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Nikki Sixx Is Right About Social Media

Social media is a huge time waster. The rise of social media has helped a lot of things like marketing and recruiting and newsgathering. On the flip side, if it wasn't for social media, cyber bullying probably wouldn't exist. Then there's the rise of fake news... and the fact that adults all seem to have ADHD now because no one can focus on any one thing for more than two minutes at a time thanks to constant stream updates.

So all that said, I completely agree with why Nikki Sixx deleted his social media accounts. Basically he said he was spending too much time on his phone and not enough time on creative endeavors. It's interesting, because social media is amazing for music marketing and SIXX certainly had a massive footprint (over 700K Twitter followers alone), so I believe this was a calculated risk. He knows his core fans will be there for him regardless of a Twitter account or not. New musicians don't have this luxury. Balance in all things I suppose. 



Feel Like Intercourse With A Ukulele 

Today's post is from our friend HIM. 

The gigantic hits don’t suffer fools lightly. You try messing with an established song, you reap the whirlwind.

Sometimes, though, a band hits on a gentle glide path that fits the song. Take, for instance, Pantera. They did right by Sabbath with this tasty slab of dedication:

It helps that this fits their groove, and came before “white wine” fiascos and tragic deaths. Other bands stumble along the path, spitting up tangled messes of purported celebration. I mean, is it really a good thing for established (and glossy) metal bands to try and muster some punk Megadeth tried:

So did Motley Crue:

Neither version offers a sneer worthy of the original. If anything, they sound as calculated as Malcolm McLaren andVivienne Westwood’s attempts to create punk so as to craft an easy road to commerce. At least Megadeth comes out a bit better. There are no SoCal shades in their version.

Then there are the outliers that somehow make sense. I give the right of way to founders who want to do whatever they want. It is their song. They own it. So do your best. Plant leads the pack in this category. He doesn’t give a grizzled damn what others think:

And that is when he wasn’t so grizzled. He actually just snuck something in. And people lost their minds! But others are a bit closer to the Ur Stone. Simon Kirke has done enough heavy hitting that he makes Chris Brown look like even more of a coward. And, still, he wants you to make love Hawaiian style:

Granted, this is more Sammy Hagar than Bad Company. If anything, it is good company. It is an easy blast of calm. But it works. And, even if it didn’t, you cannot claim right of way. Kirke slammed those skins. Now he plucks (pun potential). You pick which version you want. But you might want both. Variety is, after all, the spice of life.


Just In Time For Christmas: Bret Michaels Edition

Just in time for Christmas, Bret Michaels has released an emoji and "game changing" lyric keyboard. I'm imagining you all downloading this as soon as it hits the Google Play or Apple stores. The package will be available in the app stores tomorrow. How did we go on before this invention?


Metallica Raises Money For Food Bank

A few days ago, Metallica played a very intimate gig at the Fonda Theater in Hollywood. The show was a benefit for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, which sounds like an amazing cause to support.

Metallica fan club members got first chance at tickets through a lottery and then the tickets were open to a general sale at $100 a head. The fan club tickets were just $25. All the proceeds went to the food bank.

The venue is small and there were not a lot of people allowed in, so I can only imagine how hard it was to score a ticket for this, but what an amazing experience. Once in a lifetime, for sure.



Happy Christmas From Rob Zombie

Rob Zombie does a killer live show. I can't say I'm a huge fan in that I just play his songs over and over at my desk or anything like that, but I've always been entertained when I've seen him live.

Now, Rob is out with a Christmas video and stocking unpacking for PETA. Rob has been a vegetarian for 30 years. I've been one for nearly that long. Honestly it isn't a big deal. I eat what I want, and everyone else around me does their thing. So if you have a vegetarian or vegan friend, you might consider this PETA stocking as a gift this holiday. It includes a mug that says "Flesh is for Zombies." How metal is that?!


The Dirt On 'The Dirt' Is Not... Well, SIXX Is Trying

Today's post is from our friend HIM. 

History is filled with holy grails, valiant searches for a brass ring, and tilts at imagined windmills. Add to that list this never-ending (though often dormant) quest to get a movie version of The Dirt made.

Recently, Nikki Sixx (the alive undead founder of the best band ever, SIXX:AM), had this titillating update on his Eldorado:



Does anyone really want this film to be made at this point? The Blabbermouth article reads like a tattered provocation that someone once found exciting. And, yet, there are still some fanboys who find this idea intriguing. Why? What possible good will come out of a movie based on this book? Who, exactly, would be the target market? Crue fans. Okay, you just filled several small venues in several different places for one weekend. And IMAX would have a field day with Neil or with Sixx’s ego.
But the laughs (wait, are you crying?) don’t stop there. Is this possibly the metal version of Straight Outta Compton? Of course it isn’t. Is it the stage-setting debut of unknown actors bringing to life a band that huffed and puffed to an end, while still “going out on top”? Of course it isn’t. You are facing a movie of Cameron-esque proportions. I don’t mean James. I mean Kirk.
This is an Alan Smithee film in the making. It is a project that, true to the source material, is getting passed around like so many groupies. There was no time when this book would have made a good film. Even a Jackass can see that (see what I did there?). But Sixx wants to float this boat in the imaginary lake of his grandeur, swimming against the tides of commonsense and logic. Why? Because it keeps him in the spotlight and allows him to, Bach to the Future-style (see what I did there?), remind people of a time when his band mattered. Do you really think Mars cares about this? Or Lee? Or even Neil at this point? Answer: no. Why? Because they—all of them—probably have a firmer grasp on the nature of reality, no less the machinations of Hollywood, than Sixx does. And when I say that with “Neil” in a sentence, I am being pretty serious.
For fans of the Crue who long for an unrealistic version of the band they love(d), I would suggest watching the DVD of The End tour. Good camera angles. Piped in vocals. Nostalgia. It’s all there. And you can watch it at home. Hell, just go to YouTube. Spoiler alert: Lee gets stuck (which is, in a sense, 'on top')!

Stephen Pearcy, 'Want Too Much' -- New Song

So Stephen Pearcy is out with a new song called "Want Too Much" from his upcoming album Smash. Now, the song sounds exactly like you would assume: raspy and hooky. That said, the production seems... bad? Like Stephen's voice is buried or something. I kept turning up the volume, trying to make his voice louder and not much helped. So while I don't hate the track, I don't love it either. Thoughts?

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