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Once Again, Michael Monroe Proves He's A Legend

Michael Monroe joined Slash on stage at the Helsinki Icehall a few days ago. When it comes to 80s Glam, there are few frontmen that still do it as good as Michael Monroe. Paired up with Slash here... well, it makes me wish those two would form a band together. Check out "Doctor Alibi" below.


Bach and McKagan Perform Together

You know, if I was stupid rich (I mean, like just crazy money), I'd hire some of my favorite bands to play private parties and the like. Sebastian Bach and Duff McKagan performed together recently at a private event. The duo did the GnR tune "Patience," which is one of my favorites. They sound pretty good together - and they've collaborated in the past. Gotta love these special live events that happen once in a awhile.


Bret Michaels Is Now A Bobblehead

Presented without comment.

#BobbleBret woke up on the beach this morning wearing one cowboy boot and missing his truck stop party hat. Must have...

Posted by Bret Michaels on Thursday, May 28, 2015

DJ Ashba Gets Smacked

So DJ Asjhba was sucking on an e-cig during a concert in Las Vegas, which ticked off the guy next to him (it would have made me mad, too). So naturally the two men get into it... there's a scuffle and I'm pretty sure Ashba got smacked. Of course someone filmed the brouhaha and the clip made TMZ. The whole mess ended up with cops escorting everyone involved out of the Planet Hollywood venue. Ashba was deemed the victim in the matter. No jail time or fines for him! I presume he went back to vaping. TGIF ya'll.


Asking Alexandria Name New Singer

Denis Shaforostov is the new singer of Asking Alexandria. He's from Ukraine.

Shaforostov replaces original singer Danny Worsnop who left the band a few months ago. Asking Alexandria just released "I Won't Get In" featuring Shaforostov. I'm not sure how I feel about the track yet. No, AA isn't Glam - but ya'll know I love them and a lot of other metalcore bands.


Another New Trixter Tune: 'Midnight In Your Eyes'

The new Trixter album is going to be killer. Human Era comes out June 9 in America. So far, every released track has really impressed me. It's a shame the average person will never hear this song - or any other new Trixter tune - because radio doesn't play music like this anymore. What do you think of "Midnight In Your Eyes?"


Live Footage Of The 'New' Skid Row

Skid Row featuring new singer Tony Harnell made their live debut last Friday night in Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada. Harnell sounds good usually, but not on this clip. I think it's more an issue of video quality, less voice. I'm still on the fence about this change. I just don't get the point of getting rid of Solinger if a reunion with Sebastian Bach was off the table.

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