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Fishnet Luxury

There just isn't a lot of great live music opportunities in Dayton, Ohio. National club acts go to Cincinnati or Columbus, and the local rock scene in the Gem City isn't too hot, either.

Last night, however, a glimmer of hope in an otherwise dull city.

Baltimore's the Fishnet Stalkers opened for local gents the Luxury Pushers at the new Walnut Hills.

We'll classify the entire night as glam-punk.

First, let me say that the new Walnut Hills is a beautiful club, albeit small. I guess that's good considering only about 50 people showed up all night (yet another problem with Dayton area shows).

The Fishnet Stalkers are a high energy group made up of vocalist Stevie Diamond, guitarists Matt Gabs and Conor Behrle, bassist Chris Calabrese and drummer Eric Fauver. These people look like the original Faster Pussycat on stage and Chris likes to jump around a lot, which is fun! There was a drawback: the band's sound was so over-modulated - so distorted - that it was near impossible to understand the singer. Without the ability to really hear the vocals of an up-and-coming originals garage band, it's hard to peg their ability. Judging by technical skill, I would say The Fishnet Stalkers have a lot to offer, and were just having an off night at the hands of an un-trained sound man. According to concert partner Heather "the Fishnet Stalkers  are definitely great performers. A ton of energy and good stage presence." She crowned Chris the "Glam Rock God." I agree with this moniker.The band has a debut album out on Indie label Reptilian Records. The Fishnet Stalkers are on a nationwide tour this summer, and will play dates at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood and a show with Vains of Jenna! Hear their music at

TheLuxeryPushers.JPGAfter the Fishnet Stalkers departed the stage, it was time for the main event and the Luxury Pushers. This Dayton band has been around for awhile, and features Jamy Holliday and C. Wright on guitars and vocals. Bassist Eric Purtle also sings and drummer Bryan LaBonte keeps the (very) fast pace. LXP doesn't like to be pigeon-holed into one category and doesn't like references to punk heroes, so I'll leave that out of this review. I will say that The Luxury Pushers have a pretty great sound, thanks in part to the Fishnet Stalkers making sure the audio guy actually twiddled the nobs during their performance.

The small, but boisterous crowd seemed to really get into the moment and enjoy the music. I would say the band has a fairly large local following, but the size of the crowd was a bit depressing and embarrassing. There was even a post-modern moment when Jamy invited his wife on stage and presented her with a Cold Stone ice cream cake for her birthday. There were a few amused looks around the bar, but I thought it was cute. After the cake, it was back to the rock for several more ultra-fast originals. Toward the end of the set, the band walked amongst the crowd with their instruments, which I think is probably anti-punk, but really glam, so good for them!

The Luxury Pushers have an E.P. called Eat It! Hear their music at







Band Alert: Psycho Gypsy

pyschogypsy.jpgIt's finally Saturday, glam fans.

To celebrate, I'd like to introduce you to some new (old) music.


Psycho Gypsy isn't really a new band, they've been around since 1992. The band was formed in Phoenix, and later relocated to the Sunset Strip. They opened for major bands like Cinderella, Poison, Warrant...and even Tuff! They sound like a mix of Faster Pussycat and Pretty Boy Floyd and look just as great.

The band broke-up in 2000, but is back with an all-new line-up featuring singer and guitarists Eddie Electra and Timmy Tantrum plus bassist Josh J. The newest incarnation of the glam band is still looking for a drummer.

If the name Eddie Electra sounds familiar, that's because he was once involved with the Peppermint Creeps.

Occasionally, Metal Express Radio plays a Psycho Gypsy tune. It's through Metal Express that I learned of this unique bunch of musicians. I've put in an interview request, so hopefully we can learn a little more about the future plans of Psycho Gypsy.

Hear Psycho Gypsy at





(Marketing) Train Kept A Rollin'

So, the crack marketing staff pushing Poison's latest release Poison'd have simply outdone themselves this time. If you can play air guitar, you can win an autographed axe signed by every member of the band.

Poison is relying heavily on, and this ad posted just about five minutes ago:



I think Poison deserve a lot of respect for their inventive sales tactics. They tour just about every summer, so they have to keep fans interested. While Poison'd is a new release, it's all old songs (read: covers). In the last four days, the boys have participated in several television appearances and hosted a live online-only concert. Lead singer Bret Michaels has done  radio and guitarist C.C. DeVille is pushing the album on the club circuit. White Lion dropping out of the Poison/RATT summer tour only helped the buzz.

Also, the band is offering several deals for fans who purchase Poison'd, including free concert tickets and free t-shirts.

Target marketing really pays.




Hair Metal Lawyer

Until I can post a real article, watch this video: Hair Metal Lawyer.
I expect comments.


Support Local Music: DSV

Remember when I reviewed the C.C. DeVille show with local support Drugstore Valentine? (Please see "Backstage Bombshells") I also interviewed DSV lead singer Kenny Ozz (please see "Welcome to the Show"). Now, a loyal fan has posted a video of Drugstore Valentine performing their signature tune "Backstage Bombshells." The clip is a little audio poor, but that's not really the point. The main issue is how much fun DSV are having on stage.

Support local music and watch this video:


I Alone

Glam fans, I'm beat.

Beaten down by work and other frustrations. To try and start the day on the right note I glammed myself up this morning: teased hair, new Motley Crue shirt, high heels, heavy eye liner. I look good, but I don't feel good.

I feel frustrated.

The good news is that I have several things to look forward to: many interviews, a long weekend next week plus a trip to the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.  Rocklahoma is next month and  my real summer vacation in August.

heart.jpgSometimes a great song is enough to pull me out of a sad state. The other day I was listening to classic Heart. Ann and Nancy Wilson are a very talented duo, and they churned out some great glam in their day. Some of their best known hits include "What About Love," "Crazy on You," "Never" and "These Dreams." Of all their songs, "Alone" is my favorite. It's got a great sing-a-loud chorus that makes you want to shove your fist in their air.

Here's the classic video for "Alone:"


Last season on American Idol, eventual winner Carrie Underwood delivered her best performance when she sang "Alone." Carrie had the black leather jacket and the huge, teased hair. Even though she's country, Carrie is a little glam. Here's her take on "Alone:"



Guess what? Rockstar Supernova contestant Jill Gioia also performed the song. Here's her version:

Which version do you prefer?



What I Like About You!

Someone smarter than me figured out how to steal the code for Poison's "What I Like About You."

Here's the video: