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Guns n' Roses Continue Tour In 2017?

Guns n' Roses just released a 30 second promo video that seems to tease more tour dates for 2017. If you'll recall, this entire reunion and Not In This Lifetime Tour came about by video teases, photos tweets and a sign on a marquee.

It wouldn't surprise me if GnR swing back through America again next year. The money is good and there is still demand. I doubt I'll go again since I already spent enough cash seeing them this year, but I know I'm in the minority. Plenty of people paid to see them three, four and five times!



Blast From The Past: My Darkest Days

Heather came in to town Wednesday night to spend Thanksgiving with Eric and me. After our meal and a trip to the casino, it was time to head out shopping. Somewhere into hour seven of the shopping trip, Heather popped on her music mix and My Darkest Days came up. "Pornstar Dancing" to be exact. Remember when Chad Kroeger discovered them years ago? If not, I'll remind you that Matt Walst is the lead singer and now he fronts Three Days Grace. Anyway, I always loved "Pornstar Dancing" as well as "Move Your Body" so here you go: a Black Friday blast from the past.


'The Flame Still Burns' - Foreigner New Video

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy a bounty of food, football, family and friends today!

It seems unreal, but Foreigner is 40 years young. To celebrate, the band will release a 10-inch vinyl EP called The Flame Still Burns tomorrow for record store day. To celebrate, the band released a video for the single of the same name. Enjoy.


Live Nation Continues Path Toward World Domination

Apparently Live Nation must own every music venue and festival now. Sweden Rock Festival is now mostly owned by Live Nation. From the announcement: "The acquisition is a part of Live Nation's long-term investment strategy of building a stronger festival platform and Sweden Rock gets a strong international owner, which enables the festival to advance its position in the market even further."

I always wanted to go to the Sweden Rock Festival. I hope this ownership change doesn't make the unique vibe of Sweden Rock go by the wayside.


Warren DeMartini Podcast Interview

Hat tip to Kari for this one!

Warren DeMartini rarely does interviews. Recently, the ShaneTheRiot podcast interviewed the RATT guitarist. Warren talks about RATT, the band's history and points out some iconic places in Hollywood where the band hung out. This is very cool. You'll have to click the link here - there was no embed code and no video. Well worth your time.

Here's a video of Warren just because. Enjoy!


No Guns, Just Roses

Well happy Monday! Guns n' Roses bassist Duff McKagan has penned an essay on the need for tighter gun control in America. The larger point of the essay is to bring up important topics and bring Americans together to discuss. McKagan likes history and his Noisey column will apparently be a regular thing.


The Holiday Season Is Coming - You Need AC/DC!

Thanksgiving is just a few days away here in America, and that is the official start of our holiday season. With that, Halestorm just released a cover of the always-popular AC/DC track "Mistress for Christmas."
Maybe you can listen to this version - and the original - while getting your house ready for company! Happy Sunday.