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Listen To New SIXX: A.M. Track 'Barbarians'

SIXX: A.M. has a new track out now called "Barbarians." It's on Vol. 2, Prayers For The Blessed which comes out November 18. The song is pretty good but it actually doesn't sound like SIXX: A.M. to me. It's not heavy in the metal sense, but I'm not sure how to describe it. Chuggy, maybe? What do you think?


When Mr. Harry Manowar Met Ms. Sally Helloween: Car Crash At The Melodic Corral

Today's post is from our friend HIM. 


You all might recall Allyson posting a video a few months ago from Germany’s Freedom Call. It was fun. They were serious. And they liked not wearing shirts and being manly. At that point, we were praising them for their “Hammer of the Gods” (not the epic Zep book and not, I hope, well, you know, their Germanic virility weapons).

Just so you know, metal . . . is . . . for . . . everyone.

Hey Callers, finally here it is! We can't wait to introduce our brand new video clip 'Metal Is For Everyone' for the upcoming new masterpiece 'Master Of Light'. This time we were initiating an amazingly successful campaign on Facebook we've never seen before. And made it possible that the craziest metalheads from all around the world are assuming the part of the main actors of the video clip! Whether from Thailand, USA, Australia, Chile, Brazil or from almost entire Europe... so incredible, we wanna thank you so much for your creativity, you were really kicking ass! So we could prove that two things are absolutely facts: FREEDOM CALL has definitely the best and happiest fans in the world and... METAL IS FOR EVERYONE!
It is hard to fathom a successful initiation. No less his restraint in only yelling his band’s name and the title of the song. But, if Bay is to be believed (and I dare you to challenge him), this is an international successful initiation, with yelling.
So, I dare you to watch this. And I dare you not to be happy after doing so. Is there a problem with being a care-free (but strong), confident (yet exposed), international (yet German), carrier of the flame that is metal? I don’t think so. Even if I did, I wouldn’t try to stop Bay from mounting (I mean that figuratively) his crusade to champion metal . . . yes . . . for . . . everyone.
Not sure who had what. But I am having what they are having!

Gary Hoey Plans 21st Annual Ho Ho Hoey Holiday

From my inbox. This earned a spot on the blog simply because of the subject line, which is also the title of this post. 

Gary Hoey will embark on his annual Ho Ho Hoey Holiday Tour this December with thirteen dates planned coast to coast.  The excursion has become a tradition with radio stations and families across the country. It's a must see event for adults and kids alike. Hoey has been a driving force behind instrumental rock Christmas music since 1995 after his version of “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” hit the airwaves with its crunchy guitars and metal flavor. This also marks the 8th annual guitar give away on Christmas Day at  
Alongside the seasonal selections the guitarist works in to the set, he will be performing songs from his critically acclaimed album Dust & Bones which was released this past July.  In front of the street date Hoey shared, "This is where I belong—playing this ferocious blend of blues and rock music.  My last album, Deja Blues, proved to myself that I could play authentic blues, and now that I feel more at home there, I felt it was time to mix my favorite guitar styles into something seamless, organic, and powerful.” 
Released through Mascot Label Group, Dust & Bones showcases Hoey’s Fender Stratocaster-driven fury alongside open-D-tuned resonator guitars plugged into half-stacks. The massive sonic attack was essential for paying sincere and appropriate homage to some of Hoey’s influences, such as Johnny Winter (“Steamroller”), Robin Trower (“This Time Tomorrow”), and Brian Setzer (“Who’s Your Daddy”), as well as a thrill-a-minute mash up of Robert Johnson meets Led Zeppelin (“Boxcar Blues”). There’s also a classic power ballad (“Coming Home”) where Lita Ford sings a duet with Hoey.
Confirmed appearances include:
12/01   Sellersville, PA                                            Sellersville Theater
12/02   Pawtucket, RI                                             The Met
12/03   Salisbury, MA                                             Blue Ocean Music Hall
12/04   Norfolk, CT                                                 Infinity Hall
12/09   Auburn Hills, MI                                          Callahan’s Music Hall
12/10   Auburn Hills, MI                                          Callahan’s Music Hall
12/11   St. Charles, IL                                             Arcada Theater
12/13   Santa Cruz, CA                                            Moe’s Alley
12/14   Vallejo, CA                                                  Empress Theatre
12/15   Reno, NV                                                    Rockbar Theater
12/16   San Juan Capistrano, CA                              The Coachhouse
12/17   Ramona, CA                                                Ramona Mainstage
12/18   Corona, CA                                                  M-15




Anti Music Fest Comes To Dayton

This story is also running in the Dayton City Paper this week. The Anti Music Fest 2 comes to Dayton this weekend. 

Fans of local music know Dayton has a proud metal scene.

Multi-day music festivals are hardly new. Splitting fests between two cities and 75 miles is certainly less common and definitely edgy. On Friday, Nov. 4 and Saturday, Nov. 5, Anti Music Fest 2 roars into town(s). Friday’s shows will take place at the Leathershop in Lima, and Saturday’s shows, The Rear Door in downtown Dayton.

“Originally, the fest was supposed to be in Dayton the first night, but the venue we were looking to book shut down, and our friends up in Lima helped us out with the first night,” explains Anti Music Fest promoter Isaac Horne. “There’s a lot of relationships with people from Dayton and Lima, so it felt kind of natural to split it between those two cities.”

The Anti Music Fest promises a plethora of grindcore, fastcore, and death metal bands from all over the U.S. and Canada, and you don’t have to be a diehard fan to have fun, Horne promises. But why name a festival dedicated to music Anti Music?

“A lot of people would debate [grindcore] isn’t music if you’re not versed in it, so after a while, we started to embrace it and call it anti music,” Horne explains. “Grindcore eschews traditional ideas like strong structure, length, and style.”

Grindcore is a form of metal that mixes elements of hardcore punk, thrash, and industrial rock.

“People should come out to see bands from all over the country throwing down,” adds Mike Kerby, vocalist and guitarist for the band Girth. “You’re not going to see this group of bands maybe ever again play in Dayton. If you’re not into grindcore [but] you like rock or punk, you’d probably enjoy this. too. We have a good time; we’re not a cliquey community. Everyone’s open.”

Girth will play the fest on Saturday.

This is the second year for Anti Music Fest and the event is put on by a small group of people including Horne, who are part of the Dayton music scene.

“I’ve been putting on shows for years all over the place… the Midwest is easier to book shows,” Horne admits. “There’s an abundance of amazing bands here and within a couple hours from Dayton.”

Girth is just a few hours north, based in Michigan. A two-piece band, Kerby says that these days, it’s just easier to make music with fewer people.

“I know a lot of other two-piece bands coming out these days because it’s doable and you can still make everything sound good and have less people to work with,” Kerby says. “So, it’s easier to match up schedules, which helps with touring and playing more shows. You can be minimalistic with it and still do a really good job.”

But how does a two-piece band like Girth go about getting a heavy and large sound required for a live metal show? For Kerby, the answer is technology and pedals.

“I have bass equipment that I put my guitar through, along with my guitar equipment, and that helps fill out the sound a lot better. The down-tuning helps a lot, as well, so you get a good heavy sound without needing a bass player. Bass players in grind can really help a band and be cool, but it’s definitely possible to do it without. We, and other bands like us, can prove that.”

Anti Music won’t be Girth’s first time in Dayton. The duo played here about six months ago and loved the vibe of the Gem City. Kerby runs a business with his father, which takes between 60-80 hours a week of his time. Still, he works around his schedule to make Girth and touring a priority. He says he isn’t unique in this dedication, as most metal musicians are not only slogging it out at a 9-to-5 but also at night on the road.

“There’s certain bands that can get away with touring all the time and live off of it, but specifically in our genre, it’s really hard to do that. Even the biggest of bands still have day jobs. They work more than full time and bust their butts to keep doing what they love. When we go on tour, it’s vacation for us. We get to see our friends and playing shows isn’t a job to us. It’s a way to break away from working a 9-to-5. It’s all about having fun.”

For Horne, planning Anti Music Fest is just another way to stay busy, while also working and playing in two bands:

“It’s tough to balance it all, but it’s worth the extra effort in the long run. My hope is the fest will grow.”

Anti Music Fest 2 takes place Friday, Nov. 4 at The Leathershop in Lima at 10 p.m. and Saturday, Nov. 5 at the Rear Door on Third Street at 5 p.m. Tickets for Friday cost $8, Saturday, $15, and $20 for a weekend pass. For more information, please search for ‘Anti Music 2’ on Facebook. 


Biggest Tour Of The Year Keeps Rolling

The (mostly) Guns n' Roses reunion tour keeping rolling around the world. Now there's clips of the band doing a show in Santiago, Chile. Looks like it was a good one - the clips are great! Now that we're in November and the year is really winding down, I think it's safe to say that this reunion will be the biggest music story of 2016. Time will tell.


Happy Halloween! Let's Listen to Alice Cooper

Every Halloween, I post some metal videos that relate to the holiday. I usually post at least one Alice Cooper clip. This year, it's all Alice Cooper. Let's hack some pumpkins, eat some candy and listen to the Coop!


Joe Perry, Steven Tyler Get To Meet President Obama

So this is pretty cool. Steven Tyler and Joe Perry were delayed in Florida when President Obama's plane came to the same airport last week. If you've ever been at an airport when Air Force One comes in, you know all the other planes wait until the Commander in Chief touches down. So while waiting, Steven and Joe wandered around, took picture of the presidential plane and - because they are famous and Obama is cool - they were invited on Air Force One for a tour. Steven Tyler had met the president once before, but this was the first time for Joe Perry. I'm very jealous. 1) I want to meet Aerosmith 2) I want to meet Barack Obama, 3) I want to tour Air Force One.

I wonder if Steven made a joke about Aero Force One?

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