted Sister.

I'll say one thing for the world we live in now: there's no excuse to go hungry. If you're ready to hustle, you can just about monetize or sell anything. Have a good Monday and make it a glam one. I'll be hustling myself today.


How Much For A Clean Shirt?

The week ahead for me is going to be a chaotic and very demanding one at work. I'm trying to rest as much as possible this weekend. I came across this post from Bret Michaels on Twitter and my first thought was "But how much do I have to bid to get a clean shirt?" I jest, of course.


Axl Rose, 'Rock The Rock' -- Official Video

It really happened. Axl Rose has dropped a new single, his first in a decade. The song is called "Rock The Rock" and is featured in The New Looney Tunes. No clue if this song is part of an upcoming album. With Axl, you just never can tell.


Foreigner Donates Song to Shriners Hospitals for Children

Whenever the Shriner's fundraising commercials come on TV, my husband stops to watch. He is mesmerized by the kid in the wheelchair who acts as spokesman. "He should be a news anchor!" Eric always says. Indeed, the kid is very, very good. Now he's in a music video with Foreigner, too! (He's at the 1:13 mark). This popped into my inbox yesterday and I just had to share. What a great thing for Foreigner to do for these kids.

TAMPA, FL (January 3, 2019) - FOREIGNER, the classic British-American rock band, has announced that it is donating proceeds from a new version of its hit song “I Want To Know What Love Is” to Shriners Hospitals for Children®. FOREIGNER recently recorded the song and created a new music video featuring Shriners Hospitals for Children patients. The new release is available for download on Google Play and iTunes now.

The single appears on a new album of live recordings, FOREIGNER LIVE IN CONCERT, available on February 15th both digitally and in stores via The Orchard. FOREIGNER is donating proceeds from both the single and the entire album to Shriners Hospitals for Children®.


The Mick Jones composition “I Want To Know What Love Is" hit the top of the charts all over the world when it was released in 1984 and is FOREIGNER’s biggest hit to date. It remains one of the band's best-known songs and is listed as one of Rolling Stone Magazine's greatest songs of all time.
“There is a spiritual undertone to ‘I Want To Know What Love Is,’ and when you apply the lyrics to a cause like Shriners Hospitals for Children, it brings a whole new meaning to the song,” said FOREIGNER founding member, lead guitarist and songwriter Mick Jones.
“It’s hard to put a dollar amount on the value of this gift, but this is truly a monumental donation in our mind,” said John McCabe, executive vice president of Shriners Hospitals for Children. “Participating in the music video will be an invaluable experience for our patients. The fact that sales proceeds from the download of this song will go to Shriners Hospitals for Children is a wonderful bonus.”
“FOREIGNER has been involved with Shriners Hospitals for ten years, and we’ve been looking for a way to make a more meaningful impact,” said lead singer Kelly Hansen. “The lyrics of this song really speak to the qualities we’ve observed in the children here at Shriners Hospitals. The kids show this amazing resilience and happiness that really makes one think how powerful love is.”

Very Cool Iron Maiden Photo

So check this out, via Facebook: the original lineup of Iron Maiden, together again. One person is missing and that is drummer Ron Matthews. In this photo below is founder Steve Harris, Paul Mario Day, Dave Sullivan and Terry Rance.

I do have a question for the Iron Maiden faithful: is Eddie a member or just a mere mascot? A decade ago I would have said mascot. Now I tend to argue the figure is a member of the band too.


I Don't Get Super Bowl Halftime From This

A lot of people took the tweet below to mean Motley Crue would be appearing during the Super Bowl halftime show. Instead, I take it that Motley will appear in a Mr. Peanut commercial during the big game. Also, the official Mr. Peanut account kept replying to this. Heck we might get the trailer for The Dirt during the Super Bowl too. We'll see I guess.