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More Info on Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis Reunion

Apparently, we're not the only ones excited to see if the chemistry still exists between Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis. Phil just did an interview and said the same thing! I guess the guys have to play and work together for Phil to know if the chemistry still exists. For our sake, I hope it does!


Metallica’s Global Citizen Performance Will Be Streamed Live

Metallica’s set at the Global Citizen festival will be streamed live. The festival is in New York this Saturday. You can watch the show on MSNBC, Facebook or YouTube. The streaming begins at 3pm EST.

I'm going to a wedding Saturday evening but I should be home in time to catch Metallica's set. I'm looking forward to this for sure. A concert in the comfort of my own home that doesn't cost a dime!


It's Happening: New L.A.Guns With Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis

News via LA Weekly: Phil Lewis and Tracii Guns are joining forces once again to record a new album as L.A. Guns. The new album will be on Frontiers and I'll be buying it on the very first day! I'm very excited about this!


THINFS - Bon Jovi Ready New Album


Get ready, Bon Jovi fans: the band is getting ready to release This House Is Not For Sale on October 21. To celebrate the new album, Bon Jovi will perform the album in its entirety at four special shows. 

The show dates and locations:

October 1 – Red Bank, NJ
October 10 – London, UK
October 17 – Toronto, ON
October 20 – New York, NY

The band is doing some special (expensive) packages - check it out below if you're interested in attending. I just have to say, I think This House Is Not For Sale is about the dumbest album and song title ever, but what's in a name, right? 


Heroin Is Destroying Small Towns In America

It seems from my memory, heroin used to be an expensive drug. At least, it seemed that way from reports in the 80s. Of course I read Motley Crue's The Dirt and I read The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx. Both books talk extensively of Nikki's heroin addiction. He was burning through a ton of cash on the junk back then and does reference the cost of his habit. He's clean now and an advocate for addicts. He wants people to get clean.

A few days ago, the city of East Liverpool, Ohio made international news. That's because they posted a photo of a couple passed out from heroin. The couple was in their car and the woman's young grandchild was in the backseat. The photo is visceral. It's jarring: seeing two adults limp and they look dead. The city of East Liverpool was bold in posting the photo because people talk about drug abuse but they don't necessarily understand the impact or how it looks. It's ugly and it is destroying small towns in America. I'm from an Ohio small town. People I went to high school with are doing time for drug possession. The area I'm from is rural and it is basically working class. Many are poor.

Heroin isn't expensive anymore. Apparently it's dirt cheap and people use the junk for a quick fix to escape life. Maybe they are bored? Maybe they can't get a job? More likely they probably don't want a job. Every bar and restaurant I've been inside in the last two months has a help wanted sign on the door. You don't need a degree to be a dishwasher or a bar back. Hard work usually fixes most problems, but an addict's mind doesn't work that way. That's not the fault of the addict, it's brain chemistry. I don't judge. I want these people to get help. 

Most people slag Nikki Sixx on here and I get it: he's money hungry and just as bad as Gene Simmons when it comes to merchandising his band's name and songs. He is, however, a passionate advocate for addicts. He recently spoke about the heroin crisis in this country on his radio show SIXX Sense. Everything he says in the conversation is true and it is worth a listen. 

This country needs to put some real focus on the drug epidemic and it is especially bad in the Midwest and rural south. Mental health, drug addiction and suicide by gun all go hand in hand. We've got presidential election fever in America right now. Hillary Clinton has a comprehensive mental health proposal to combat some of these issues. She has directly taken on the drug epidemic too. Donald Trump has mentioned the drug crisis, but doesn't offer many solutions except to acknowledge "we've got to get tough." Well, the time for platitudes is over. The fact is this: the poor and uneducated in small towns are being left behind. This is the fault of both political parties. Manufacturing plants are, by and large, never coming back. Politicians will say they are bringing the manufacturing jobs back, but they aren't, and that is brass tacks. Instead, we should shift our focus to retraining and get creative on finding employment opportunities in small towns, especially for young males. We should also encourage doctors to stop prescribing heavy narcotics like candy. This becomes a gateway for people who otherwise wouldn't ever consider using illegal drugs. Heroin isn't something you play with once or twice and walk away from. You use it and you're an addict. Or worse, you die. But don't take my word for it, listen to Nikki.


A Triumph Of Humility: Life Lessons From Rock

Today's post is from our friend HIM. It's very flattering and no, I didn't ask him to write this! I am so thankful people pop by this site to share their opinions on music... because sometimes all you really want to do is grab some friends and pop on a favorite record and forget the struggles of daily life. 

Times are tough for fans of metal, glam, and classic hard rock. Finding news about the bands you love can be daunting. Gone are the days of the magazines that catered to our interests (gone, too, the days when we were lean and mean and itching to be catered to!).

Somewhat luckily, the interwebs exist for everyone. You can pick a scab and look at the underbelly on some sites. Post (well, really, troll and flame) at others. Or find yet others that are sliced and diced and re-branded across infinite platforms, serving you the same bait at which to click. Or you can just Google it and hope for the best.
That’s why BBG! is such a novelty. A new story every day. Some original. Some with due attribution to other sites doing the heavy lifting. Some thoroughly Glam. Others not so much. Allyson, day in and day out, shares a little corner of the wide world of music with us. And we, her fans, welcome it by responding—by and large—with respect . . . and perhaps a touch of snark. But we treat each other well here. The same can’t be said at other places. So this place is a gift. [Sidebar: I say none of this for any reason other than to say the truth. Yes, I post original and semi-original content here. But I am not paid. What I do, when I write content, is for fun. Further, it is a form of respect for what Allyson has created, for her to post or not post as she see fits. I actually feel lucky to have this outlet for which to create content and at which I comment on the same.]
Which leads me to this post. I was reading another site (Classic Rock Revisited, run by Jeb Wright), one which I frequent. I generally go there for the interviews. They can be a bit slavish. But they are almost always enjoyable. In a very recent interview, Wright talked to Gil Moore, the drummer/vocalist from the “other” trio from the Cold North: Triumph. I’ve always loved Triumph. In fact, they give me more of a rush than most bands I have listened to from Canada . . . with apologies to Kick Axe, Helix, and April Wine.
But what struck me in this interview was the following exchange:
Jeb [Wright]: "I’ve talked to you so many times and we never got this in-depth regarding the creative process. I think we’re close enough where I don’t have to sugar coat it, so… I’ll tell you this: a lot of people kind of thought, well Rik [Emmett] is “the talent” and the band is “the band”. Does that make sense?

Gil [Moore]:
 I think so from the outside, yeah probably. Let’s put it this way, I think Rik was the most talented musician in the group, but we all came from other bands and all of our bands failed. We used to joke about our earlier bands… you know I had a band called Mondo Plus Four, so you know they teased me endlessly about that band because of the name. Rik had a band called Captain Mud, which we called General Mud. He used to joke back and say it’s not Captain Mud, it’s General Mud… I said, “…whatever, you guys were mud.”

Ha ha, that’s right.

 So when you really look at it, if any one of us was really super talented, maybe we wouldn’t have needed the other two, so I think at the end of the day we collaborated pretty well. Mike [Levine]  was a skilled record producer. You can ask, “How much did Mike’s producing have to do with the overall success of the band?” versus, let’s say, Rik being a fantastic guitar player… it’s a subtle thing, because Mike would make all of these artistic judgments in the studio, even when we had other producers, like co-producers… you know Mike was always sitting in the chair for all the difficult decisions. I think those two guys were both more important really in their contributions than I was. But on the business side, the sound and the lighting, I loved the technology… so I was able to, I think, add something to the stage show of it. In the stage show, if they didn’t have such a great show, how successful would the band be? We never got into trying to weigh who’s more important than whom; we never had any problems with stuff like that. We all realized that everyone was contributing. Back to your original question, yeah, sure I think Rik is probably the strongest musician of the three of us."
That, to me, is a life lesson in very few lines. And, if I understand the tumultuous story of Triumph correctly, it is a hard fought one.
Sure, they never reached the peaks that some bands have reached. But I don’t see them, or Gil, eagerly awaiting their introduction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as if it were forgone (they did make it into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2008). I don’t see Gil stabbing at his bandmates. Nor do I see him scooping up undue credit for an incredible career. What I see is a musician, at peace, telling it like it is. Honestly. With humility. Without concern for his position in a band that, as a band, created some great music on the strengths of all members.
BBG! is a special place. It shares news of the music we love. It also engenders respect and promotes positivity. I think it is quite appropriate to share this news—from another site—because it is in keeping with what Allyson has created. Amazing interview, Jeb. Insightful answers, Gil.
If we could all learn sooner to give credit where it is due, even if the path to that recognition is a difficult one, we might stand in better stead with those around us and with ourselves.


Saxon - Real Metal and New Music!

Watch this: a video trailer for Saxon's Let Me Feel Your Power live album. Real metal. A great band. Happy Saturday!

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