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Faster Pussycat Friday

It's Friday and it's been a really odd week. I was cruising YouTube, looking for some fun glam. I found two great Faster Pussycat clips that I haven't seen in a very long time.

The first is the video for "Nonstop to Nowhere." The band looks so hot in this clip.

Now here's the video for "Don't Change That Song."

Which do you prefer? I think I like the first clip a little more.


EndeverafteR - The Bring Back Glam! Interview

endeveraftergroup.jpgKiss or Kill is the debut effort by California-based EndeverafteR. It features a fresh mix of sleaze rock and classic glam swagger. The buzz surrounding EndeverafteR started in 2006, after securing an opening slot on the Poison/Cinderella tour. In just a couple weeks, the rockers will sail with a rowdy crowd on Vince Neil's Motley Cruise, and lead singer/guitarist/songwriter Michael Grant couldn't be happier. Michael recently spoke to Bring Back Glam! about the formation of EndeverafeR, being pretty, and searching for the right record label. Transcription follows.

Bring Back Glam!: You just finished a tour with Trapt and Fuel.

Michael Grant: Yes, a whopping 2 and a half, three month tour. It’s a feeling of accomplishment. Everything went quasi-smooth. All in all…I’ll give it four out of five stars.

BBG: Kiss or Kill came out at the end of October. How long did it take to record?

MG: About a year. We recorded the first half of the album…12 songs, before we went on tour with Poison in the summer of 2006, and then we recorded the other six songs after that…right after the tour. We were at a different place at that point. We knew what we wanted to bring forth and what we wanted to have heard…so we wanted to take the experience from the Poison tour, so we had a lot more to say and a lot more to show for it.

BBG: Do you consider Endeverafter a glam band?

MG: I don’t but…whatever. People are going to see it however they’re going to see it. I don’t really put any label specifically on it – I think we’re a straight up rock n’ roll band. We do have glam influences…and glamorous ideals. We look good on stage. It’s not like we wear costumes on stage. If you see us on stage, we wear the same kind of shit on the street…it’s not a front. I guess because we’re pretty, people like to say we’re glam.

BBG: I don’t think so. It has more to do with your guitar tone and your song lyrics. That’s why people think you’re glam. You can go ahead and call yourself pretty. Does that bother you to be pretty?

MG: No…it comes up a lot. You can’t get buy on looks alone. Nelson proved that!

BBG: Wow. That was a little harsh.

MG: I’m just kidding. It’s a joke.

BBG: You’re going to perform on the Motley Cruise.

MG: It was sort of out of the blue. I think the powers that be…after we went on tour with Poison/Cinderella…the whole 80s genre is a small little circuit. It’s not like there was a ton of bands that were successful that are still playing and I think, you know, our CD is going to spread throughout that community. They [cruise organizers] caught wind of us and invited us on the cruise. We were never gonna decline that…getting the chance to play with some people you really look up to – and bands you really enjoy – and it’s on a cruise ship for crying out loud!

BBG: I’m going on the Motley Cruise!

MG: Shit your face. For real?

BBG: Yeah…I’ve been booked for months.

MG: We got invited just a few weeks ago.

BBG: Do you know how many times you’ll get to play when you’re on the boat?

MG: What I’ve heard…is three sets a day. Maybe once on different stages? We’re not really sure how it all works.

BBG: Kiss or Kill is on Razor & Tie. How did that relationship form?

MG: Basically I was shopping the album around, hopping label to label, major to major and Razor & Tie had a lot of enthusiasm. Tons of tons of enthusiasm about the project and really driven to take it somewhere. That was a kind of passion the other labels didn’t have. Razor & Tie, they keep pulling through in the clutches, getting us tons of publicity and really pushing the album, pushing us to radio and getting us opportunities that we otherwise wouldn’t have. I was skeptical going into …going from a major [Sony] to an indie…but it turned out for the better.

BBG: Was it your childhood dream to be a rock star?

MG: I don’t know. I had a bunch of different dreams…this is definitely the most fruitful one. I thought I was going to be a basketball player. Wrong!

BBG: Are you struggling to live as a musician?

MG: I’m completely struggling right now. But I’m in a band with my best friends. We’re a great rock n’ roll band.

BBG: How did EndeverafteR come together?

MG: I was playing in a hardcore act in Sacramento. Everyone – when I was trying to form EndeverafteR – wanted to play emo so I would try to find like-minded people…which was impossible. I ended up playing in bands I wasn’t happy in. One of those was bands featured Chris Reid, my guitarist…he worked at a [design] magazine. I read an article, we later became best friends. I started dating his girl and her brother happened to play bass. We had another drummer at the time. He was on a different wavelength than us – but we continued to play. I wanted the core of this band to be more about the music and not looks…My favorite era of Motley Crue is Shout at the Devil…which was definitely glam but it worked for them. We just take whatever we’re influenced by and take it to our own direction. Anyway, we got a new drummer (Eric Humbert)…he was the drum tech for Fall Out Boy. Right before the Poison tour is when we decided to kick out our old drummer. Six days before the tour. We were auditioning drummers that could learn our set in a few days. Eric flew out from Chicago…we went into the studio and the moment he sat down behind the kit, we started jamming some Led Zeppelin. He knew every song perfect and was really solid. We were supposed to audition 11 or 12 other dudes, but after him I didn’t even want to see anyone else. We all went on the Poison tour…and now here we are.

BBG: Finally, tell me about your band name.

MG: We were all thinking about combinations of words, play on words, and what not. We wanted to think of a word that meant “the end of forever.” We came up with EndeverafteR.

EndeverafteR on Myspace.
Photo credit: Drew Crozier for EndeverafteR 



Big Cock Get Ready for the Motherload

bigcock.jpgWho doesn’t love Big Cock?

Wait, that came out funny. I’m naturally referring to the Arizona-based rock band featuring guitarist David Henzerling.

The band will release Motherload next month. The other day, I received a promotional copy of the disc. In a word, it rocks.

The track listing looks like this:




Get A Load of Me
Breaking My Balls
Bump and Grind
Road To Ruin
Don’t Ask Me to Be Faithful
Live to Rock
Built for Speed

Yes, Big Cock is a little tongue-in-cheek, but no one can deny the band’s musical ability. Motherload shows some maturity as a band. By maturity, I’m referring to the cohesiveness of songs, not the end of their toilet humor. Henzerling’s playing is top notch, and Robert Mason hits impossibly high notes. As per Big Cock fashion, the new songs are all written as arena standards. Each track can stand alone and sound great in either a dive bar or Madison Square Garden.

Ok, I laughed out loud at some of the songs. Especially when I thought Big Cock were playing it straight with “Don’t Ask Me to Be Faithful.” It really sounds like a classic power ballad that would make Kip Winger proud. The piano parts are really nice and again Mason’s voice is strong. There’s a big sonority in the backing instruments…until you realize the band is crooning about adultery. It is what is, I suppose. By the way, this is probably the single best track on Motherload.

What other songs do I dig? I’m a big fan of “Breaking My Balls” with its overtly glam intro. “Stamina” is also a choice cut, with a strong rhythm section, thanks to drummer John Covington and bassist Colby. “Slave” has deep, breathy vocals and musical nuances that make a song a signature. I hope to hear this track live very soon.

The deal is this: I’ve had Motherload less than two full days and I keep listening over and over on my iPod. It’s a quality disc…sure to be one of the best of 2008.

The band's Myspace now features new songs from the forthcoming album. I suggest you take a listen.


Rock the Vote

With the Iowa caucus just hours away, it's time to start seriously thinking about the presidential candidates. This isn't a political blog and it won't become one, so don't worry.

Most people that read Bring Back Glam! know I'm a proud liberal, but I don't care if you are conservative, libertarian, socialist or whatever. I just think you should vote. My boys Slaughter agree.

If you're at least 18 and an American citizen, I urge you to click the Rock the Vote banner to get registered. It only takes a few minutes. Peace.

Register to Vote at Rock the Vote


The Best and Worst Live Events of 2007

AHnye2007.JPGAs we start 2008, it's time to look back on the best - and worst - concert experiences of 2007.

Heather wants to share her list of the worst.

1. Tommy Lee at Hammerjax. I cannot believe we payed money and wasted an entire night watching him hop up and down and grunt to techno music. And he stepped on my toe. And he needs a shower. Tommy Lee still owes me 50 bucks. As for the wasted time, I guess that's 5 hours of my life I will never get back.Read the review here.

2. Great White at Alrosa Villa. (Editor's note: Great White put on a great show. The issue is with the venue and owners).Read the review here.

3. Vains of Jenna censored at Rhinos. A venue censoring bands is unacceptable. Read the review here.

Now, here's Heather's list of best experiences.

1. Obviously Rocklahoma was a huge Bring Back Glam! experience, and there were some great moments. Others...not so great. It is a trip I will always remember, and overall my favorite of the year.

Read the extensive coverage:

Day 1 here.
Day 2 here.
Day 3 here.

2. The Britny Fox/Pretty Boy Floyd/ZO2/A Nervous Wreck/Drugstore Valentine/Triad show at Annies. This was a great lineup and there was so much energy in the place. It really was an awesome night. Not just because I got to touch Tommy Paris (and the Z02 boys)! Read the review here.

3. Hookers n Blow with Vains of Jenna at Rhinos. This also made my #3 worst experience, because of the censorship. (Editor's note: Heather loves all things associated with Guns n' Roses. Dizzy Reed plays keyboard in Hookers n' Blow).

Now, my personal worst concert experiences of 2007 are:

1. Tommy Lee at Hammerjax.
2. L.A. Guns getting ripped off while performing in Dayton. Read that breaking news report here.
3. Halloween show featuring Pretty Boy Floyd. Steve Summers wasn't very gracious to the crowd, and it wasn't very fun being one of four people dressed to celebrate the best holiday of the year. Read the review here.

My personal best concert experiences of 2007:

1. Rocklahoma. There isn't much else to say.
2. Van Halen with David Lee Roth. A truly legendary performance, well worth the exceptionally high ticket price. So good, I'm seeing the band again in 2008! Read the Indianapolis review here.
3. Poison, Ratt, Vains of Jenna in Cincinnati. The first time I was ever in the photo pit for a show, right on Bobby Dall's side. Remember, girls: Allyson loves bass players. Read the review here.

Honorable mention: Def Leppard live in Cincinnati. The British band opened their summer tour right here in Ohio, and I got to break the set-list to the world. Great times. Read that review here.

Here's looking forward to more concerts in 2008!


Rock Resolutions

champagne.jpgIt's the last day of 2007. Time for champagne and resolutions.

Not surprising, most of my resolutions revolve around this website. In 2008, I would like to:

1) Increase my interviews. I'm proud of my interviews from this past year, but I want to land some higher profile artists.

2) Increase my Rocklahoma coverage. This could be exhausting because 2007 about killed me, but I think it can be done with a little planning.

3) Expand my brand. I want the Bring Back Glam! name more widely known. I'm not 100% sure how to make that happen, but I'm sure I'll need your help.

4) Attend more shows and write more reviews.

5) Continue breaking news reporting. I love breaking stories, so that means constant cultivation of sources.

Finally, I want to thank all of you for reading and commenting in 2007. I also love hearing from you, either here on the site or via email. It's always great to get your opinions about music and suggestions of new music I may have overlooked. Thanks for making 2007 more successful - and fun - than I ever imagined.



Five Songs, One Life

Heather has posed me - and all of you - a challenge. She was simply sitting on my couch, suddenly turned to me, and said "If you could only listen to five songs for the rest of your life, what would they be?"

I blinked at her.

How is it possible to choose just five songs - for perpetuity? I mean, I'm only 28. I'd like to think there's a lot of music left in my life. It's also sort of like rubbing the bottle, finding a genie and getting three wishes. After world peace and ending hunger it's perfectly natural to want to choose a completely selfish wish.

Still, this challenge is a good exercise so I'll go ahead and try to choose five songs.

There's no question in my mind that one of those songs would be Aerosmith's "Nobody's Fault" from the album Rocks. I firmly believe there is no better rock album than Rocks and "Nobody's Fault" is the hidden gem of that record. The song represents Aerosmith getting a little dirty and Brad Whitford handles the lead guitar duties, which is abnormal and makes the track that much more special.

My second song choice would be "Trashed and Scattered" from Avenged Sevenfold. Featured on the massively successful City of Evil,  "Trashed and Scattered" is long and changes patterns several times, making the track interesting. I figure if I only get five songs for the rest of my life, those works better be both complex and enjoyable. Plus, I thought it important to add a modern song to my list.

For my third choice, I'll go with "McKitty's Back" by Girl. Featured on the album Wasted Youth, it's my favorite song from this British glam band. It's also, naturally, a B-side. I have an affinity for lesser known tracks I guess. In case you're wondering, "Thru the Twilight" was the single that featured "McKitty's Back" on the flip side.

Now I've only got two choices left and the pressure is mounting. For my fourth choice, I'll go with "Danger" by Motley Crue.  For some reason, it seems like I'm the only person that likes this Shout at the Devil B-side. Actually, you probably know by now it's my favorite Motley song. While "Nobody's Fault" is not my favorite song by Aerosmith, I felt it was easier to just go with my favorite Motley tune for this list. I think I find "Danger" so appealing because it's a song of street grit and really shows where Motley came from - and then rose above.

One song left. This is probably the hardest choice of them all, because there are tons of songs I can't imagine living without, including "Malaria" by L.A. Guns, "Baba O'Riley" by the Who, "Shout at the Devil" by Motley Crue and "White Lightning" by Def Leppard. Still, I've got one choice left...and I'm going to give it to "Kashmir" by Led Zeppelin. Featured on the album Physical Graffiti, Robert Plant has been quoted as saying that "Kashmir" is Led Zeppelin's signature song. It's been my favorite Led Zeppelin song since I was about 14 and started listening to classic rock radio. Actually, I still get excited when it comes on the radio. Above all else, it's both complex and inventive and doesn't sound dated.

So, now it's on you. What five songs would you choose? Remember, this is for the rest of your life, so choose wisely. Good luck.