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Gigantic Pile of Crap

usablevoj1_wm.JPGThe New York Post has suddenly decided that Vains of Jenna are newsworthy. Remember, dear readers that I first wrote about Vains of Jenna on December 30, 2006. The Post article focuses more on Bam Margera than VOJ. Article by Maxine Shen follows. Warning: it's a big pile of crap! Don't worry: I'm interviewing Lizzy DeVine tomorrow night. I'll actually get some facts about the band, instead of spewing back-handed compliments and negative insults.


July 22, 2007 -- WHEN it comes to spreading word about obscure Scandinavian bands, it's hard to find a better prophet than Bam Margera.

After successfully bringing unusual bands like HIM, Turbonegro and the 69 Eyes to the attention of the MTV-watching masses - all were guests on his "Viva La Bam" show - the popular pro-skater and "Jackass" star is taking a stab at the music business.

He started a record label, Filthy Note, last fall, with the sole intention of throwing his considerable influence over America's youth behind the label's first signing, Sweden's Vains of Jenna.

Why bother with such a mercurial industry?

"It's so easy for me to let the kids know what bands are good and what bands aren't," Margera says. "Next thing you know, everyone starts recognizing [the music], they do research and find out that they're rockin'."

Filthy Note released Vains of Jenna's debut album, "Lit Up/Let Down," in October and sent them to play a bunch of small club dates in the United States. Less than a year later, the quartet of young unknowns - who look like refugees from an '80s hair-metal video - are opening for Poison and Ratt at Jones Beach on Tuesday.

Lead singer Lizzy Devine admits that he was hesitant to sign with the untested Filthy Note, but common sense won in the end.

"Bam's such a huge person in the U.S., and in the whole world, kids really look up to him," Devine says. "If he can get some 15-year-old to buy our album and they really enjoy it, that's perfect."

But just because Margera's got legions of loyal fans worshipping his every move doesn't mean that he'll be able to turn his pet bands into No. 1 chart-toppers.

"Celebrities have almost never been able to break bands," says Revolver Editor-in-Chief Tom Beaujour. "Bam liking a band isn't enough to make other people really like a band, but it is enough to make them check it out. He can definitely expose bands in a way that most bands or labels would kill to have as a marketing tool."

"I can shrink-wrap band posters with my skateboards, of which I sell 10,000 a month," says Margera. "If Island Records asked Element to do that, they'd say, 'No. Give me 50 grand to do it.' But they do it free for me because it's a favor, and they know it'll help them as well."

The only potential impediment to the scope of Margera's influence is that "his taste is either totally ahead of the curve or just completely off the map," says Beaujour.

"Maybe sleaze rock is going to be the next emo and he's a prophet. If not, he's just a dude who has this huge pulpit from which to proclaim his love for these completely strange bands."

In case he is some kind of music savant, Margera's staying mum about the next five bands (from Scandinavia, of course) that he's trying to sign, in case some "jerkoff" from a major label tries to outbid him.

"I hope that Warner Bros. and Island don't catch on to my plan. I don't want them flying to f- - - ing Finland and stealing my thunder - I'm going to have to start buying more plane tickets if they do." --Maxine Shen.




Sometimes a Picture...

Remember when musicians...were Rock Stars? The members of L.A. Guns are still rock stars, pure and simple. Just look to these photos as proof:



























































Later today on Bring Back Glam! another exclusive backstage Rocklahoma interview. I'm still working on my photo gallery, so please be patient. All this work takes time, especially considering I have a demanding day job.


Call It Rock n' Roll

In the hectic few moments between Great White’s backstage press conference and taking the Rocklahoma stage, Michael Lardie, Mark Kendall and Audie Desbrow were sweet enough to chat with Bring Back Glam!. During the interview, the boys discuss seeing old friends all summer, Starbucks, and Internet radio. Transcription follows. greatwhitepresser_wm.JPG

Bring Back Glam! Let’s get right into this. Tell me about your upcoming show at Rocklahoma.

Michael Lardie: Well, here we are at Rocklahoma. We’re planning on playing a good cross mixture of all our albums. How many albums do we have now? 14, 15? It’s really great to play with all these bands. It’s like an 80s Woodstock for rock and heavy metal bands. You look at the lists, and you go “Oh my God, they’re playing?!?”

Mark Kendall: Almost every band today (Sunday, July 15) we played with at some point.

BBG: How long have you been at Rocklahoma?

Michael: Well, we flew in this morning.

BBG: So, you’re not watching the other bands?

Michael: Well, we played a show last night and then we came on over here. We’re tired.

Audie Desbrow: We’re running on pure adrenaline right now.

Michael: Soon, Starbucks!

BBG: Is there even a Starbucks here?

jackrussellsings_wm.JPGMichael: (Laughs). No, but there’s one in Tulsa. We have connections.

BBG: Well, I was going to ask if you were excited to see anyone, but you just arrived so you’ve missed most the festival.

Michael: No, but a couple of the guys, we’ve recently played with. Like Kendall said, we tour around. We just did a show with Vince Neil in Colorado. It’s kind of like, we’re around…if we don’t see them here (at Rocklahoma), we’ll definitely seem them on the road this summer.

BBG: What do you think about radio shows like Hairball John? What does it do for your type of music?

Michael: I think it keeps it in the pipeline in a good way. All the Internet radio stations seem to host special programs…there’s a market for it obviously. Just look how many people are here to see these bands. It gives people an alternative to regular radio.

Audie: I’ve noticed a lot of younger kids at our gigs, you know, like, the parents bring their kids, the kids say “This does rock!” They are not music research people, but when they do hear this, they know there’s something to it. “It’s not just my lame parent’s music.”

Mark: The different generations get into something, that they are not force fed.

Michael: That’s an excellent point, too. The generation coming up is very Internet savvy. The fact that they can access a lot of these shows, because they’re driven. It flips my parents how I’m into it…and my nephews are into it. The computer thing…it’s a whole other vehicle to keep this music alive.

lovelymichaellardie_wm.JPGMark: I met a 23 year old kid with like 100 face piercings, and he swears by the Doors. “The Doors rock man!”

BBG: Well, what do you think all this says about today’s modern rock music?

Michael: I think it’s like anything: it will stand the test of time if it’s a great song. We’ll know in 15 or 20 years…If it’s all just kill your parents—

Mark: Negativity!

Audie: (Cackles). I remember when I wanted to kill my parents. I moved on. (Laughs).


2008 Rocklahoma Planned

An official press release from Rock Fever:

PRYOR, OK --- With nearly 100,000 fans in attendance at Rocklahoma over the pre-party and three-day concert last week, organizers are already planning the Second Annual Rocklahoma Eighties Festival, scheduled for July 11-13, 2008. As a thank you to this year’s V.I.P. and Reserve Seat ticket holders, fans can renew their same seats for next summer’s Rocklahoma, now through September 17th. Reserved Seat ticket holders can upgrade their current seats to V.I.P. seats and enjoy all of its privileges.

“The artists and the fans came out and enjoyed the party in record numbers,” said Dave Giencke, Director of Operations for Catch the Fever Music Festivals. “Over 1,000 fans have already renewed their V.I.P. seats for next year’s Rocklahoma, which will continue to feature the major rock artists from the music of the eighties. As a thank you for Rocklahoma’s success, we want to give all our fans the first chance to renew their seats for 2008.”

V.I.P. seats for the Second Annual Rocklahoma  are $300, plus tax and handling. Past Reserve Seat ticket holders may purchase their seats as V.I.P. seats now through September 17th. Upgrades will be available after September 17th in order of date of purchase, Giencke said, adding that the first 2,000 ticket orders will receive a free copy of the Commemorative Rocklahoma 2007 Tour book.

“After September 17th, we will contact patrons and give them the choice of unsold seats closer to the stage. The upgrades to better seats will be done in the order of date they renew,” he said. “For example, if they bought their 2008 tickets at this year’s show, they will have first choice of upgraded seats. But if they wait until September 17th to buy their tickets, they will have last choice. So it is very important to buy now!”  “The remaining VIP Tickets will be available to the general public beginning October 1st.”

Renewals may be purchased by calling (866) 310-2288.  General admission tickets are also available at a discount to everyone. General admission tickets for one day are $50, plus tax and handling. General admission tickets for all three days are $110, plus tax and handling. All three-day ticket purchasers will be eligible to attend Rocklahoma’s Pre-Party on Thursday, July  10, 2008.

Campground spots are also being purchased for next year and are available on a first come first serve basis. General admission camping is $45, plus tax and handling. V.I.P. camping is $55, plus tax and handling. Fans must hold a three-day concert ticket before they will be allowed to purchase their campsites.

“The earlier you purchase your campsite, the better the location. So again, it’s important to buy now!” Giencke explained.

Organizers say the phenomenal success of this year’s Rocklahoma was noticed around the world, as fans from all 50 states and six continents were in attendance. The success of 2007’s Rocklahoma guarantees that next summer’s event will be even bigger.

“Artists worldwide took note of the response of rock fans at Rocklahoma this year. Although the line-up for the Second Annual Rocklahoma in 2008 hasn’t yet been finalized --- and the possibility is hard to imagine after the success of this year’s event --- fans can expect an even bigger eighties line-up next summer and an even better show,” Giencke said.


The World Is Small...Until You Have to Clean It

Bring Back Glam! met up with John Covington (Big Cock, Greg Leon Invasion) and David Henzerling (Big Cock) backstage at Rocklahoma. It's the most random interview ever for Bring Back Glam!, but we shared a lot of laughs and a little sweat. Some transcription is omitted for obvious reasons!

Bring Back Glam!: John, tell me what it was like playing the Rocklahoma stage with the Greg Leon Invasion.

John Covington: Very sweaty. The sweatiest I’ve ever become.

David Henzerling: We’re all going to start taking off all our clothes.

allysonanddavid2_wm.JPGBBG: That’s not such a bad thing.

David: I want to mingle with the fans soon.

BBG: You’re not wearing a Big Cock shirt.

David: I have to go put it on. I had a lot of people email me, asking if I would be there. I said I would wear the shirt.

BBG: I asked you a few weeks ago about playing the show and it didn’t end up happening. Are you disappointed?

David: Nope, I’m thrilled to be here. I mean as far as the contest goes…I generally don’t like the battle of the bands. It’s the bands that have 30 friends that dial day and night that win. I had a lot of emails, asking us to play and enter the (JPOT) contest. We did and we got a lot of votes but we didn’t win.

John: We want to spread the love of Big Cock.

David: Exactly. We want to thank everyone who voted. We don’t want to thank the people that voted against us.

BBG: John, who are most excited about seeing here at Rocklahoma?

John: David. I get aroused being around him. And we’re not even playing. Just think of what would happen if we played.

BBG: (Laughs). Ok. I get that.

John: The best part of being a drummer is that you get to watch everyone’s asses. Between Colby (Big Cock bassist) and Dave…and the highlight is Robert Mason’s (Big Cock vocalist) ass. That’s a part of the drummer thing: looking at asses.

David: A question for you, Allyson. How did you get hooked up with Hairball John?

BBG: Uh, he found my site.

David: It was just fortuitous that I email you and then talk to him days later and he says “I’m working with Allyson now. She’s my Metal correspondent.”

John: It’s a small world until you have to clean it.

BBG: That was profound.

David: Ok, more questions for you. Who do you really want to see here at Rocklahoma?

BBG: Well, I’ve already seen a stop of the current Poison/RATT tour, but I want to see them again. Plus, Vince Neil because I’m a huge Motley Crue fan.

BBG: Now, back to you. Are you going to watch in seats, or backstage like a true rock star?

allysondavid5_wm.JPGDavid: I’ll go back and forth. I want to hang with the crowd.

BBG: You’re credentialed under the Greg Leon Invasion ---

David: I’m here with anyone who wants to see me. I’m just thrilled anyone cares. Thanks John!

BBG: Wait, did I ever ask you why you named your band Big Cock?

David: The Rolling Stones and The Who were taken. Seriously, if the band was called Night Wing, no one would care.

BBG: Do you honestly believe that?

David: Yeah. A band named Big Cock isn’t going to get played on the radio. You know what? The music wasn’t going to get played on the radio anyway! At this point, I don’t really care if anyone likes it or not. But people do. That’s the reason I started to do this when I was 18 years old. Year by year, it starts to get diluted, trying to appease the powers that be for the money and all that. The name gets attention, and pisses off a small amount of people.

BBG: What do you think of the current state of commercial radio?

David: If you like Nickelback, there are plenty of bands that will satisfy.

BBG: Where did all the real rock stars go? Did they all die? Did the mainstream force them underground?

David: Yes! But it’s cyclical with rock music. It’s happened many times. In the seventies it got over bloated and punk came in and washed it away. Started again in the eighties with RATT and Quiet Riot, and then went away for awhile, as Jefferson Starship-like bands got popular. It was destroyed for good by grunge, and it’s never quite come back since then.

BBG: Don’t you think this Rocklahoma festival is a good sign that glam is returning?

David: I think a lot of promoters will be watching this. I can’t believe no one has done this until now. If it is successful, I think we’ll see it again in the future.


The Rising

Just minutes after leaving the massive Rocklahoma stage Marq Torien, lead singer of the Bulletboys, was gracious enough to sit down with Bring Back Glam! for an interview. During the chat, he talks about playing the massive festival, his love for Motley Crue and his adoration for Greg Leon. Transcription follows.

bulletboysinaction_wm.JPGBring Back Glam!: Marq, tell me what it was like playing Rocklahoma.

Marq Torien: It was really, really an amazing experience. Because of all the love out there. I could feel the love of every individual. It was just wonderful. I’m very happy that our band and our organization could be a part of this special event.

BBG: Before we officially started this interview you mentioned Greg Leon of the Greg Leon Invasion. Why is Greg so important to you and the Bulletboys?

Marq: Oh (long pause). He’s like an amazing cat. He like kind of taught us what to do. The right way to do things, he’s just a guitar hero. He just gave us idiots – me, Tommy (Lee), Vince (Neil), Nikki (Sixx) – all of us, we just to go see him play at the Starwood and the Whisky. I thought he was incredible. His voice, his guitar, he was like an icon to us. I haven’t seen him in 30 years.

BBG: I saw Greg play the national anthem yesterday. He was amazing.

Marq: Oh, yes, he’s an amazing, amazing guitar player. He’s like awesome. Myself, Jake E. Lee, George Lynch cats like that, we used to go watch him play. We wanted to figure out how he got his tone.A special L.A. feel to the way of playing guitar. It’s a bit – it’s not normal. I don’t know what it was, but we started playing different scales and modes.

BBG: So Greg Leon played really early in the day Friday. It’s kind of fitting that he opened the big acts of Rocklahoma.

Marq: Yes. He’s walking around here…Warrant kidnapped him. They were all like “Oh my God, it’s Greg Leon!” He knows music inside and out.

BBG: Who else have you reconnected with that you haven’t seen in a long while?

Marq: Uh, I haven’t seen Vince Neil in a long time.

BBG: So you’ve been visiting already?

marqtorien_wm.JPGMarq: He walked out and watched me on stage. He told me it was an incredible performance. He goes “They love you bro, because you love them a lot.” We just saw each other, and we asked why it had to be so long? He said it’s not going to be like that any more. Let me tell you something. When they (the organizers) asked me what day I wanted to play on, I said “I want to play the day that Vince is playing.”

BBG: So this means you’re a big Motley Crue fan?

Marq: Oh, yes. Nikki, Tommy, Vince. Fucking Mick, man. It’s amazing, they just have something. Hit record after hit record. Big, monstrous tours. Tommy Lee? Best drummer in rock.

BBG: So, “Smooth Up in ‘Ya” got a huge reaction from the crowd ---

Marq: Oh my gosh. The four of us have been playing together for quite awhile now. We just got back from Europe. It was an amazing experience in the U.K. The crowds are just incredible. There’s just so much love out there. I just feel really blessed because people really, really like me. I think because I don’t carry myself with attitude. I carry myself with humility and I try to be a gentleman. I’m the kind of a guy, that's sort of like a Labrador Retriever. Just calm.



Up All Night...

As I've mentioned in several posts, Heather also attended Rocklahoma. Today, she shares her insights and experiences.

allysonandheather_wm.JPGWell, we made it through Rocklahoma, and what an experience it was. Glam fans, if you missed the event this year, next year is a must. Take my advice though... go as a spectator, and let do all the work. It was an absolutely grueling 3 days... and I hope everyone understands and appreciates how much effort Allyson put into bringing you these postings. We're talking 14 hour days in the 90 degree heat, covered in mud... followed by a 40 minute drive to the hotel, shower, MAYBE 3 hours of sleep... then up to write and start all over again. 

Now don't get me wrong... the BBG crew did manage to have some fun along the way. We met so many great bands, and saw some awesome performances. I thought Warrant, Firehouse, Slaughter, Great White and Poison were all amazing. While I'm not a big fan of Dokken or Twisted Sister, both put on really good shows as well.

Here are a few memorable moments from my Rocklahoma experience:
5. The first time I saw "Dirty Penny."  Wow... talk about glam!!
4. Twisted Sister's anti-American Idol rant.
3. Jackyl: Chainsaw, naked butt, enough said.
2. Dee Snider breaking out the Santa hat, and getting 60 thousand people to sing along to "Silver Bells." Classic. 
marines_wm.JPG1. Patriotic moments, such as Poison's tribute to the troops. It was very touching. Also, as Greg Leon played the national anthem Friday night and a National Guard chopper buzzed the crowd. Very cool.
5. The group of people in section E, rows 17,18 & 19.  They were a lot of fun, and really into the music.
4. Looking at all of the outrageous glam outfits. Sorry folks, it was 112 degrees and muddy. I just couldn't do it. Cheers to those of you who did.
3. The confusion in the crowd during the Vince Neil set. From "Hello Montana!" to the 4 songs where Vince disappeared. Glad to know I wasn't the only one who didn't know what the hell was going on.
2. Watching a guy we nicknamed "Mulletman" who was REALLY getting into the shows. He may have whiplash now.
1. A guy who made his own shirt to show is disappointment after Faster Pussycat didn't play "Bathroom Wall."  On the front, it said "Faster Pussycat Sucks".  The back said "Tamie Downe Blows!"
5. Eddie Trunk. (Details in backstage moments, #1)
4. Missing performances by Britny Fox, Bang Tango, Quiet Riot, and several bands on the side stages because of media events.
3. Vince Neil not singing "Shout at the Devil" or "Home Sweet Home."
2. Not getting to meet Poison. I love Bret Michaels.
1. The fact that my beloved Bret forgot the words to two of his songs.
And because we spent SO much time behind the scenes...

10. Mike Tramp going off about the situation with Vito Bratta.
  9. Watching some "journalists" pimp their girlfriends in an effort to get in good with the bands.
  8. Listening to rumors about backstage fights, including one between Tracii Gunns and Obi Steinman.
  7. Taking pictures with all of the bands. They were all very friendly and accomodating, despite the heat and their busy schedules. 
  6. The Faster Pussycat press call. Talk about a fun group of guys.  
  5. Steven Adler offering to share his bottle of Boone's Farm with us.
  4. Eddie Ojeda looking for a quiet place to do an interview with BBG. (We ended up in a storage closet.)
allysonheatherjani_wm.JPG3.  A surprise appearance by Jani Lane in the media tent. This was particularly sweet because BBG were among the only journalists there at the time.
  2.  Skid Row talking about their "bag of shame." For those of you that don't know, they are not allowed to "take a dump" on the bus.  Instead, they go in a bag, then throw it out the window. Very rockstar.
  1. Several bands having to do their own interviews or ask other journalists to do them, because esteemed host Eddie Trunk didn't show up.  As a side note to this, Trunk also asked Lee Pistolero who he was, and if his band played on a side stage.  Eddie, some advice for next year (if you're invited back): do some research.  At the very least, show up on time and be able to identify the musicians! Ok folks, that's it. I'm sure those of you who were there have some memories of your own to share.
Those of you who weren't... stay tuned for more interviews with the bands and photos.