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Whitesnake Live Tonight!

I'm seeing Whitesnake live tonight. They are playing an outdoor arena not too far from where I live, so that will be nice. I know quite a few people going to the show, so it should be fun. And the band is playing a greatest hits set, so that is even more awesome. Best of all, Whitford/St. Holmes is opening, so I can get a Brad Whitford guitar fix, too! I'll have a review soon. For now, here's a live clip of Whitesnake from a couple days ago.


Izzy Stradlin Teases New Music!

Izzy Stradlin is currently mixing a new solo song, apparently called "Walkin.'" I guess Izzy really has no interest in the Guns n' Roses reunion, but at least he's creating new songs for us. Click below for the teaser.


Today's Mood

After yesterday's horrific news out of Orlando, I just wasn't in the mood to listen to glam bands. There will be glam tomorrow. Be nice to each other today.


Black Sabbath Announce Date Of Final Show

Black Sabbath will officially call it quits with their last show on February 4, 2017 at Birmingham’s Genting Arena (UK).

The band will play some American dates before that final gig as well. If you've ever wanted to see Black Sabbath live, this is your last shot.


Z Toyz and NPR

Each Friday, NPR's "Morning Edition" airs a Story Corps feature. These personal stories are people recording interviews with a loved one, friend, colleague or other close relationship.

Yesterday, the Story Corps feature was of former 80s rocker Hans Walters and his wife Martha Hiatt. Hans was in the band Z Toyz, which ran in the same circles as Twisted Sister. Anyway, Hans told the story of his lifelong passion for marine biology as part of his interview. For him, the music was the backup plan and marine biology was always the goal.

I'll let you listen to the interview for yourself - it's quite good. Plus you need to find out what Hans names all the sharks he studies! Good stuff.


Steven Tyler Announces Solo Album, Tour Dates

We’re All Somebody From Somewhere is the title of Steven Tyler's first solo album. It will come out July 15th. His solo tour starts July 2. The album is country and you know how I feel about this: I don't like it. It breaks my heart a little, but Steven can do whatever he pleases. That said, I won't be buying the album.

Here's one of the songs from the album: "Red, White & You"


Whitesnake Embarks On Greatest Hits Tour

Whitesnake will play Huber Heights, near Dayton, later this month. I recently interviewed Joel Hoekstra about the tour for the Dayton City Paper. Here's that interview:

Whitesnake, the iconic band fronted by British singer David Coverdale, will once again roll through the Miami Valley, stopping for a gig at Rose Music Center in Huber Heights on Wednesday, June 15. The band played Rose last year during its Purple tour. This year, it’s all about the greatest hits. This means if you’re a fan of “Is This Love” and “Still Of The Night,” you’d better get a ticket.

“The setlist is different this year,” Whitesnake guitarist Joel Hoekstra promises the Dayton City Paper. “This year is really what people are used to hearing from Whitesnake. It’s as advertised. The band was like, ‘Seriously? We get to play this set!’ It’s far and away the best set of music I’ve ever been able to play. Hopefully, people will come out just based on that alone.”

The eight times platinum 1987 release Whitesnake was massive the world over, especially here in America where MTV made the already established band a household name to teens and housewives alike.

For Hoekstra, being a member of Whitesnake is still a fairly new gig. Not that he’s new to the scene. He was a longtime member of Night Ranger and has played with Foreigner, too. But Whitesnake is home, at least for now.

“The lineup is a great combination of guys who are new to the band and then guys like [drummer] Tommy Aldridge and [guitarist] Reb Beach who have been here awhile so there’s a great blend of enthusiasm and poise,” Hoekstra continues. “For me, it’s an honor to work with David Coverdale. He’s a living legend. The guy worked with Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore! It’s a great education for me.”

Obviously, Hoekstra didn’t start at the top playing for stadium crowds. He built his career just like the rest of us: pebble by pebble, job by job. He wasn’t afraid of hard work and taking risks.

Continue reading over on the DCP site.