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Phil Collen Plans Fitness DVD

There's big money in the fitness industry and it's trendy for celebs to release their own workout vids these days. To that end, the always bare-chested Phil Collen will release a fitness DVD and book based on the "Physical Mechanics" style of training he follows.

Collen is serious about his fitness (and his looks I suspect). I've seen Def Leppard live lots of times and never has Phil worn a shirt during any of the performances. Turns out he's been working with martial arts champion and Muay Thai expert Jean Carrillo and for the past seven years. The program they co-developed will be revealed in the fitness DVD and book soon. No exact release date is known at this time. I'm a workout junkie so I'll probably buy the DVD. I mean, I'll try anything once. It would be cool if the DVD has a metal soundtrack, too...

Def Leppard is rumored to tour with Poison this summer. Of course, it's worth noting that Phil plays on the new Bret Michaels song "Get Your Ride On" which I posted here a few days ago.

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Hey, man the whole thing sounds like yet another ridiculous sell-out by a celebrity until you look at the man and realize there must be something to what he's doing!

I mean, Geez -- the guy is 54 years old and he looks 38, tell me if you don't agree!

Now we get to learn his secret and practice it. I will give this a shot because I thoroughly believe it's not one of those deals where they just plug in a celebrity to an already existing plan to do one of these vids or whatever.

I'm hoping they discuss his diet as well, as that's got to have something to do with his well preserved appearance.

A few years ago I went on a hardcore solely vegetarian diet eating nothing but organic fruits vegetables nuts and seeds. And I ran and went swimming every day. In two and a half months, I wound up loosing 50 lbs. and wound up runnin' 8 miles and swimmin' a mile every day!

And to think I when I started I was a computer potato who's only excercize was walking outside to get the mail or walk to my car. Most remarkably, I experienced age reversal! Not only did I feel like I was 9 years old again, but was told by several people that I actually looked 10 years younger!

I kept it up for about a year and then finally succumbed to a Pastrami Sandwich an it was all over. Now I'm back on my bike and haven't had a drink since New Year's (sorry guys, hahaha!!!) and I've cut way back back on the food consumption, lost 20 lbs. since that day.

Now, maybe, with Phil's and his Dude's help on this DVD, I can get back into fighting form to defend us from crimes against Real Rock'n'Roll and once again don my silver Lycra and Metal unitard and chrome chain link cape with pride!
January 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMetalboy!

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