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Tuesday Two-Fer, VII: Ozzy Sabbath

Today's post is from HIM.

I take a firm line on this. Zep was blues made rocking. Sab were metal made complete. And, even as I say this, I add a huge qualification: I often like Sab for what they did that wasn’t metal as much as I do for what was metal. They were a fierce foursome that etched doom across the planet, while finding time for some tasty fills and jazzy diversions.
First Pick: “Symptom of the Universe,” Sabotage (1974):

This is the Rosetta Stone for metal. Full stop. You would have a hard time arguing with a bunch of hippies standing in front of a mirror . . . with their images looking right at them! What? Was your mind blown (by Iommi’s cropped do’ or Ward’s Ben Franklin stance?). As a sage on YouTube said regarding this song: “this is what cocaine sounds like when it snorts drums .” Yup. Sure thing. You can stick your “Whole Lotta Love” in a burlap sack and throw it in the river Styx. Sab wins with this song alone.
Second Pick: “Planet Caravan,” Paranoid (1970):

Black Sabbath - Greatest Hits 1970-1978


This is my qualification song. This isn’t the Sab everyone knows. Play this for a non-fan who ‘knows’ Sab and ask them who it is. Fun ensues. But this is a deep dive into the influences they showed throughout their early career. It is mellow, odd, and downright groovy. Need more cred? They made Pantera slow down and digest the majesty of this song when they tried to cover it.
Honorable Mention: “Never Say Die,” Never Say Die! (1978):

Train wrecks aren’t pretty. And Never Say Die! (don’t forget the exclamation mark) was just such a thing. But it was a lot better in spots than Technical Ecstasy (1976). Case in point: this song. It is buoyant. It rocks. Ozzy sounds excited. The whole song chugs along with so much pluck that you just can’t wait for the next . . .


Guns n' Roses Announces Asia Tour

The Guns n' Roses "reunion" just keeps going. The Not In This Lifetime Tour will make 7 stops in Asia, including stops in Jakarta, Indonesia Hong Kong and more. This is the fourth highest grossing tour of all time.

Now on sale: Appetite For Destruction [Super Deluxe Edition]


Poison Tweets Photos From Tour

Poison and Cheap Trick are on the road together now. Poison has tweeted some shots from the road thus far.

I still haven't decided if I'm going to the Cincinnati stop or not - something I need to determine soon I guess. Gotta say, this does look fun, but let's be honest: Poison is always a blast live.




Cheap Trick Debut 'The Summer Looks Good On You'

Just in time for their tour with Poison, Cheap Trick has dropped a new song. Called “The Summer Looks Good On You," it's an upbeat, fun track. This song is from an upcoming album, due later this year.

Cheap Trick - Authorized Greatest Hits


Hardcore Superstar Release 'Baboon' Single

I am so glad it is Friday. I swear, I feel like I'm sucking wind nonstop now. I just can't seem to get ahead anywhere in life right now and I'm tired.


From my inbox:

2018 is proving to be wild year for the Swedish purveyors of Street Metal as they shape up to release their highly anticipated new album You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll through GAIN Music Entertainment on September 21st 2018.

So far this year the band have enjoyed massive radio success and critical acclaim with the release of their first three singles, ‘Have Mercy On Me’, ‘Bring The House Down’ and ‘Electric Rider’ and they are now about to cause even more mayhem and frenzy with their new single and video for ‘Baboon’.
Recorded at the beautiful Österlyckan Studios just outside of Gothenburg, Baboon is the perfect mixture of aggression, attitude and debauchery, all the things we come to expect from a HARDCORE SUPERSTAR release, and for the video, the band have once again partnered with the acclaimed Swedish filmmaker ‘Max Ljungberg’ to produce a hilarious 70’s cop themed promo, complete with car chases, shoot outs and powdered donuts!
The single will be available on all digital platforms May 18th and will be followed up as an exclusive, limited edition 7” vinyl single.

Hardcore Superstar - You Can't Kill My Rock 'n Roll (pre-order)

Since the debut album was unleashed in 1998, Hardcore Superstar have crossed the globe multiple times sharing stages with Rock and Metal Royalty including AC/DC, Aerosmith, Kiss and Motörhead. They have also performed at the world’s largest and most distinguished Rock Festivals such as Wacken, Download, Loudpark, and SwedenRock to name just a few.

More dates have been added to the bands current, highly successful tour including a tour of Australia and the fun doesn’t stop there as there are more dates to add and countries to visit that will be announced soon. 2018 is the bands 20th anniversary as a recording and touring artist and the celebrations will include some very special events.


The Queen Biopic Trailer Is Here

The film Bohemian Rhapsody will hit theaters on November 2 and now we've finally got a first look at the full trailer. This movie is going to be amazing. It's telling that 20th Century Fox is releasing it during the big holiday movie rush.

Queen - Greatest Hits [Explicit]


Sammy Hagar Announces High Tide Music Festival

High Tide Music Festival will take place October 6 in Huntington Beach, California. The fest will feature Hagar and his friends jamming, with different music types. He calls it a world music festival. There will also be a car show and food trucks.

No information on tickets yet - I'm assuming that will be out very soon.

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