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When a RAT(T) Is A Snake

Today's post is from our friend HIM.
Generally speaking, I think fans at BBG! greeted the new, newest, newier (is that a word?) version of Ratt with some suspicion. When you are chasing Blotz’s tail in a bid to come up with some legitimate explanation for the dumpster-fire your band has become, it does give one pause.
Lost amongst all of this discussion was Pearcy’s promotion of his soon-to-be-released new album, View to a Thrill (and Roger Moore, Sean Connery, and others he is certainly not). Pearcy stated, and has done so in the past, that his solo records are a chance for him to stretch beyond Ratt, to do things that he wouldn’t normally do with Ratt. Fair enough. An artist should be allowed that option.
What, then, is this?!?!

Well, first off, it is a song that starts off sounding like Pearcy is stuck in an echo-chamber. But it is also another instance where Pearcy says one thing and does another. Not only does he borrow references to Ratt’s former glories in the lyrics, he also invite such comparisons when he decides to go for the “double T” in the song title. No, I am not over-thinking this.
And neither is Pearcy. Which begs the question: why use this on a solo album when it could have been—with a bit of polish, revision, tear down, rebuild, and so on—become a perfectly middling song on the next Ratt album? I can almost hear a better version of this song being on a suitable follow-up to Infestation. It speaks to a person who is always one step behind himself and always kicking said self in the tookus because he can’t keep his reasoning straight. All the same, he projects a vision of himself as the capable captain steering a ship into better waters. Who ever believed Pearcy was in a position to direct, much less use a compass?
Perhaps I am deaf. Perhaps not. But I think people who give any credence to what Pearcy says, no less what he does, are huffing Mars Bars. Blotz, you are a train wreck. But I think you are right. Leatherface and Bandanna Man angled, then struck. This song, to me, is exhibit A . . . of a man without scruples and a band without a rudder.

Snakes eat rats. Fans suffer.

Stephen Pearcy - View To A Thrill

Farewell Ed King

Ed King, best known for his time playing guitar with Lynyrd Skynyrd, has died at age 68. King co-wrote the band's best song "Sweet Home Alabama." Turn up the southern rock today in remembrance!


Sammy Hagar Helps California Police Department

The Fontana Police Department in California got a little help from Sammy Hagar. The police department presumably made the clip to promote safe driving speeds. The clip is also part of a larger PR effort in general.

Sammy Hagar - I Can't Drive 55

Spoiler: Sammy gets away with speeding in this one!


Jetboy, 'Born To Fly' -- New Video

Jetboy has released the video for "Born To Fly" which is the title track to the band's upcoming album. The album will come out January 25. I have to say, all the comments I've seen online are positive - people seem pumped about this new music, so good for Jetboy.


Eagles On Top

This is pretty crazy. Eagles Greatest Hits is now the best selling album of all time, beating Michael Jackson's Thriller. Eagles Greatest Hits 1971-1975 is now 38x platinum. Thriller is 33x platinum. The recalculation takes into account streams, downloads and traditional sales. Insanity. I never thought any album would surpass Thriller.


In Case You Ever Wanted To Do A Real Soundcheck

Jack Russell's Great White is going on tour... and for $1,000 you can meet the band and play a song during soundcheck. This is kind of cool and I can see some big fans doing this for sure. I took today off to rest - so enjoy your Monday!


Doro, 'It Cuts So Deep'

Doro has a new video out for her song "It Cuts So Deep." The song is from the album Forever Warriors, Forever United.

Now it's time for some real talk: I don't like the song much. I'm not a huge Doro or Warlock fan, so maybe that is why. The lyrics seem pedantic. I know some people are rabid Doro fans, so hopefully you're not offended. I've never seen her or Warlock live, so maybe that is amazing experience. Some of the older tracks are good... but this new one doesn't do it for me.

Mad props for the album cover though, Doro still looks amazing.

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