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Lars Ulrich Tries To Cover Judas Priest

Look, Lars Ulrich is a drummer, not a singer. But still.

Here's video of Metallica's most famous member covering the Judas Priest tune "Delivering the Goods." The band was warming up before a show and this happened. I will admit I did laugh. I don't think Halford needs to worry about his day job. H/T Metalsucks


'The Weather Channel' Even Loves Bret Michaels

A big part of the country was hit with bad winter weather over the weekend. As I write this, it's -1 in my part of Ohio. So it's no surprise that Bret Michaels had to do some snow removal. Of course he took video of himself working outside in Erie, Pennsyvlania ... and sent to The Weather Channel. They tweeted it out.


Twilight Of The Idols: 'Monkey' Edition

Today's post is from our friend HIM. 

I’ve been gloating a lot lately about my none-too-amazing prognostications of years past (see 2015 and 2016). I also haven’t been contributing that much (I’ve hinted at the reasons why and will leave it at that). So I decided to meet myself halfway and do a bit of both. I am kind, to myself, that way.
We all know the story: we are losing the bands and musicians we love. Tours are becoming odder, combining bands in ways that often defy logic. Festivals are becoming weaker, with a few bloated goats at the top and a whole lot of ‘huh’ bands filling out the middle and bottom. When it comes to metal and glam, we can put all the faith we want in the new guns. But, and let’s be honest here, the bands we really love are going extinct. That’s just the nature of life.
Case in partial point: Skid Row. The classic line-up is still alive and sorta’ kicking. They just don’t see eye-to-eye.  On one side stands Bach, a megalomaniac of diminished range but also infinite appeal (at least for some). On the other side stand people like Sabo and Bolan and, to a lesser extent, Hill. They have diminished appeal but also a ‘we don’t care’ approach to the whole reunion idea. They go through singers like underwear. Bach goes through tirades about them like underwear.  And they all go through rounds and rounds of releases that are less and less interesting, playing in places that are less and less crowded. Bach scores some points for being a bit more in the spotlight. But those points aren’t exactly doing him any favors.
And so we arrive at this: the 30th Anniversary release of Skid Row. A classic of the era. Should be a celebration, right? Nope. It is a Rhino Records digital release (meaning: it exists in the ether like bits and bytes of this and that) with only an already released bonus track and a live concert performance already available on YouTube and other sites. Not too amazing. Then again, no one in the band (currently) or Bach likely had anything to do with this. This is stuff other people own. But imagine what it could have been. What stuff must be out there, even if Bach did suffer the loss of a lot of memorabilia in the flood a few years ago? What sort of tour would have been mounted if all the major players could get in the head space necessary to please the fans?
That said, what we do have is proof that they mattered, 30 years ago:

Skid Row - Monkey Business (Live On SNL) from Jaehyung Lycanus Sim on Vimeo.

Simply put, that stuff is amazing! Yes, Bach seems to be a bit too amazed by his own stage presence. Then again, wouldn’t you be if you were Bach back then? Watch how he moves and drops and swings and bangs his head. And the band is tight. Really tight. That is something we will never, ever, see again. No matter what. Even if they all decided to play nice and get back together. It . . . won’t . . . be  . . . the . . . same. Ever.

This is a long post with a short, if bittersweet, payoff. Many of you just watched what you wanted to see. None of you will ever see that again. Unless you push repeat.
Yes, there are new bands carrying the torch. Yes, there are other genres and sub-genres. But, no, what all of us really dig is dying. And it won’t get better. It will just get different. Reason being, we are all trapped in amber. And, as I said in a recent post, the bill always comes due. So play what you can while you can, because we will all pay when we must.
We are lucky to Bring Back Glam! But we can’t go back. Skid Row is dead. Long live Skid Row!!!

Tesla Announce 'Shock'

Metalboy's favorite band Tesla will release their new album Shock on March 8. You can hear a track from that new album via Spotify. Just click the Facbeook post from the band below to check it out.

I have a lot of things to do around the house this weekend. We are due for another winter storm (yuck) so I really have no excuse. I need to clean out the closets. Maybe I'll put on some classic Tesla while I clean. I'll be thinking of Metalboy all day long!


Mike Tramp Releases Promo Trailer

Mike Tramp will release Stray From the Flock March 1. There's a new promo trailer for that album now. He'll also tour the U.S. starting next month. I have to give Mike credit here: while others are passing the torch and flaming out (see yesterday's comment section) it seems like he's ready to keep on rocking. More power to him.


Janet Gardner Leaves Vixen

This is a little surprising: Janet Gardner is leaving Vixen. The singer announced her decision on Facebook. She had some medical issues last year so that could be the reason.

I wonder if we're reaching peak glam. By that I mean it is 2019. These musicians we love are not getting any younger. They've all basically done a big reunion or three by this point. The first Rocklahoma was in 2007 - well over a decade ago. I fully expect to see more retirement announcements in the next 18 months, either from individual musicians or full bands. You just can't live on the road forever.


Ohio's Inkcarceration Festival Announces Bands

The Inkcarceration Festival will take place July 12 - 14 in Mansfield, Ohio. That weekend is about the apex of heat in the Buckeye State, so that should be interesting. Humidity aside, these bands don't do it for me. This seems like another cookie-cutter event. What do you think?

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