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Gilby Clarke Announces Tour Dates

From my inbox and for the Guns n' Roses fans - this seems fun if you can make it to one of these (few) dates. 

HOLLYWOOD, CA (October 2, 2018) – Gilby Clarke embarks on a micro tour after several months in the studio recording new materiel for his next, very much anticipated album.  The Gilby Clarke band is a well-oiled three-piece that comprises of Gilby Clarke (vocals/guitar), EJ Curse (bass) and Jimmy D’Anda (drums).

Gilby Clarke - Pawnshop Guitars

Best known for his tour of duty with Guns n’ Roses, Gilby Clarke was 17 when he traded Cleveland for Hollywood. A troubadour in the Ronnie Wood tradition: a bar-room brawler with a Stones-y swagger, plus a catalog of well-written songs. Clarke joined Guns in the early 90’s as the Use Your Illusion tour kicked off. He appeared on the bands Spaghetti IncidentLive Era ’88-’91 & Greatest Hits albums. Surviving the longest tour in history - Clarke went solo & came out swinging with PawnShop Guitars. A catalog of rock n roll purity: Tijuana Jail, Cure Me… Or Kill Me… & The Stone’s Dead Flowers put this record on many year-end top 10 lists.

After Guns imploded, armed only with his Les Paul, Clarke went back to Virgin and launched his solo career. Receiving critical winks for his albums Pawnshop Guitars, The Hangover, Rubber, 99 Live and Swag. Recording and/or touring over the next several years with Nancy Sinatra, Heart, The MC5 & his old bandmate Slash’s Snakepit.

Now coming full circle, Clarke is back to give his fans a taste before he unleashes in 2019 a new album and tour dates.




10/26 - Canyon Club - Santa Clarita, CA

10/27 – Vamp’D – Las Vegas, NV

11/09 - Canyon Club - Agoura Hills, CA

11/10 - The Rose/Canyon Club - Pasadena, CA 




The New Breed

Official nu Ratt photoshoot. The new breed, I guess. Pearcy looks better here at least. Hopefully things are better now after that disastrous performance the other day.


Dee Snider Is Everywhere

Welcome to October and the final quarter of the year. I can't believe it's October... and it will be snowing before you know it (yuck).

It seems like Dee Snider is everywhere right now. He just released a new album and now another one is coming. Well, it's a reissue, but still. earMUSIC will release S.M.F. – Live In The USA on October 5. That album was originally released in 1997. Click below to pre-order.


Nita Strauss Announces Solo Project

Happy Sunday! I'm moving slow today. I got a flu shot last night and it made me feel a little achy (that happens to me every year) so I wasn't in the mood to get up early. Then I took a walk because the weather is just too nice here - I'm trying to enjoy the warmth and sun while it lasts. Here's a little tidbit about guitarist Nita Strauss. You know her from Alice Cooper I'm sure. 

From my inbox:

September 28, 2018 - Los Angeles, CA - Nita Strauss, the incredibly talented guitarist who has rocked out on stage with Alice Cooper, Femme Fatale, Jermaine Jackson, The Iron Maidens and more, announced today that she will be releasing her debut solo album, Controlled Chaos. She has joined the Sumerian Records family and will be giving fans 11 tracks of epic musicality on November 16th. The electric and quite literally "fire" music video for "Our Most Desperate Hour" is the first look into what's to come from this new chapter of Nita's career.
On the upcoming album, Nita shares "From bright and fun to aggressive and dark, from peaceful to chaotic, this album is a way for me to give the listener a glimpse into my personality and what goes on inside my mind." Controlled Chaos is available for pre-order at
Nita has been fighting to make a name for herself in the guitar world for years. She is one of the most sought after clinicians in the industry and has done extensive clinic tours across multiple continents. Her consistent touring schedule has shown her to play in front of over a million audience members per year consistently for the past several years. 2018 has already proven to be a banner year for Nita with her being named as the first ever female Ibanez signature artist in the company's 60-year history. She played WWE Superstar Shinsuke Nakamura's entrance music at WrestleMania in New Orleans in front of an audience of 78,000 fans and millions streaming worldwide just before surpassing her Kickstarter campaign 8x over, allowing her to self-produce and record Controlled Chaos.
The 11-track album was a challenge to Nita and an opportunity for her to reconnect with what inspired her to pick up a guitar in the first place. "I started playing guitar because of instrumental guitar music. All my real heroes made instrumental albums. All my own career has been spent playing in bands, but I never forgot that dream of what inspired me to pick up the guitar in the first place." 

Controlled Chaos Track listing
1. Prepare for War
2. Alegria
3. Our Most Desperate Hour
4. Mariana Trench
5. Here With You
6. The Stillness At The End
7. The Quest
8. Hope Grown
9. Lion Among Wolves
10. Pandemonium 2.0
11. The Show Must Go On


Farewell Marty Balin

Marty Balin of Jefferson Airplane has died. He was 76. Their track "Somebody To Love" is one of my favorite songs, period.


This Is Horrible: Stephen Pearcy Edition

RATT did a show Wednesday night in Huntington, New York. To say Stephen Pearcy looked and sounded rough is an understatement. He needs help and I hope he gets it. (Edit: looks like the original video of the incident was removed from YouTube).


Paul Stanley Keeps It Real

KISS just announced their "farewell" tour. Now Paul Stanley is admitting his voice isn't as good as it was in the past - and telling fans to listen to the old records if they don't like it. Thing is, people age and that includes the vocal chords. So I don't expect singers to keep the same range as time marches on. So good for Paul. I like more honesty from bands. Instead of saying this will be "the best ever" - just admit it will be good... but different.