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Favorite Guns n' Roses Videos - #4

We're continuing the countdown of my top 5 favorite Guns n' Roses video clips. Today, the video for "Patience." If "Estranged" is my favorite GnR track, "Patience" is a close second.


Favorite Guns n' Roses Videos - #5

Starting today, I'm putting BBG! on autopilot for the duration of my Las Vegas trip to see Guns n' Roses! In celebration of the big reunion, I thought it would be fun to countdown my top 5 GnR videos of all time - and I don't just mean promo videos. I'm talking all classic recorded clips.

Today, my favorite video #5 - "Estranged." This is also my favorite GnR tune and I can't wait to see Slash play this solo!


KISS In Theaters May 25

For one night only, you can go see KISS on a giant movie screen. The band is releasing KISS Rocks Vegas, a retrospective film about their 2014 Las Vegas residency at the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

If you want to order tickets, just check out the website. Here's the trailer: 


After Guns n' Roses?

What's next? Arguably the single biggest thing to happen to our beloved scene has commenced: Guns n' Roses are "basically" reunited. With Slash, Axl Rose and Duff McKagan back on stage together again, a lot of people's big rock dream came true. The reunion is a chance for people to relive their glory days. I can't wait for the show on Saturday night. Still, this reunion gives me pause: what more can happen to our 80s metal scene?

Motley Crue has retired. Lemmy died. GnR are back together. I guess the next biggest thing that could happen would be a Skid Row reunion. A couple months ago, I thought it was going to happen. Now I guess it isn't any time soon.

What are the biggest events left to help us Bring Back Glam? I rest comfortably knowing that Def Leppard will tour again this summer and Bret Michaels is always lurking somewhere. If only he would get back with the rest of the guys in Poison... that's another post for another day.


GnR - The Video Evidence

Surprisingly, there aren't a lot of YouTube videos from the Friday night Guns n' Roses show... yet. The tickets said no cameras so I guess this was enforced to an extent. Anyway, here's a really clear clip of "Welcome To The Jungle." Axl sounds great! I'll keep trolling for more videos. Go ahead and share in the comments section if you find something great that we all need to see!

And some mixed clips :


GnR Reunion: No Steven, No Izzy

Guns n' Roses played an intimate show at the Troubadour last night. The big speculation was who would be on drums and would Izzy show up. Steven Adler wasn't behind the kit - that went to Frank Ferrer. Izzy wasn't at the show and neither was Matt Sorum.

Here's the setlist from last night:

It's So Easy
Mr. Brownstone
Chinese Democracy 
Welcome To The Jungle 
Double Talking Jive 
Live And Let Die 
Rocket Queen 
You Could be Mine 
The Godfather Theme / Sweet Child O' Mine
New Rose
Knockin' On Heaven's Door 
My Michelle 
The Seeker 
Paradise City

I'm still holding out hope that Adler and Izzy will show up in Las Vegas next weekend! 

Pics here:

GUNS N' ROSES Performs At The Troubadour: Video Footage And Photos

Posted by (Official) on Saturday, April 2, 2016

'You Have Come to the Right Place' - New SIXX: A.M. Song

While we wait for videos to surface from last night's Guns n' Roses reunion at the Troubadour, here's a new SIXX: A.M. track called "You Have Come to the Right Place." It's on the album Prayers For The Damned which is out April 29.

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